A Lamp Shining in a Dark Place By Jan Markell

We are just off our 23rd conference we call “Understanding the Times.” I began these in the spring of 2002. I had no idea what to expect! I had introduced some interesting people on my weekly radio program that began in 2001, but back then it did not have the reach it does today. Would people turn out to hear about current events and end-time issues spoken of by men like Chuck Missler and Bill Koenig, who I featured in 2002?
The short answer is yes!

The first year, 1,500 people showed up and they were eager to learn! I could not believe I was looking out at an overly-packed church sanctuary. That began a new emphasis in my life and ministry servicing what I call today “remnant believers.”
On Saturday, September 21 of this year, our “Understanding the Times” conference event drew almost 4,000 onsite attendees, over 12,000 live streamers, and a YouTube audience that in two separate postings will soon hit 300,000 viewers. We had attendees from 45 states, six Canadian Provinces, and foreign countries including Austria, the UK, Guatemala, New Zealand, and more.
Here are my take-away thoughts with which I think you will identify:
  • Because many remnant believers feel alone, they will travel across the country and across oceans to be with the like-minded.  They sense that what they believe isn’t odd as suggested by friends, family, and their church. In fact, what they believe is biblical.
  • They have not left traditional, mainstream theology and a biblical, eschatological perspective on the world. The church has left the building. They have not.
  • Too many today are focusing on their best life now! Remnant believers, and particularly those who attend these events, are looking to their Heavenly home, to reunions with loved ones, and to leaving earthly cares and heartaches behind. For this they are put down.
  • Meeting others who have an eternal perspective reassures people that they are not off-base as many have suggested. In fact, being Rapture-ready is the wise thing to do, not a foolish endeavor! Being with like-minded reinforces that.
  • Meeting the like-minded assures people that they are not the only ones who are are shut down, put down, scolded and ostracized, even by loved ones, just for believing the truth.
  • All are comforted when they realize that others are also put down, even though they have the truth and the naysayers are clueless! Others are dealing with hostility to the truth — even from fellow believers.
  • Frustrations can be shared: Tuned-in people have the truth, know we are in critical times, know time is running out, yet few will listen. They are not alone.
  • Most realize that as recently as a decade ago, their church was solid, talked about important issues of the day, and considered end-time issues relevant.  Now, few will listen, and response is even hostile. What a comfort to find out at such events that they are not alone. Friendships for life are formed.
  • It is NOT just your church that is focusing on seekers, believing that making people Rapture-ready will result in fear, division, and members fleeing. The church right BEFORE the Rapture will be Laodicean. This is an around-the-world phenomenon.
  • There are others who believe this is our only hope in hopeless times! We have the ultimate victory and are not destined for wrath.
2019 Understanding The Times Conference - Olive Tree Ministries
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One post-conference e-mailer wrote, “It is so wonderful to know that I am not alone in awaiting the blessed hope. Yet I have not one believing friend with whom I can rejoice and wait. Were it not for YouTube, I would not have access to all the like-minded truth teachers. Thanks for all you do, Jan.”

The Bible says Bible prophecy is a lamp shining in a dark place (II Peter 1:19). That light should not be extinguished! It gives hope, encouragement, and helps us fight the good fight. It reminds us God is in control, that He has a special plan, and that He keeps His promises. It helps us live holy in an unholy age.

This is hardly controversial. In fact, it is our hope in hopeless times. We have the ultimate victory. We are not destined for wrath!

We are living in the most significant time in history and the most prophecy fulfilling days — with the least amount of interest in them. Our assignment is to be “watchmen” (Ezekiel 33). We’re to be sounding an alarm whether anyone listens or not.

Trouble is ahead. Time is short.

The nations of the world seem to be moving by a hidden hand into exactly the right positions on a global chess board. Amazing things are happening right before our eyes.

Because of that, we must not be silent.

And don’t be discouraged. In Jesus’ day, a remnant changed the world.