The Deal of The Century :: By Daymond Duck

This article expresses my understanding on Pres. Trump’s proposed “Deal of the Century” (new name is “Peace to Prosperity”) because it is so important.

One, “Peace to Prosperity” is a proposal to be negotiated, not a final treaty (meaning there will likely be additions, deletions and changes to the document; perhaps, but not necessarily, some type of 7-year requirement).

Two, “Peace to Prosperity” is very much about the peace and safety of Israel and the prosperity of the Palestinians (gives control of all military forces, air space, borders, etc. to Israel).

Three, it enlarges and moves Israel one step closer to the borders that God established (but is still far short of what God gave to Israel).

Four, it recognizes Jerusalem as the undivided capital of Israel. (It rejects the PA claim to Jerusalem, makes Jerusalem a cup of trembling and burdensome stone for the world, but Israel will eventually get Jerusalem and this proposal says Jerusalem belongs to Israel.)

Five, it calls for a two-state solution on the Promised Land that will clearly divide the Land of Israel, but it requires the Palestinians to meet conditions that they say they will never accept. (There won’t be two states unless the Palestinians reach an agreement with Israel, but it will divide Israel, further divide the U.S. and eventually bring on the Battle of Armageddon, if they establish two states.)

Six, among other things, to become a Palestinian state, the PA will be required to:

  • Recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish nation.
  • Root out and get rid of the terrorists in PA-controlled areas.
  • Stop paying terrorists to kill Israelis.
  • Allow freedom of speech in PA-controlled areas.
  • Abandon the “right of return” for millions of Palestinians.
  • Abandon the PA demand for their own military.
  • Accept Israeli responsibility for the national security of both states.
  • Abandon the PA claims to the Jordan River Valley.
  • Accept Jewish sovereignty over Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

Seven, among other things, the PA will receive:

  • A Palestinian state.
  • Their own government with limited sovereignty.
  • A capital near the new U.S. embassy in a protected suburb of East Jerusalem called Abu Dis.
  • Approximately twice as much of the Promised Land as they now occupy.
  • A $50 billion financial aid package to create one million good jobs in 10 years (upgrade their electric, water and waste treatment facilities; build new hospitals, health clinics, schools, tourist sites, etc.).
  • Corridors (tunnels, bridges, etc.) to connect PA areas in the Promised Land.

Eight, Israel must halt new settlement construction for four years, but Israel is free to start annexing existing settlements in Judea and Samaria as soon as Israel accepts the proposal. (The tender nation of Israel can put forth leaves immediately.)

Nine, the PA must negotiate a deal within four years or this offer will be withdrawn and it could be the last chance for the PA to have a Palestinian state. (Some Jews and Christians think the PA refusal to negotiate is a good thing. No agreement means no division of the Promised Land under the “Deal of the Century.”)

Ten, the U.S. and Israel will sign an agreement that says a military attack on Israel will be considered to be a military attack on the U.S. (This goes to the heart of peace and safety issue.)

Eleven, Jordan will retain responsibility for the Temple Mount, but the U.S. is asking Jordan to open all Holy Sites to all faiths. (Jordan fears that this will open the door for a rebuilt Temple, and some Christian prophecy teachers believe a rebuilt Temple will be allowed by the covenant that the Antichrist will confirm.)

Twelve, some Israelis and Christians are responding negatively to this proposal because God warned the world not to divide the land of Israel, but others say God gave Israel the Golan Heights, then East Jerusalem, now the Jordan River Valley, most of Judea and Samaria, etc. (They are rejoicing and praising God because they believe He is returning the land to the Jews in parcels—this parcel is the Biblical heartland of Israel—and God will eventually give Israel all of the land that He promised. If He wants to do it in steps, so be it. It is fulfilling Bible prophecy.)

Thirteen, Prime Min. Netanyahu and his opponent in the upcoming Mar. 2, 2020, Israeli election, Benny Gantz, are very positive about Pres. Trump’s proposal, and both are anxious to start implementing it. (Israel must officially accept it first.)

Fourteen, the PA, Turkey, Iran, Hamas and Hezbollah quickly rejected the plan. (These are nations and groups that will go to war with Israel in the latter years and latter days. We are seeing wars and rumors of wars, not peace and safety.)

The Ayatollah Khamenei said “Jerusalem must not remain in the hands of the Jews,” and he will “seek to unite other nations to confront the great conspiracy.”

Fifteen, ambassadors from 3 Arab nations attended the public release of the “Deal of the Century,” 4 Arab nations immediately welcomed Pres. Trump’s proposal and expressed support for all efforts to reach a deal that is fair to the Palestinians. (They have also urged the PA to return to the negotiating table.)

Sixteen, some Palestinians living in areas designated for transfer to a PA state are objecting to the transfer and expressed a desire to remain under Israeli control.

Seventeen, PA Chairman Abbas angrily requested an emergency meeting with the Arab League; there was division over the issue, but, as a whole, the group called Pres. Trump’s proposal unfair to the Palestinians, and they rejected it. (This could be a good thing if it delays the division of Israel.)

Joel Rosenberg wrote that sources in Arab countries tell him the Arabs are upset with Trump’s proposal, but they are also upset with Abbas and his rejection of every effort to settle the issue. (They want this to lead to an agreement.)

They may even seek a way to establish peace with Israel that does not include Mr. Abbas and the PA. (The angel Gabriel said the covenant will be with many, but he didn’t say the covenant will include the PA.)

In conclusion, the “Deal of the Century” may go nowhere, but it may trigger prophetic wars, quickly expand the borders of Israel, increase the security and prosperity of Israel, restart the peace negotiations and eventually lead to a covenant that will allow a rebuilt Temple.

One writer (Israel Kasnett, Jan. 29, 2020, JNS) said the “Deal of the Century” is:

  • The first time in history that the U.S. put Israel’s concerns above Palestinian concerns (peace and safety of Israel).
  • The first time the U.S. said the 1949 or 1967 lines are no longer valid and Israel does not have to return to those lines (expands the borders of Israel).
  • The first time the U.S. presented a map (contradicts the covenant God made with Abraham, etc.).
  • The first time the U.S. said the settlements are not illegal, they are not an obstacle to peace, and Israel does not have to evacuate any of them.
  • The first time the U.S. said that Israel has a legal and historical right to Judea and Samaria. (There will be Jews in Judea when the Abomination of Desolation defiles the Holy Place.)
  • The first time the U.S. said that Israel can declare sovereignty over the settlements.
  • The first time the U.S. said Israel can declare sovereignty over the Jordan Valley.

The “Deal of the Century” is unlike any previous proposal.

It does not give Israel everything God requires, but it is falling in line with what the Bible says will happen; and if it is not a major step toward the fulfillment of God’s Word, I am badly fooled.

All praise, glory and honor to God the Father, and to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to the Holy Spirit.

They are amazing and their Word is amazing.

Prophecy Plus Ministries, Inc.
Daymond & Rachel Duck