Is the U.S. Immune to a Muslim Takeover? :: By Geri Ungurean

I have been following the saga of Tommy Robinson of the U.K. and his unjust (illegal) 13-month incarceration with no due process of law.  Why was he arrested?  For speaking TRUTH.

Tommy Robinson is not a troublemaker.  I’ve heard some Leftist liberals label him as such; and I’m telling the reader that it is NOT true.  This man spoke out about Muslim grooming gangs who “groom” young British girls to be raped by them.  Pretty shocking – wouldn’t you say?

The Speech

Tommy Robinson gave a speech to alert the people of the U.K. and freedom-loving people across the planet of what was happening to him and his family.

Here is the speech which had been banned in the U.K.:

The Banned Speech by Tommy Robinson  <Click here

Sadiq Khan

Mr. Khan is a radical Muslim who just happens to be the mayor of London.  The U.K. and London in particular is a snapshot of what is happening to all of Europe.  The forced mass migration of Muslims into European countries was part of the Sustainable Development Goals of the U.N. in 2015.  I’ve written many articles about this.

The goal of the U.N. was to destabilize the European nations.  How better to accomplish that end than to bring in a massive number of people from the Muslim culture, who refuse to assimilate to the society of the “host” country.  Instead, they form pockets of “No Go Zones” where even the police are forbidden to enter.

Fear and Intimidation

Now, consider this:  London is under siege because its mayor is a devout radical Muslim, and he gives the orders to the police force.  I imagine that many of the police carry out their orders with their teeth set on edge.  I also imagine that many of them are just plain scared.

Tommy Robinson Now in a Dangerous Prison

At first, Mr. Robinson was placed in a prison which was not considered to be a dangerous environment for him.  But just days ago, he was moved to a prison which has 71% Muslim criminals (terrorists) who are chomping at the bit to murder this man.  He is in solitary right now, and that is the safest place for him.

Here is why we are not safe in the U.S. from this exact scenario:

Many (90-140) American Muslims are running for office in the mid-terms.  Many say they are running in response to what they consider President Trump’s so-called “Islamophobic” attempt to curtail the migration of Muslims until a better way of vetting them could be found.

I wrote a piece on a Muslim man who will be running in a gubernatorial race in November:

The Next Obama: Abdul EL Sayed is Being Groomed by George Soros   <click here


More than 90 Muslims, nearly all Democrats, running for public office across the U.S.  (Actually, I’ve heard that it is closer to 140 now.)

Creeping Sharia, April 17, 2018:

9/11 was just the first notable battle in the Islamic takeover of the United States.  As we noted a few weeks ago, the Ongoing Islamization of America – Muslims Going Hyper Political – it’s much worse than expected.

Fayaz Nawabi has never met President Trump. But he credits the president with convincing him to run for office.

Nawabi, a 31-year-old candidate for San Diego City Council, supports almost everything that Trump opposes: He is pro-affordable housing, pro-environment, pro-immigrant and pro-refugee. That makes him part of the blue wave of new liberal candidates spurred to run by Trump’s election and policies.

But Nawabi is also part of a notable subset: the blue Muslim wave.

More than 90 American Muslims, nearly all of them Democrats, are running for public office across the country this year.  Many are young and politically inexperienced, and most are long shots.

Although their number seems small, the candidacies mark an unprecedented rise for the nation’s diverse Muslim community that typically has been underrepresented in American politics.

There are more than 3.3 million Muslims living in the United States, but Muslim Americans hold just two of the 535 seats in Congress.  And the Muslim community’s voter participation pales in comparison to the general public’s.

The rise of Muslim candidates coincides with the growth of the predominantly immigrant population and a partisan shift that has played out over a generation.  In a 2001 Zogby poll of American Muslims, 42 percent said they voted for Republican George W. Bush in the previous year’s presidential election, while 31 percent said they voted for Democrat Al Gore. By last year, just 8 percent of voting American Muslims in a Pew poll said they voted for Trump, while 78 percent said they voted for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

While Clinton’s campaign never garnered broad enthusiasm from Muslim communities, Trump’s campaign — which called for the monitoring of mosques and a ban on Muslims entering the United States — delivered a jolt on election night that some American Muslims likened to the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

“It woke everyone up,” Nawabi said.

Now, Muslim candidates are running for a wide range of offices across the country, from local school boards to the U.S. Senate. Some are making their Muslim identity central to their campaigns.

“When you put someone in a corner and they’re in survival mode, they have a tendency to come out and speak more prominently about their beliefs,” said Nawabi, who considers himself an “unapologetic Muslim” who can quote the Koran from memory and moonlights as a “freelance imam.”

In Michigan, where 13 Muslim candidates are running for office, physician Abdul El-Sayed is hoping voters will elect him to be the first Muslim governor in the United States and has used his religion in campaign ads against Republican front-runner Bill Schuette, whom Trump has endorsed.

[He said] “Donald Trump and Steve Bannon would love to see a right-wing radical like Bill Schuette elected in Michigan,” reads a Facebook ad for El-Sayed, who faces a Democratic primary in August. “You know what would be sweet justice? If we elected a 33-year-old Muslim instead of Bill Schuette. Send a message and help elect the first Muslim governor in America.”

Asif Mahmood, a 56-year-old pulmonologist, would be the first Muslim insurance commissioner in California. Deedra Abboud, 45, in Arizona, or Jesse Sbaih, 42, in Nevada, could be the country’s first Muslim senator.

And any one of four Muslim women — Nadia Hashimi, 40, in Maryland; Sameena Mustafa, 47, in Illinois; or Fayrouz Saad, 34, and Rashida Tlaib, 41, in Michigan — could be the first in Congress.

Read it all, and weep.

This is why there was only one issue in the 2016 presidential election, and there remains only one issue today: immigration.

Without a dramatic shift, a halt to Muslim immigration, and a return of tens of thousands of so-called Muslim refugees – the demographics in America will be forever changed.  They will never be reversed, and it will only be a matter of time until what has happened in dozens of countries in the world will happen here. The long game does not bode well for non-Muslims. source

Brethren, this is called Political Jihad.  This is how Europe is being conquered at this very moment.

And if we as Americans think that this is not possible to happen to us – we need to remove our heads from the sand and PRAY for our country.  But do we deserve God’s protection?  I’m not really sure, but I would tend to say ‘no.’

Have we stopped the mass slaughter of the innocent babies in their mother’s wombs?  Has same sex marriage just become an “Oh well – it’s the law now” and we don’t even cringe at the thought that God’s own definition of marriage was changed in America?

Personally, I believe that America will be destroyed.  I don’t know how, but I believe that it is going to happen.

MANY Muslims are coming to Christ.  Pray for the Muslim people that many of their eyes would be opened by our Lord Jesus.

Continue to pray for the lost among your friends and families.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


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