The Left, President Trump, and Jesus :: By Jonathan Brentner

It was an overcast day when those on the left dragged a disheveled President Trump before the Lord Jesus. The President had, in their opinion, committed impeachable crimes. They also hoped that his past immorality and impure speech would make him all the more offensive and vile to the Savior.

The Lord did not immediately respond to their numerous accusations of wrongdoing that took a good half hour to recount. Instead, he stooped and wrote something in the dust.

After what seemed like an hour of silence, although it was only a few minutes, Jesus rose and said, “Let the person who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at the President.” He then again stooped and continued writing in the dirt.

The stone in Joe Biden’s hand suddenly became unbearably heavy as the video of his boast of withholding money from Ukraine played over and over and over again in his head. He still very much hated the President, but the rush of guilt caused him to reluctantly walk away.

The next person to let go of her rock was Nancy Pelosi. As she watched, the Lord caused flashes of the homeless epidemic and hopelessness in her district to play repeatedly in her head. Yes, more than anything, she wanted to remove the President from office, but at the moment she could not throw her rock at him. She, too, grudgingly walked away.

Even the fiercest opponent of President Trump realized he could not throw a rock with the Lord watching. As former President Obama stood with a rock in his hand, the Lord flooded his mind with so many memories of his lies and his past deals with the devil that he just wanted to flee as quickly as he could. “I will throw my stone another day when no one is looking or knows that it came from me,” he said as he departed the area.

For a while, Bernie Sanders seemed like the most willing person to throw a rock at the President, but then something the Lord wrote in the dust caused him to drop his stone. We do not know for sure what made him walk away; perhaps it was visions of the death and destruction that Socialism had caused in the past century. As he left, some heard him mutter under his breath, “I will be back.”

Although everyone else had already departed, Mark Galli retained a firm grasp on his rock. He still could not understand how someone with such an immoral past could continue serving as president. As the Lord brought to his mind all his past sins, he quickly dismissed them. “They are nothing,” he reasoned, “compared with the sins of this President.”

“The Lord can readily forgive all my minor offences against Him, but not those as serious as those of this President,” he thought. Galli then threw his rock, but it caused only a slight wound to the President. After that, he quickly ran away.

After all the accusers had left, Jesus then stood up and said this to the President, “Is no one left to condemn you?”

Struggling for words, he managed to reply, “No one, my Lord.”

“Neither do I condemn you,” replied the Savior. “Continue in the role I have assigned to you as President of the United States until such time as the end. I will be with you regardless of what the future holds.”

I realize President Trump is not perfect, but who are we to discount his repentance and confession of faith? Who are we to proudly assert that our past sins are far less serious than his?

Yes, he is gruff and more than a little rough around the edges at times, but who wouldn’t be amid such opposition, hatred, and unceasing false accusations. I cannot imagine anyone even surviving with the nonstop onslaught he endures day and night. Is this not a sign of at least the Lord’s strengthening of him as well as of His sovereign purpose for having Donald Trump in office at such a time as this?

The division among church-goers over the President’s past greatly troubles me. If those in the world mistake our support for Trump as that of excusing and overlooking his past, I believe it’s their fault, not ours. In doing so, they demonstrate a total misunderstanding of grace and the Gospel. Those who are ready to turn to the Savior fully understand the Lord’s mercy and love.

Jonathan Brentner

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