Be Careful What You Believe :: By Rob Pue

The book of Daniel speaks of the end times, when, as we read in Chapter 12, verse 4, “many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased.” I don’t think there is any question that knowledge has increased at a dramatic pace over just the past few years. In many cases, frighteningly so. The trouble is, there are so many in our world today that “KNOW” so much that simply isn’t true.

We live in a world today that is FILLED with misinformation and DISinformation, “fake news,” that is deliberately designed to confuse and deceive us all. Jesus said of our adversary, the devil, “…he does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” Yes, the father of lies is working overtime these days, and many there be that are easily deceived.

Have you considered, lately, just how MUCH information we drink in every single day? And just how MUCH of it is lies? We’re being indoctrinated with demonic LIES at an alarming pace. It’s been said that if one tells a lie long enough, eventually, even the liar will believe it to be true.

This seems to be the case now. Just look around… I read recently that there are now SIXTY-THREE different “genders.” Now, you had BETTER work very hard at memorizing all 63, because if you make a mistake and call someone by the wrong “pronoun,” you will face the wrath of the legal establishment. Such was the case recently in Canada, where a man was fined $55,000 for calling a man a “man.” Can you even BELIEVE THAT? But YES, that REALLY happened. And the same is likely to happen here in the US, where multiple states with activist “lawmakers” and judges, working for the LGBTQP+ agenda are now implementing stiff penalties for the “crime” of “misgendering.”

The Leftists in America — and around the world — are “of their father, the devil,” the father of lies. And they are experts at lies and deception. They are determined to destroy our way of life at all costs, starting with the destruction of the family, by vilifying males — especially WHITE males, along with fatherhood… and even MOTHERHOOD, for that matter, as they cannot kill off enough babies to satisfy their demonic lust for innocent blood.

NOW, if children ARE (somehow) born alive, there are those that want the freedom to commit open and “legalized” infanticide. No longer content to kill the unborn, now, like everything else, “ANYTHING GOES” — as long as it fits their ultimate agenda to steal, kill and destroy. Who else but these demons would dare have the audacity to call the abomination of abortion “women’s healthcare” — and have half the population BELIEVE that lie?!

Who else would demand that we open our borders to dangerous criminals, thugs, gangs and invaders from nations that hate us — invite them in by the THOUSANDS, and then tell us we must be compassionate as they (once again) steal, kill and destroy our nation from within, as the Leftists roll out the red carpet to welcome them?

Notice they always speak about “compassion for the children” when talking about “immigrants.” But folks, these are NOT immigrants. They are foreign invaders. And why, suddenly, are they SO concerned about these CHILDREN — when they march and protest and DEMAND that our OWN American children be “legally” murdered — at any and all stages of life? And they laugh about it. But we all just “go along.” We are SO dumbed down, SO apathetic and lulled into complacency.

Open your EYES, people! Look at Europe. Europe has FALLEN to Islam. Nearly a THOUSAND Christian churches BURNED to the ground by Muslims in France last year alone — so what do we do? Import Islam to THIS country too, because, of course, THAT could NEVER happen here!

Who else but these fiends would even TRY to convince us all that there are 63 different and distinct “genders,” and all are equally valid?  Yet many here in America are now coming to accept that idea as “fact.” Never mind even the SIMPLEST science or biology lesson. And IF a child manages to make it to 4 years old, they are then sent to the public school indoctrination machine, where sodomy and “transgenderism” is not only DEMONSTRATED for them, but made to look like “fun” — and something EVERYBODY needs to try out for themselves, because you NEVER KNOW — you, too, just might be “gay.” AND THEIR SO-CALLED ‘PARENTS’ ENCOURAGE THIS!!

I’m so tired of the lies.

“The Affordable Care Act.” How’s THAT working out for us? “Women’s Healthcare.”  Yeah, right…. where every abortion leaves one dead and one wounded. And even the CHURCHES are getting in on the act…  The watered-down, feel-good “talks” (you can’t call them sermons) pushing the fake “health, wealth and prosperity gospel” was not enough to mock our Savior. Now we have sodomite “pastors” pushing “inclusion.” Now we have so-called “Christian’ churches marching IN the “pride” parades, as near-naked men dance and gyrate on the “church” floats in the parades, simulating sodomite sex, to the delight of the roaring crowds of onlookers. Now we have “Chrislam,” because, we are told, “Christians and Muslims all worship the same God,” so we all need to unite. No. We do NOT.

I haven’t watched television news in a very long time. But recently, my father-in-law was staying with us and he enjoys watching Fox News, so the TV was on… I lasted about a half hour and couldn’t take it anymore: one fake news story after another. One left-wing propaganda-filled puff-piece after another, disguised as “news.” And because they call it “fair and balanced,” so many of us fall for it. But do you realize that Fox News is partially owned by Saudi Arabian Muslims — and partially by the demonic Disney Corporation? Yeah, friends, I hate to tell you, but even Fox News is “fake.”

The news media is absolutely corrupt to the core, in league with the so-called “progressives,” and they are MORE than just “complicit” in the multi-million dollar witch hunt against Donald Trump; they absolutely helped to orchestrate that debacle. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton, a PROVEN felon, walks free.

Hollywood and the entertainment industry are also part of this puzzle. Turn on literally ANY television show these days, and it’s only a matter of MINUTES before they bring a “homosexual” or “transgender” character into the mix. Even on programs that you would think would have ZERO connection to such things, like “House Hunters,” or home remodeling shows. Every few episodes, the audience is introduced to a loveable sodomite couple looking for a house, or making plans to remodel a house.

You don’t want to get me started with the indoctrination of even our youngest children to this stuff — on television, the internet, public schools, libraries, churches, popular music, you name it. And it’s ALL lies.

