So Who’s Crazy Now? :: By Todd Hampson

So, I’ve been hard at work on a book on Revelation, and I just finished writing a chapter about the opening of the tribulation period. Along with the events detailed in Revelation chapter 6, I offer insight using logic and cross-referencing to deduce when the Ezekiel 38 War (AKA the War of Gog and Magog) most likely fits in.

Without unpacking all of the details here, I believe this war will happen soon after the rapture when various political leaders see an opportune moment to act like lawless looters. They will see this as the ideal moment for a power grab, and they will “go big or go home.” This will be the tipping point for God’s wrath as evil nations attack Israel, the “apple of God’s eye” (Zechariah 2:8).

If you are not familiar with this prophesied future war, I’ve written about it before and I recommend you read Ezekiel chapters 36-39 which clearly detail these specific chronological end-time events as follows:

  1. Israel becoming a single restored nation again after centuries of dispersion (1948), quickly developing into a secure nation with a strong military and a strong economy (1967-today)
  2. Discovery/development of rich, natural resources (2015-2017 Israel discovers massive gas and oil)
  3. Gog/Magog Alliance forms (2015-2018)
  4. Russia (Magog/Uttermost parts of the North) is led by a “hook in the jaw” to lead an attack on Israel to steal something valuable from Israel (yet future).

So, who’s crazy now? In the 1600’s, the Puritans and others used a literal interpretation of Scripture and predicted Israel would become a nation again, and people told them they were crazy. They had the audacity to believe God’s future prophecies were true and that God says what he means, and means what he says.

After Israel’s rebirth in 1948, Bible scholars and seminaries began teaching eschatology more prevalently—using the literal interpretation method. In the 1970’s, Hal Lindsey brought this understanding to the masses in his wildly successful book, The Late Great Planet Earth. In it, he talked about the Gog/Magog alliance, the rise of an Asian superpower, and several other end-time related events. Scoffers said he was crazy.

As I’ve been researching various books and commentaries, something hit me. Most of these trusted sources (Pentecost, Walvoord, Morris, LaHaye, Missler, and several more) who detailed the events we see in the news today with great accuracy—died before they saw a single detail of the Gog/Magog alliance in place. Today, we see with our very eyes the complete set-up for this end-time war to occur.

We take the slow and steady stream of world news for granted and get used to these conditions, but reading commentaries from just 10-20 years ago about the “future alliance of Russia, Iran, and Turkey” should remind us how significant it is that we have seen these things with our own eyes. So, who’s crazy now?

Here’s Where You Come In

What about you? What future prophecies from the Bible seem crazy to you? Do you believe the Lord is going to rapture the church? Do you believe the world will enter into a 7-year period of God’s judgment and complete world chaos? If it weren’t for the Bible’s record of 100% accuracy in predicting events, all of these future prophecies would seem crazy.

Most importantly, do you believe in Jesus as your Savior? Everything hinges on that. If you don’t know the Lord, I pray that these recent fulfilled prophecies will lead you to believe that God’s word is true and that Jesus truly is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

If you want to know more about how to accept his free (because Jesus paid for it with his life) gift of salvation, please feel free to contact me.

Yes, some will tell you you’re crazy. Some will scoff at your beliefs. But one day soon our faith will become sight; and the prophecies detailed above bear testimony to the fact that God speaks clearly, and that he is a promise-keeper. |