Inevitable Consequences :: By Jim Towers

We spirit-filled Christians all have a responsibility to “out” heretics in these days of deception; we can’t just let the minions of hell run over us. The days of “live and let live” are way behind us. We are entering into full-frontal spiritual warfare with the forces of evil. There should be no more complacency for the Christian church lest it be obliterated by the forces of evil. No more playing church or complacency! From now on we will be striving for our very existence.

While it is much easier to just attend church and mind your own business, and perhaps tell a few jokes or share the latest football score, it is imperative that we begin to get serious about our stand for Christ and the Gospel. Forget your favorite potluck dish for a while and begin to seek God’s face earnestly as the days ahead darken with evil-plotting by evil people.

We have been called to be salt and light in a dying world. We are called to be a peculiar people as well, people who don’t run with the world in dissipation. Smoke, strobe lights and deafening music or entertainment is not what lost souls are seeking – they need the hope that only Christ can give.

In the meantime, the Roman Catholic church is still holding on to idol worship as well as harboring pedophiles and promoting the One-World religion, making no bones about it. The pope even said recently that we shouldn’t be sharing the Gospel with others since we’re all children of God. I for one beg to differ since Jesus said, “Go ye out into all the world making disciples of all men….”

Protestants aren’t faring much better, albeit, their idol is power and money and not some silly handmade ceramic images placed on an altar with candles lit in front of it. They are now letting sin-laden women into the pulpits to spew their brand of religion, making the word of God to no effect. Even homosexuals are mounting the pulpits these days as well as running for president.

Then there are the overt cults with their own twisted scriptures, which gives us all the more reason to know scripture – to be able to refute their skewered claims.

With so much deception going on in society and the church, it’s hard to know where to turn. The only reliable source of answers to our most profound questions (and strength) being the unassailable Word of God. “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” If you really want to know what’s going on these days, then crack open your Bible and “Study to show yourself approved, rightly dividing the Word of God.”

We “born-again, spirit-filled” Christians are fighting a spiritual battle on several fronts, and the inevitable consequences of letting these doctrines of demons proliferate will lead to our own self destruction as Christians.

As the days pass, we are hearing, seeing and reading about unbelievable atrocities happening all around the world. With random killings, anti-Semitism and the rape of infants, you would think we are doomed; and, indeed, the majority of mankind is doomed to self-destruction for ignoring the Word of God.

With the great falling away happening in our culture, those leaving the church may not even have been true Christians after all, and if they were, they were what Jesus referred to as seeds that fell on dry ground and had no depth, and so they withered and died.

Satan is having a field day in these days leading up to the great tribulation, and it is becoming more evident that Satan is out to destroy the last remnants of sanity and Christianity from the face of the earth.

The lead usurper of the cabal at our church has finally thrown in the towel and left. In his wake of destruction and debt, he finally called it quits. I expect his friends will soon follow suit. Half of the flock has scattered to the four winds in confusion and despair as the rest of the congregation dwindles and declines, while remaining congregants venture into uncertainty.

In the meantime, I am back in the hospital again to witness to others. (That’s the only explanation I can come up with since the doctors say I’m normal.) I witnessed to the first three hospital workers I encountered, one of whom was a young man who was a Jehovah’s Witness. The other two were nominal Christians just doing their jobs.

Being “cleared” after about two hours of examination, I sat up on the gurney and immediately felt as if I had been sucker punched just under the heart. I twisted in pain, and it happened again. Summoning the nurse over with hand gestures, she came running when she saw me doubled over with pain. The young Jehovah’s Witness came with her, and together they hooked me up again to the monitor.

Long story short, I was kept overnight for observation.

Once I settled into my room, a middle- aged male nurse came in to take my vitals once again. He was very amiable, and we hit it off immediately. I asked if he was a Christian, and he affirmed that he was; but when I asked his denomination, he said he was a teacher in the new reformed Roman Catholic church – a charismatic one.

As we talked, he attempted to school me about the Early Catholic Church and how it was the mother church for all Christian denominations. Knowing better than to go there and open a can of worms, I instead told him about my conversion over forty years ago and how I was “Born Again” in the middle of the woods at about midnight, after which I slept soundly for the first time in a long time. In essence – it was my testimony.

When we talked about the dogma in the Catholic denomination, particularly about “Mother Mary,” I shared this scripture verse with him: “There is one mediator between God and man – the man Christ Jesus.” Mary is found only to be his mother and not a mediator.

As I countered the things he espoused and was apparently teaching, and he had no way to counter the scriptures I quoted, he finally asked if I was a preacher. I, of course, replied no – but I told him that I had received Christ over forty years ago and gave him my testimony as he listened intently. Having to make his rounds, he left for a while; but when he returned, he was ready to hear more. That’s when I said, “I could tell you things about how God has performed miracles in my life over and over again,” and he replied, please do! (Catholics love miraculous happenings.) And so, I began.

After a short-abbreviated litany of a couple of these extraordinary “stories,” he was fast becoming enthralled with what I had to say. Noting this, I quickly explained that I never told anyone about these things since they pertained only to me, and I had no desire to be bragging about them for self -promotion.

In any case, I finally concluded that God had me here to give a testimony to these lost and groping souls. What a privilege to think God could use me in this way.

Incidentally, a young single mother who’s a physical therapist here at the hospital is a former member of the church I attended. She too has left the church with over four hundred others.


Jim Towers

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