Lost Souls :: By Jim Towers

Today, people are grasping at straws as their world falls apart. Lives are destroyed, lawlessness abounds, and people are lost souls losing hope.

There was another deadly high school shooting at the end of the week in Texas. These killings are becoming epidemic. With God taken out of society and the Ten Commandments being stricken from our institutions, many of today’s teens have no moral compass and are easy prey for the evil one, Satan. Thus, they kill others in a desperate plea for attention. Without moral restraints such as the Ten Commandments, the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ himself, people do as they please, inflicting harm up on themselves and others.

People everywhere – young and old alike – are hurting, afraid or confused. We can’t just ignore these lost souls; we true Christians must do what Jesus would do – give them comfort, hope and the good news of the gospel.

I had just been to Miami to scout and film locations for a film I’ve written. (Miami is where I got my start in the film industry many years ago.)  It had been five years since I’d been there, and things appear to be going from bad to worse. There, sleeping on the sidewalk in broad daylight, were the dregs of society, the homeless, drug addicted, demented, hopeless and demon possessed.

Sadly, it’s like that in every big city in our country, with San Francisco being the worst of the worse – heroin needles strewn here and there on the streets, and people sleeping in cardboard boxes that line the side streets. Mindless, homeless, helpless people devoid of hope mingle among the still sane. There is despair everywhere you look. Even among the general population, there is sorrow and despair like never before in our country simply because they won’t acknowledge the God of the Bible.

The Bible says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

I had shot several locations on my cell phone, but I finally realized that I didn’t know how to edit the scenes I’d shot; so the next day I headed for the Verizon store, seeking information on how to do so. Then, it happened again (I had another divine appointment).

While I was garnering information I needed, a woman sat in the waiting area with tears streaming down her face. No one seemed to care or notice. I went over to her and asked her what was wrong. Sobbing, she replied “No…th…th…thing.”

“Well, something is troubling you; what is it?” I asked inquisitively.

She said she would be alright, but I pressed on because she kept crying. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

She shrugged, and I asked her if she was a Christian. Because of her hesitancy, it appeared that she wasn’t. Not knowing how to respond, she shook her head, and the tears continued to flood her eyes and roll down her cheeks. Sitting down next to her, I said softly, “I’m a Christian; let me pray for you.”

She was obviously not accustomed to having anyone pray for her – especially in public. As I prayed a short prayer, she cried openly and without shame. No one was paying any attention to either of us – they never do. Most of them only care about one thing – themselves. I prayed a simple prayer for her, encouraged her with the admonition that God loves and cares for her, and then I left.

The way things are going with turbulent world events cascading around our heads, we may not get another chance to show concern for others and share the things of God with them.

Almost any American Christian will tell you that they are just glad to be saved and can hardly wait for the rapture to occur; other than that, they are not seeking God’s approval. They seem to think that just going to church every time the doors are opened is enough. But did you know that there will be degrees of crowns for the saved ones while those who don’t achieve anything will make it to be with the Lord – but “as if by fire,” meaning he will lose rewards.

I’m not bragging (because it’s required of us to do so), but I led my brother, two sisters and a nephew to faith in Christ. I even baptized one sister. No, I’m not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ – it’s the best news anyone could ever receive.

The least we can do is lead our family members to Jesus Christ and, if possible, our neighbors as well. I don’t know about you, but I want to do what good I can before the Lord calls me home, doing what I can to give hope and share the gospel with others.

If we don’t experience a countrywide revival, then I’m afraid the United States is doomed. With America and Israel on the brink of war with other nations, we must look to God for hope, strength and endurance through His word – the Bible. We should also be drawing closer to God and learning more and more about Him from the regular reading of Holy Scripture.


I finished reading “Fire and Fury” by Michael Wolff. This is a fascinating book about Trump and his administration. If you happen to read it, just remember that God is the one who decides who will be a country’s leader, either for their chastisement or for their good (Dan 2:21).

This man was chosen by God for his lack of political correctness and lack of fear of reprisal. I for one believe that Trump was what was needed in this country for Christianity to flourish and for Israel to stand firm. Hopefully many in our country will repent and we have a final revival during the window of opportunity Trump’s leadership affords us.


Evangelist Jim Towers

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