24 Mar 2019

Explosive device found in southern Israel after violent night along border
An explosive device carried by a cluster of balloons launched from the Gaza Strip was found in a field in southern Israel the morning after violent protests along the security fence. The device, which landed in the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council in southern Israel, was removed by police sappers and caused no damage or injuries.

Muslims who stand up to Mullahs are no ‘Islamophobes’ – Tarek Fatah
“Muslims who stand up to Mullahs are no ‘Islamophobes,” wrote Toronto Sun columnist Tarek Fatah. The founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress…Fatah quoted United Arab Emirates Foreign Minister sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan…“There will come a day when we see far more radicals, extremists and terrorists coming from Europe because of a lack of decision-making and [European politicians] trying to be politically correct.”

Italy joins China’s New Silk Road project
Italy has become the first developed economy to sign up to China’s global investment programme which has raised concerns among Italy’s Western allies. A total of 29 deals amounting to €2.5bn ($2.8bn) were signed during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s visit to Rome. The project is seen as a new Silk Road which, just like the ancient trade route, aims to link China to Europe.

How Pope Francis could shape the future of robotics
It might not be the first place you imagine when you think about robots. But in the Renaissance splendour of the Vatican…scientists, ethicists and theologians gather to discuss the future of robotics. The ideas go to the heart of what it means to be human and could define future generations on the planet. The workshop, Roboethics: Humans, Machines and Health was hosted by The Pontifical Academy for Life.

Flooding impairs drinking water treatment for Kansas City, Missouri
Record flooding along the Missouri River has impaired treatment of drinking supplies in Kansas City, raising health risks for infants, the elderly and others with compromised immune systems, the municipal water service warned on Saturday. The public health advisory came as utility crews struggled to replace broken pumps at a wastewater treatment plant submerged by floodwater about 30 miles upstream in Leavenworth, Kansas…

China refuses to concede on U.S. demands to ease curbs on tech firms: FT
Ahead of fresh high-level trade talks this week, China is not conceding to U.S. demands to ease curbs on technology companies, the Financial Times reported on Sunday, citing three people briefed on the discussions. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin are scheduled to travel to Beijing for talks starting on March 28, the White House said on Saturday.

Mozambique tallies the dead and destruction in wake of deadly Cyclone Idai
In the week since Cyclone Idai triggered unprecedented flooding in central Mozambique, there have been speculative death tolls in the thousands, but barely any bodies recovered.

Cyclone Trevor, Cyclone Veronica: Australia’s north prepares for the worst as two cyclones approach
Two cyclones approaching Australia’s northern coast have forced residents in both Western Australia and the Northern Territory to evacuate. Tropical Cyclone Trevor, the size of the state of Victoria, touched down on the Northern Territory coast Saturday morning.

‘Drag Queen Story Time’ Canceled
…A drag queen story hour at the Houston library is being canceled, and organizers blame threats from “anti-LGBT” organizations for the decision. There was, of course, that little issue of one of the “readers” at the story time having been convicted of molesting an 8-year-old, of course.

Russia Gives US Red Line On Venezuela
“We assume that Washington treats our priorities seriously, our approach and warnings…”

FEAR: UK Schools Stop LGBT Program After Furious Muslim Backlash
Four more schools in Birmingham, U.K., have suspended an LGBT indoctrination program following a backlash by mostly Muslim parents.

Israel, US intercept long-range missiles during joint drill
PM Netanyahu lauds test, says Israel has earned a place “among global leaders” in development of missile defenses • Close military cooperation between U.S., Israel reflects shared concerns over Iran’s development of long-range missiles.

‘Muslim Terrorists’ In New Mexico Tied To Democrats
The leader, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, is the son of Imam Siraj Wahhaj, a former board member of the Council on American-Islamic Relations who is on record urging a violent overthrow of the “filthy” U.S. government. The elder Wahhaj gave an opening prayer at an event at the Democratic National Convention in 2012, pointed out Matthew Vadum in an column for FrontPage Magazine.

Woman Pregnant With Quadruplets Wants to Abort the Boy Babies
A woman who is pregnant with quadruplets after suffering from infertility now is considering whether to abort two of them.

Trump Overrules 52 Years of Policy, Fires Shot Heard Round The World
“After 52 years it is time for the United States to fully recognize Israel’s Sovereignty over the Golan Heights, which is of critical strategic and security importance to the State of Israel and Regional Stability!” Trump said.

Make No Mistake the Mueller Investigation was a Coup Against President Trump and It’s Perpetrators Should Be Treated as Such
We reported in April 2018 that DAG Rod Rosenstein was required by law to ensure Mueller had no conflicts of interest to be Special Counsel – yet there is no way Mueller could have passed a reasonable level of scrutiny!   But then Mueller created an entire team with similar and worse conflicts of interest. These conflicts prove that the Mueller investigation was a coup attempt from the start!

UK Coup Erupts: Theresa May Cabinet In Revolt, Plotting Her Imminent Overthrow
“The end is nigh. She won’t be prime minister in 10 days’ time.”