Crossing the Red Line :: By Jim Towers

While it may be true that I never went to seminary (and I’m glad I didn’t), I feel called to strengthen the brethren. Some may be asking where I get my authority to speak out on God’s behalf. Peter was just a fisherman with no degrees that I’m aware of. I just have a keen interest in the things of God and am bold about my faith and convictions much like him. His primary qualification was a willingness to learn from Jesus to the point of becoming a fisher of men and proponent of truth.

Having said that, I will continue to compel others to do the same in what may be our final window of opportunity, with time running out for all humanity.

Recently a sincere “Christian believer” wrote to ask that we should have a prayer chain whereby we all pray together that God would heal our land. I can only assume he is new to the faith because he sites 2nd Chronicles 7:14, “If my people who are called by my name and will humble themselves,” etc., (something that a small handful of believers have been praying for years now.) I couldn’t comply since I’ve been praying that prayer on my own for a while now; and after seeing our country deteriorate into a Godless third-world country over the years – I digressed.

For me, there are two problems with that prayer. One is that it has become too late in the day for us Christians to do what we should have been doing years ago, and now believers are diminishing while unrepentant atheists are continually gaining ground.

Evidently, the person asking us to pray was a new believer or too young to remember when things were different. At a time when we respected our elders, not coldcocking them from behind, a time when a man’s word was his bond and character meant something. A time when most politicians were deemed statesmen, and policemen were looked upon as keepers of the peace. There was even a time when the clergy was looked upon as spokesmen for God. Now most are known as hucksters. I thank God I never was a follower of these charlatans, knowing that we are ALL human. Instead, I searched the scriptures to have God speak to me directly through the Holy Spirit.

Pedophiles and Atheists, Homosexuals, apostate preachers and assorted criminals have taken over our learning institutions, political systems and churches, making it impossible for God to intervene with healing. And, seriously – why should He? God will NOT intervene where He’s not wanted, and He’s obviously not wanted in the USA by the present majority.

Looking around at the calamity that surrounds us, I believe God has already set in motion the damning prophetic scriptures from which there is no turning back. To ask Him to overlook our sins without repenting of them is complete disregard for Him and His word. It is ignorance of prophetic warnings. God is completely within His rights to let us destroy ourselves, thereby fulfilling Holy Writ.

As a matter of fact, He gave us a vivid warning of what would happen to a society that disregarded Him in the Old Testament.

When evil Sodom and Gomorrah crossed the red line, they became a prime example of God’s judgment on that society. He could only have disgust and contempt with the twin cities as the stench of their behavior rose to His very nostrils. Now, I ask you, how can God forgive us for being even more corrupt than they and in vastly greater numbers?

We can only expect God to forgive the repentant individual from here on. The nation as a whole is lost, evidenced by it ignoring His laws, His Word and even His very existence. Scientists, teachers, professors, political leaders and even the clergy in our corrupt society, “Thinking themselves to be wise, have become utter fools.”

Every day now, we can see evidence of corruption in high places, with many now making no excuses for their behavior and instead taking pride in their vile corruption. Thousands of people in high office in America are being convicted of pedophilia – some being sent to jail. With Germaine Maxwell having been arrested and confined to jail, it’s only a matter of time that she spills the beans on many respected people who lived the secret life of pedophilia. And so, many important people are walking on eggshells, hoping or arranging for her assassination (probably with Covid-19) while behind bars. The few honest people left are afraid that she may not live long enough to expose the vile people she and Epstein associated with.

I know firsthand of an exceedingly attractive girl from Columbia who was adopted by an American Diplomat to be his sex slave from the age of 12. And I had a lady friend who was molested by a Charismatic church leader while in college.

In America, we recently even had a young man run for president on the Democrat ticket. If this man had won the nomination and been elected, it would have opened the floodgates even further for the sexually deviant in our society. Thank God it didn’t happen. Sexual deviancy and criminality are on our very doorstep. We must as individuals ask God to forgive us for our complacency.

Now, though, we have another jaded man who is saddled with mental problems, coupled with his corrupt past, who can barely say his own name, running for the highest office of our country. And this guy is being endorsed by former president Barack Hussein Obama! Unless he wants to see the country destroyed, he couldn’t be serious about us handing the reins of power to a mentally deficient man like Joe Biden.

It is plainly obvious that Satan is out to destroy our Christian county and turn it into a Godless one, one which would worship the Antichrist.

It is less than three months until a president is decided on, and we must make some hard decisions – even if we don’t like the candidates. Like in the past, we will vote for the lesser of the two evils; but in this instance, we will, in essence, be voting on the further destruction of our country and way of life. If you want to do away with the police, if you want our cities to continue to burn, if you want criminals released because of a virus – then all you need to do is vote Democrat or not vote at all.

Have we crossed the red line? I believe we have. Will we have one last revival? Maybe, but only if God gives us a last window of opportunity. Is the rapture imminent? From all indications – yes.


Jim Towers

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