They Have Gone to Be With Jesus :: By Ron Ferguson

They have gone to be with Jesus
On that happy, blissful shore.
They were Christians that we knew here
Who’ve been called to go before.
Now they rest in Christ their Saviour
With their trials forever gone;
To enjoy His presence greatly
Where His face they look upon.
His redemption is now realized;
All His joy around then reigns;
All His grace is culminated
Showing love and mercy’s gains.

No more heartache they will know there;
No more persecution’s hand;
Now eternal light surrounds them –
In God’s glory each does stand.
How delightful was that calling
That has taken those saints home.
Now their occupation fully
From the Saviour will not roam.
They have entered sinless glory
As the sheep whom He did save,
And with hearts that bow before Him,
Understand what heaven gave.
Yes, it gave the loving Saviour
As a gem among the dross.
To regain what sin had stolen,
He addressed mankind’s great loss.

To be absent from the body,
To be present with the Lord,
Joy for them is joy eternal,
As they share His great reward.

But their parting may have grieved us,
Who are left here in this scene,
When that cloud of separation
With its sorrows came between.
But their joy is overwhelming
In the presence of their Lord,
And one day we too will follow,
Joining them in love unflawed.

R E Ferguson