Pulling No Punches :: By Daniel Payne

You think that Donald Trump is going to “fix” everything by himself? Enough with the facade that this world has any collective hope left for revival this side of the Tribulation. While so-called traditional “Christian” American men hang out with their buddies in their rock-and-roll churches, go fishing until no bass are left breathing, watch their cars and horses race each other, and watch their favorite sports like football, baseball, basketball, hockey, the bloody and violent UFC, etc.—their own country is bursting at the seams!

The few men who are left that can do anything about the fact that our country and our sovereignty is about to be handed over to a global government like the United Nations—couldn’t seem to care less—just so long as they have their buddies and their beer.

I wonder—have they turned on the news lately? Are they at all aware of what’s happening in the world that exists outside of their good ole buddy club? I’m talking about your wives, your children, your parents, your neighbors… you do still care about them—right?

The demons are heaving and lunging and foaming at the mouth trying to bring Trump down through the wicked human monsters that they inhabit. Guess what? In case you haven’t noticed, they are gaining ground.

No, this is not a reckoning of fear—this is a reckoning of reality.

There is not a snowball’s chance in—you know where—that God will allow a newfound peace and prosperity to take over a country that continues to turn its back on Him. How can I dare say that? Isn’t that some kind of sacrilege for a Christian American man to say such a thing while Donald Trump is still president?

Do you not think I wish that Trump would succeed? Of course I do—and I pray that he does—but that may not be what our nation will reap. A nation that sows sex and violence will NOT reap prosperity and peace – especially while those who know better continue to sow to their own crudeness and lust by watching and supporting the filth on their TVs, computers, gaming consoles, and smartphones.

The devil is having far too easy of a time distracting the few good men that are left in America with all manner of meaningless sports, gambling, violent and sexual entertainment, etc. The infernal filth that lives inside that rectangular display is eagerly engorged on by all who bow before it. They have no excuse.

As I’ve said before—Satan is a crafty devil. No human being is a match for his experience and power of meddling in human affairs—as he has been doing for millennia after millennia. He knows full well how to wait for the pendulum to swing back in a reaction that will far outweigh any good that we may think will result from the noble efforts of our current administration.

This fact cannot actually be lost on anyone: if one president can do it—then the next president can certainly undo it. Imagine a president—unlike our current president—who actually endeavored to hand over our national sovereignty to the next global leader. Imagine the power that president will have when not only the media and pop culture supports them, but all three branches of government will also?

The Trump administration is surrounded by globalist wolves in sheep’s clothing. They wear many different labels: Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals, War-hawks, Socialists, etc., and etc. They are infiltrating the Trump administration in droves—and unless God has another plan—they will soon succeed in cutting off any progress traditional conservative Americans thought that the current administration was making toward our country remaining independent.

People are losing their “cool” like never before, and social decorum is going down the gutter in spades these days. People formerly thought to be “professional” are displaying behavior unheard of just a few years ago. What do you think is happening to the little if any respect that our youth had left for those in authority over them—when those very same authorities now act less mature than they do?

What institutions remain that have a respectful reputation left in the eyes of our youth? Certainly not the government—gossip and corruption scandals. Certainly not Law Enforcement—again—gossip and corruption scandals. Certainly not their teachers—cheating and sex scandals. Certainly not their parents—they see what their parents are watching and they hear what their parents are saying. Certainly not their neighbors—they observe their bad conduct on social media.

And sadly—certainly not the church. What is a young person to think when they can’t tell the difference between their own pastor and a singer in a pop music video? Respect for that?

What happens when people turn on the news? Far too many people are under the spell and power of Satan’s companies of renown—Apple, Google, Amazon, AT&T, Disney, Comcast, etc., to be able to see anything—except everything that is brainwashing them against traditional conservative Christian America.

From online resources such as Twitter, Google news, whatever is on Facebook, Snapchat, etc., to almost every television set that is turned on to the news—they’re tuned into liberal networks such as CNN, MSNBC, etc. spewing forth their “progressive,” earth-centered, godless, and humanistic theology. There is no chance for the majority in our country to be anything but brainwashed against what is right.

In case you haven’t noticed, millions of people are being filled with disrespect and rage against traditional Christians in America through the orchestrating of chaos via the media networks working in conjunction with their own subsidiaries—who also conveniently make the most of the online streaming, television, and movie content.

Their delusion constantly proclaims that the suffering and evil in this world is the fault of absolutely none of those who are actually responsible—it is ALL the fault of conservative Christian men and women in America. And yeah—for the most part—Caucasian American Christians.

I’ve seen enough to know that what I am saying is true—and there is no stopping it if it remains in its current progression. It is only a matter of time before the pendulum swings and smashes into our conservative Christian world.

They dare to act like they care about crying little children at the border… These vile monsters who butcher their own children while they are still within the supposed care and protection of their own wombs. These vile monsters who arrogantly spread their filthy venereal diseases while they mock chastity.

They will stop at nothing to burn the traditional Christian influence and legacy of America at the stake. They endeavor to butcher us as they butcher their own unborn children.

It is very probable that these vicious monsters are orchestrating as many children and families as possible to travel to our southern borders—in order to be ripped away from each other—so they can capture the pain and tears on their blood-soaked camera lenses for all to see their shameless exploitation.

The media collectively programs the minds of the masses through controlled perception—using fear, ridicule, shame, and other social and cultural mind-control techniques to force the desired outcome of the next election(s). They are the puppeteers of their masters whose will is to control and enslave all of humanity.

When will those—who still have left a portion of freedom and power—unglue their faces from their selfish lives and recognize that what remains of their families and their country needs them? When will they make an effort to raise their own voices against the destruction of traditional America—not just sit on their hands until the next election—because by then it may be too late?

American media titans are using their satellites as their pulpit—orbiting above earth’s atmosphere—to broadcast all manner of hellish filth around the globe 24 hours a day. How can any sober-minded Christian believe that our righteous God will allow this country to continue to poison the world with our evil deception and manipulation under the guise of pop culture and entertainment?

Our gracious and Almighty God may have another plan—such as the very near and sudden Rapture of what’s left of His true Church. However:

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap” (Galatians 6:7).