But as I said at the outset, we are living in a time when “knowledge has increased” — dramatically. We have technology now that I could never have dreamed of just a few years ago. And it is NOT as wonderful as we might think. Today, there is almost NO PLACE you can go where you are not constantly being watched, monitored and your data being recorded. Consider Facebook. Now, I admit, I use Facebook, because we have a Wisconsin Christian News Facebook page, where we post REAL news from alternative media sources and reliable investigators. It IS an alternative — and very effective — way to reach thousands of people. So we use it to present REAL news and things of significance. It has a purpose. It’s a tool.

But many people are obsessed with Facebook. They post ALL their personal information on their page, from the meals they eat to the places they vacation, to the movies they watch, to the books they read.  They post information about their home, their jobs, their free time, their pets, their children and more.  Now, IMAGINE, if you will, what people would say if the CIA or Homeland Security were to REQUIRE us to hand over all that personal information. “Absolutely NOT!” “No way!” But along comes Mark Zuckerburg, right out of college, and invents this “fun” thing called Facebook — and people willingly and happily relinquish all their privacy.

Do you REALLY THINK the stuff you post on Facebook is not being recorded, tracked and placed in a data base?

Then consider our cell phones. Do you realize that they are ALWAYS listening to us? And they are linked to Facebook as well? Let me tell you what happens FREQUENTLY to us… My wife and I will be driving in the car and talking about some arbitrary topic… THINKING we’re having a private conversation. But we are NOT. Even riding alone in the car, just the two of us. THEY’RE LISTENING. Most recently, my wife mentioned to me that we needed to get a new coffee maker. And the next time she checked her Facebook page, there were dozens of ads for coffee makers.

On another occasion, I was involved in an accident when a deer jumped in front of my vehicle. I was in the middle of nowhere, and had no idea how I was going to explain my location when I called the accident in to 911. I need not have worried about that. Because they could tell EXACTLY where I was, because I was using a cell phone. The “authorities” ALWAYS KNOW exactly where we all are and what we are all doing. I also have to wonder WHO may be WATCHING us through those HANDY little cameras that are now built into EVERY cell phone.

Not to mention devices like “Alexa,” which people WILLINGLY place in their homes and find so useful.  Just call out “Alexa…answer a question.” And this device will search the internet and give you the answer. But PEOPLE! Do you not realize these devices are ALWAYS listening to everything that is going on in your home? Good grief, we don’t even have privacy inside our own homes anymore. The same can be said of the new TVs, refrigerators, washers and dryers that can be remotely controlled from an app on your phone… THEY are listening to you too. Did you know that? Do you CARE? MY question is, WHO is listening to THEM? And why?

Trust me, it’s not JUST to market and sell things to you. Data and information is being gathered and stored and USED on each one of us constantly. We’re watched by video cameras at every stop light.  We’re listened to by all of our devices. Every key stroke on our computer is being recorded SOMEWHERE. And we find it delightful and convenient, willingly and happily handing over all our personal information.

Remember the TV show “American Idol?” I don’t even know if it’s still on the air. I haven’t watched television in so long, I have no idea. Do you realize that entire THING was MARKETING? Disguised as a “talent contest,” the producers of the show would pre-select a new “rising star” in the entertainment industry before each season began. Yes, that is MY opinion. It was all a farce. Then they would get viewers to tune in every week for months to see all the contestants, and WHO would “rise to the next level” and become the next “American Idol.”

Friends, they took you for a fool — advertisers lined up to pay for it. And so many eagerly tuned in every week to see how their favorite contestant would do… but all the while, the eventual “winner” had already been pre-selected… and now they didn’t even have to spend money on marketing this person — because America had already become hooked; and the ad dollars paid for it all.

Seriously, there is almost NOTHING REAL, almost NOTHING TRUE in this world anymore… with the exception of God’s Word, the Bible. And even God’s Word is being perverted and twisted in some new “translations” and “easy to read versions” that just “happen” to leave out KEY AREAS OF SCRIPTURE and essential doctrine. Yes, as we read in John 17:17, “God’s Word is truth.”  But make SURE what you’re reading really IS GOD’S Word. Don’t settle for any fake substitutes.

I could go on… I could tell you about the lies of Obama and Hillary Clinton, the lies of the Supreme Court, the lies of our legislators and our “public servants.” I could tell you the truth about the so-called “war on drugs,” the pharmaceutical industry, the sickening and tragic growth of pedophilia and human trafficking throughout our nation and our world. I could tell you about the genetically-modified ingredients in the food we eat. Good grief! Even our FOOD is fake! And I could tell you how our educational system is churning out obedient, brainwashed little “transgendered” socialists, eager to support the New World Order and the Leftist agenda.

Call me a “conspiracy theorist” if you wish. But I urge you to be diligent and be discerning. Question everything because, as I said, almost nothing you hear in these days when “knowledge is so greatly increased” is going to be the truth. So BE CAREFUL what you believe. Words have meaning, and lies have consequences – some of them ETERNAL consequences.

We have ONE truth, however, that we can always count on, and which NEVER changes. Not with the winds of popular opinion, and not even with all the twisting and manipulation our Leftist “friends” can scheme up… and that… is GOD.

Having said all this, let me now close with the words of God Himself — words that absolutely CAN always be trusted…we can rest assured, of our Creator, we need never have any doubt. These words of Scripture seem especially appropriate today.

From Malachi 3: “And I will come near to you to judgment; and I will be a swift witness against the sorcerers, and against the adulterers, and against false swearers, and against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow, and the fatherless, and that turn aside the stranger from his right, and fear not Me, saith the Lord of hosts. For I am the Lord, I change not!” You better believe it!

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