Trump and More :: By Daymond Duck

A reader sent me two surveys that he wrote with permission to amend and pass along without attribution. His surveys recalled two incidents in the Bible that reminded me of Pres. Trump, so I’m adding to them and passing them along.

First, God put Daniel in a position to be the second most powerful person in the kingdom of the Medes and Persians, but some of the corrupt leaders in the kingdom didn’t want Daniel to have that position.

They colluded to create a way to trap Daniel so they could bring false charges against him. Their scheme appeared to work.

Daniel was thrown into a den of lions, but God sent an angel to shut the lion’s mouths so they could not harm him.

The next morning, King Darius released Daniel and ordered his accusers to be thrown in with the lions. Their collusion backfired on them, and they perished (Dan. 6:1-28).

It is beginning to look like the Russian collusion idea has backfired on the Democrats, RINOs and others.

Second, God called Nehemiah to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem, but some of the corrupt leaders in the area opposed it. They mocked, ridiculed and falsely accused Nehemiah, but he worked on rebuilding the wall anyway (Neh. 2:1-20).

Nehemiah’s enemies even plotted to kill him; but he didn’t fall for their scheme, and the wall was eventually rebuilt (Neh. 6:1-15),

It will be interesting to see if Pres. Trump eventually completes a wall on the U.S. border with Mexico.

One thing is sure: If God put Pres. Trump in office, he will accomplish what God put him there to do before he is removed (if he is).

Moving on to other matters, I read an interesting story about Avi Lipkin. Avi was educated in the U.S. but moved to Israel more than 50 years ago.

He served in the IDF and worked for the Israeli government. He has returned to the U.S. many times to speak at churches and to be interviewed on radio and TV.

He has founded a new Judeo-Christian political party in Israel called the “Bible Bloc,” and the Israeli government has approved it.

Half of the party leaders will be Jews and the other half will be Bible-believing (notice Bible-believing) Christians.

Only 8% of Israel’s population is Christian; but if the “Bible Bloc” can win some seats, Bible-believing Christians will have representation in the Israeli government for the first time in history.

This writer is wondering what will happen if there are Christians in Israel’s Knesset, and the Bible-believing Christians are the only ones that get Raptured.

One must wonder if that will impact the 144,000 Jewish evangelists that start preaching the gospel after the Rapture.

On May 23, 2018, it was reported that a one-year long survey by Gallup in 2017 found that about 4.5% of U.S. citizens are LGBT. This means the laws and textbooks of the U.S. are being changed, and many denominations of the Church are abandoning Bible teaching to accommodate 4.5% of the U.S. population.

On May 25, 2018, it was reported that Israel and Russia have reached an agreement for Israel to allow Syrian troops on the Golan Heights near the Israeli border, and for Russia to keep all Iranian and Hezbollah forces away from the border.

The ink was hardly dry on the report before Israel accused Syria of allowing Iranian and Hezbollah troops dressed in Syrian military uniforms to take up strategic positions near the Golan Heights.

Now Iran has said her troops will not leave Syria. Most students of Bible prophecy probably knew they wouldn’t leave.

On June 3, 2018, the Ayatollah Khamenei threatened to destroy Israel; and on the next day, he told the nation’s Atomic Energy Organization to prepare to start enriching uranium without delay.

Preparing to enrich uranium is one thing. Actually, enriching uranium is something else. But the Ayatollah is playing with fire, because Pres. Trump and Prime. Min. Netanyahu have both said they will not let Iran enrich uranium to military grade.

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