Modern-day Christianity :: By Jim Towers

It’s hard for me to understand why I have so many readers since I mostly write articles that expose erratic human behavior and human foibles in our Christian community.

Still though, I believe that what I have to say can be helpful to those who are new in the faith as well as the complacent Christians. After having worked in the Christian harvest field for over forty years and having studied the Holy Scriptures for just as long, I believe I have something to contribute to the Christian community and to strengthen the brethren as well – and not just tickle their ears.

As a matter of fact, being a precocious child, I led an elderly man to the altar just after I did so myself at the age of eight. I instinctively knew he wanted to receive Christ, but he was afraid to walk the aisle; so I offered my hand to him and walked him up front to do so – leading the way. Those were the days when people were earnestly seeking and finding Christ. Since then, Christianity has had its ups and downs and appears to be fading fast in our beloved country.

Christianity has come a long way from those days and the days when Jesus and the Apostles roamed the earth. The Gospel was simple then. Jesus spoke, set an example and taught the people who came to listen how to live and what to believe. There were no laughing ministries, rolling in the aisles and incoherent jabbering – yet. But it didn’t take long for Satan to rear his head and begin to lead people astray. Ever since those miracle-filled days, the evil one has been hard at work to try to undo what Christ said, did and taught – even going so far as infiltrating the body of believers – the church.

It seems that new and erroneous cults and philosophies have sprung up everywhere. Some are based on a man’s charisma and charm, but let us not forget that Satan can appear as an angel of light. These so- called Christian leaders are gifted with a way with words and/or a phony pious demeanor, but are ravening wolves inwardly. Others are obviously carnal-minded creatures, ready to take your last dollar so they can fly off in jet planes on so-called mission trips (actually vacations) and claim they are doing it for Jesus.

Christians come in all stripes and colors, and some only pretend to serve God; after all, they’re just being their human selves. Church is a good place to learn, but if a teaching doesn’t comport with the Word of God, then run – don’t just walk away from that group of blinded sheep.

Have you ever noticed how many times Jesus refers to his followers as sheep? There are two kinds of sheep: those who blindly follow anything or anyone, and those who know the master’s voice. We must know right from wrong and be able to discern the teachings of Jesus Christ. That’s why it’s imperative to know the Word of God.

It’s appalling how little most Christians know the Holy Scriptures even though they go to church every time the door is opened. The Christian life is an ever-growing process that bears fruit; it’s not just about going to church and pretending to be holy.

The Bible-based church is a good place to worship God in spirit and in truth; and again, the Bible is the only place to find truth – unadulterated truth. You can dig into it daily and never know all the supernatural things it contains.

“For the word of God is quick and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart” (Hebrews 4:12).

Rapture Ready and are excellent sources of information based on Biblical truth. I read Rapture Ready news daily to glean useful information about world events that impact our lives. I thank God for these two Christian platforms.

We need to be grateful and uphold one another in every way possible. Right now is donation time on the Rapture Ready site – perhaps you can do your part to help keep it going with a donation.

It’s time we Bible-based/born-again Christians upheld one another. The way things are going, we may not have much longer to be of any use to the kingdom of God because of persecution. If Satan had his way, we would all be in jail or beheaded. Lucky for us the rapture is imminent.

On my daily perusal of the internet, I also post interesting news that deals with spiritual matters on Facebook, even though Facebook is becoming ever more “politically correct.” At present, I have over 450 “friends” including influential people in politics. One of my many friends, Kelly Tyson’s (an avid reader of Rapture Ready) mother Alma Perez Jackson, a devout evangelical Christian, was just voted into the prominent position of Vice Chairman of the Republican Party in the great state of Texas. She is the first Hispanic and/or woman to win that title.

I’m so glad that true Christians like her are winning elections. It may help with the reprieve we’ve been given by God Almighty – before the rapture takes us away.

We Christians all need to be involved; get into the fray and quit watching from the sidelines.


Like I mentioned in the past, I get many of my movies at the library, and recently viewed the movie “Lion” which was based on a true story about a five-year-old East Indian boy who became separated from his mother, older brother and younger sister in India.

Locked in an empty train for days, he ends up hundreds of miles from home, alone and hungry. After barely escaping from pedophiles time and again, he is finally rescued by authorities in Calcutta. (The evil crime of pedophilia is alarming in that Godless country, and street urchins are considered legitimate prey for these evil perverts. Over 80,000 children go missing in that country every year.) However, because – at the tender age of five – he is unable to communicate where he is from to the authorities, he is given up for adoption and ends up in Australia.


I’m presently reading “The Signature of God” by Grant Jeffrey. He writes about how the Bible is being proved by archeological means and how Bible codes embedded within the writings verify its veracity. It’s a very interesting read to say the least…..I’ll keep you posted.

You can watch live Bible-based streaming sermons on the internet by Dr. Hayes Wicker at www.FBCN on Sunday at 9:30 AM EST. (The sermon last Sunday was a doozie.)


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