The ‘Great Reset’ of Global Capitalism :: By Geri Ungurean

A Facebook friend sent me an article this morning. The words in the article reminded me of something I have said for years.  

I made a Facebook group many years ago called Conservative Accurate News. On the graphic for this group I typed this:

“Whenever there is a big story in the media – look for the story they’re trying to distract you from.”

2020 – the Year of Covid-19 and the dismantling of America by Anarchists.

That’s pretty much it, right? Well, on the surface, yes. But let’s peel away some of the layers underneath this onslaught of horrific events. Let’s see what the media is attempting to hide from us.

As always, that will be, as Paul Harvey used to say “The rest of the story.”

An article I wrote years ago:

Climate Change Used as a Ruse To Control World’s Economies

For the last couple of decades, the U.N. along with the likes of Al Gore and his ilk, have been shouting the now infamous mantra of the modern-day poster girl of Climate Change, Greta Thunberg:


Global Warming became Climate Change, and neither accomplished the goals of the Globalists. The “Science” of it, or lack thereof, would just not get the world on board with “Climate Change.” It had something to do with thousands of credible and well-respected Scientists debunking this theory.

People finally began to pay attention.

The powers that be at the U.N. realized that they needed a world-wide catastrophe. Nothing short of that was going to help them in their quest for Globalism.

Covid-19: The Perfect Global Catastrophe

I want to make it clear that I am in no way saying that Covid-19 is not a pandemic. This virus which was manipulated in a lab in Wuhan, China, was funded by Dr. Tony Fauci in China to the tune of $7.4 million through the years.

Folks – we were set up. But I will say this: I believe that numbers of deaths have been inflated since the beginning of 2020. One would have to live under a rock to not know this; or perhaps they only watch CNN, which is synonymous with living under a rock.

Sorry – but it’s true.


Paid rioters, murderers, looters and other thugs joined the peaceful protestors after the heinous murder of George Floyd. They are in the process of destroying our country. They are defacing and pulling down monuments dedicated to our presidents. They have taken by force an area of Seattle and now call it “CHOP.”

They are forcing Whites to kneel down and kiss their boots. Leaders of these anarchists have admitted that they are trained Marxists.

Co-founder of Black Lives Matter: “We are trained Marxists”  <click to watch

I feel like we are watching a horror movie, but unfortunately it is truly happening.


Back to the reason for the article:

Here is the story that is being eclipsed by the Virus and the Marxist Anarchists:


Al Gore, UN Secretary-General, others now demanding ‘Great Reset’ of global capitalism

These are truly dangerous times for those who support individual liberty and free markets.

The economic, social and political chaos caused by the COVID-19 outbreak and Black Lives Matter protests have for months captured the attention of virtually every American — and for good reason. These are incredibly important issues worthy of significant and thoughtful debate.

But while most Americans have been preoccupied with protests and pandemics, a potentially bigger story has managed to slip beneath the radar: a growing movement among the world’s most powerful leaders to call for a “reset” of the entire global economy.

At a meeting hosted by the highly influential World Economic Forum earlier in June, powerful officials from nonprofits, government, business, academia, labor unions and activist groups announced their plan for a “Great Reset” of global capitalism. It’s a proposal they acknowledged has only been made possible because of the “opportunity” provided by the economic destruction caused by the novel coronavirus.

Supporters and attendees of the meeting included Prince Charles; António Guterres, the secretary-general of the United Nations; Ajay Banga, CEO of MasterCard; Bernard Looney, CEO of BP; and Gina Gopinath, the chief economist at the International Monetary Fund, among many others.

“The purpose of the Great Reset isn’t merely to enact policies that would lead to additional wealth redistribution, but rather to completely overhaul the world’s existing structures and institutions.”

In an article published on the World Economic Forum’s website, Klaus Schwab, the founder and executive chairman of WEF, wrote of the Great Reset, “Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a ‘Great Reset’ of capitalism.”

The WEF meeting featured a powerful line-up of global leaders, all of whom seemingly agreed the Great Reset is necessary to “rebalance economies,” promote “fairness,” and create greater “equity” within societies and among nations.

The purpose of the Great Reset isn’t merely to enact policies that would lead to additional wealth redistribution, but rather to completely overhaul the world’s existing structures and institutions. Among other things, Schwab has said of the Great Reset, “the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions.”

How, exactly, are these leaders planning on convincing Americans and citizens of every other industrialized nation to abandon modern capitalism? By scaring people into believing that these changes are essential for stopping the next great “crisis” the world will face when the COVID-19 pandemic finally subsides: climate change.

At the World Economic Forum’s June meeting, one speaker after another cited climate change and environmental sustainability as the key justifications for radical economic changes that would include massive new regulations and restrictions on economic activity, wealth taxes and expansive government programs comparable to the Green New Deal.

We’re still in the earliest phase of the Great Reset. The full plan won’t be rolled out until January 2021, when the World Economic Forum will host its annual meeting in Davos. But the framework of the plan is clear: By combining many of the money-printing strategies endorsed by Modern Monetary Theory economists with global Green New Deal-like policies and corporate cronyism, the elites at the World Economic Forum can effectively control economic activity on a scale that has never been achieved.

These are truly dangerous times for those who support individual liberty and free markets. source

To read the Fox news piece in its entirety, click on the “source” button above.

Brethren, I am finally able to read articles such as this one from Fox without anxiety washing over me and leaving me an emotional wreck.

When I keep my eyes on the Lord, and read His Word, I am comforted to know that God knew all of this which is presently happening to America – He foreknew ALL of history before the foundations of the world were established.

We, who love the Lord, must trust that all things He is allowing to happen are for His glory, and to further fulfill Bible prophecy to the letter.

Perhaps some are being saved after searching the Scriptures and seeing how Bible prophecy lines up with the events happening in our world!

Many of us are struggling and heartbroken over children and other family members, who have believed the lie rather than God’s Truth. The most important thing we as believers can do for these people is to Pray for them, and then leave them to God.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


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