An Open Letter to President Trump :: By Jim Towers

Since I’m not a Democrat, this is not a mindless rant but a heartfelt expression that many of us patriots feel to be true. We conservatives used to be called the silent majority; but we now know that it doesn’t pay to be silent. In being silent we let the forces of evil try to take over our Christian Nation. We can afford to be silent no more.

First, sir, I want to thank you for hanging in there when the chips are down. I know that you don’t really need the job and have no other interest other than preserving ours and your nation. You are just the leader we needed at a time when our country was in freefall – owing to the widespread corruption that existed in government before you stepped in.

Thank God that Hillary didn’t win the election; it would have been more of the same with no end in sight. Her only aim was to be in power to continue exploiting our good nation for monetary gain. Worse than that, she would have let her partners in crime continue to prosper as well – at the cost and peril of our nation. This, to say nothing of the mysterious deaths of all those who would expose her criminality.

Also, with a Muslim in power (Obama) who did all he could to destroy our nation, you stepped in at just the right time. After bowing to all others who were in power in Muslim nations, this treasonous man joined with them in an attempt to undermine the USA and our standing in the world; he even had them coming and going at the White House at all hours of the day and night, probably making plans for our demise and worshiping Allah.

Although there is nothing wrong with having “friends,” these were our sworn enemies. One can’t help in believing that there was a dark conspiracy being hatched at most if not all the meetings, but by the grace of God, we were spared more terrorist attacks.

It is surprising that liberals and Muslims hate us so much after all we’ve done for them and continue doing for them despite their treasonous behavior. These folks have a hate for the country that made it possible for them to prosper and be educated without restraint or government interference. Americans died to preserve our freedoms, and they spit in the face of these valiant patriots. Not only that, but they also spit in the face of our creator by murdering infants through abortions. Thank God you are putting a stop to that evil act.

It appears that you have been placed by the one true God in this position to stem the tide of corruption and treachery that was taking place behind closed doors. It seems the Democrats are determined to destroy our country from within. Their agenda was always to profit from a place of position. Bribery, licentiousness and lies ruled the day.

The way you handle these misguided people is just what they need, a man who speaks his mind and can’t be bought. Taunting them just makes them reveal their true intentions. If ever there was a time to play hardball with these enemies of the state – it is now. They won’t stop harassing you and only want to divert attention from themselves and their wrongdoings, hoping they won’t be found out for their criminal activities. If any of us common folks did half as much as they have, we would be in prison.

They are trying to divert attention away from their criminality by accusing you of anything they can – it’s all there in their Sal Alinsky playbook.

I’m sure that during your youth and while growing up, you got to know many, if not all, of the elites and found that they were raping the citizens of our good country. A good country founded on Judeo- Christian principles and made up of hardworking men and women – trying to provide for their families.

Since the Democrats want to inspect your tax returns, perhaps you should challenge them to show us theirs first. (They mustn’t live off the fat of the land for doing nothing but inciting sedition.)

By remaining in power after the next election cycle, you will afford us the time to get our act together before the wrath of God falls upon us (The Silent Majority) for our apathy.

I also want to thank you for recently saying that drinking, smoking and drug use is bad and that there really isn’t any need for it. I agree wholeheartedly, since I have never used drugs and gave up on cigarettes and strong drink many years ago upon receiving Christ into my life.

P.S. Did you know that the Bible speaks of the “Trump of God “sounding to call up believers in what we call the rapture? (1 Thessalonians 4:16).

Although I believe in the literal meaning of that passage, this anomaly may have also been a play on words by Almighty God.

Keep up the good work.

God bless you and Melania, and God bless America.

Your friend and supporter,

Jim Towers