Jewish Day School Celebrates Transgenderism :: By Geri Ungurean

A reader of my articles sent a piece from the Times of Israel to me.  She was very upset and even said that she believed that these are not “real” Jews.  Unfortunately, they are not only real Jews, but the liberal Jews represents the majority of my people.

The Jewish people, as a whole, are very liberal minded.  I loved my mother very much – she died in 1999.  But I must be truthful with the reader about my mother’s ultra-liberalism.

After I was born-again in 1983, my mother told me that she was less upset about me believing in Jesus than she was at my becoming a Conservative thinker.  These were her words:  “I can’t believe that I gave birth to a Conservative!”

She was pro-abortion, pro-gay rights; pro “anything” that the Lord would consider as sin.  She even defended Bill Clinton after his disgusting relationship with Lewinsky was made public.  She told me that powerful men need more sex.  I responded to her that powerful “married” men have wives for that.

Most Jews are Secular or “Reformed”  

My father was raised in an Orthodox Jewish home in Boston, MA.  My mother was raised in a secular Jewish home in Philadelphia.  They met in D.C. at a Jewish Community Center during WWII.  My dad adored my mom and he gave up his Orthodox traditions and beliefs for her.  Isn’t it interesting that the Lord put a hunger in my father to really know Him, but not my mother?

After my parents retired to Florida, I began to witness to my dad in letters.  He wrote beautiful letters back to me.  He would talk about the Ten Commandments, and how proud it made him that I cared about God.  He began to watch Billy Graham Crusades on TV whenever they were on.  It made my mother a little crazy!

My parents moved back to MD after my dad’s health began to fail.  The Lord allowed me the privilege of leading my father to Him on the night of his death in 1997.


Breaking down stereotypes, Jewish day school to host drag queen Shabbat ceremony

“Massachusetts’ Lander Grinspoon Academy will hold ‘Sparkle Havdalah’ event in recognition of ‘all sorts of family structures in our community.’”

The Saturday evening event at a Jewish day school in western Massachusetts will in many ways look like a typical havdalah ceremony.  There will be a musical interlude marking the end of Shabbat with a traditional braided candle, grape juice and spice bags.

But the event at the Lander Grinspoon Academy in Northampton will also feature storytelling by a less typical guest: a drag queen.

The school, together with local Jewish organizations, is hosting a Jewish version of Drag Queen Story Hour, a national program in which drag entertainers read stories to children.  The goal of the program, launched in San Francisco in 2015, is to give kids “glamorous, positive, and unabashedly queer role models.”

A local drag queen, Jenayah De Rosario, will be reading “Sparkle Boy,” a book by Jewish children’s author Leslea Newman, about a young boy who likes to wear glittery clothing. Newman will be on hand to read two of her books: “Here Is the World: A Year of Jewish Holidays,” and “Heather Has Two Mommies,” which when published in 1989 drew praise and controversy for portraying a family with same-sex parents.

The event will also feature plenty of glitter, including workshops to make sparkly spice bags and crowns, a photo booth with costumes, and face painting.

Amy Meltzer, the school’s director of family engagement, came up with the idea for Sparkle Havdalah: A Drag Queen Story Hour after a local library hosted a drag queen story hour organized by Newman.  Meltzer, who serves in the same role for event co-sponsor Congregation B’nai Israel of Northampton, said hosting the havdalah event aligned with the values of the local Jewish community.

Liberal Jews
“We live in a community that is progressive, has many LGBTQ families and really celebrates people being themselves and not being stuck with really rigid ideas of what gender needs to look like, so it felt like a really natural fit for our community,” Meltzer told JTA.

Lander Grinspoon Academy is a non-denominational day school that welcomes children “from all Jewish traditions and backgrounds.”

The area, which includes Smith College, Mount Holyoke College and the Amherst campus of the University of Massachusetts, has a national reputation for being LGBTQ-friendly.  The event is co-sponsored by a range of Jewish institutions in the area, including the school and Congregation B’nai Israel of Northampton along with Gan Keshet Preschool, Abundance Farm, PJ Library of Western Massachusetts and the Upper Pioneer Valley, and the Beit Ahavah synagogue.  The Harold Grinspoon Foundation, which runs PJ Library and is headquartered in nearby Agawam, is providing funding.

In 2014, PJ library, a non-profit organization that sends free Jewish children’s’ books and CDs to families, for the first time included a book featuring LGBTQ characters: “The Purim Superhero.” However, it chose to make the book about a young boy with two fathers available by request only, rather than sending it out to all who subscribe to the service.  PJ Library drew both praise and criticism from the LGBTQ community and allies — praise for including the book, criticism for treating it differently than other books.

Newman said she sees the Lander event as a step forward.

“As far as I know, besides “Purim Superhero,” there hasn’t been a [PJ Library] book that touches on issues of LGBTQ families,” she said.  “I would like to think that they at some point might consider heading in that direction.  I know they have a very broad constituency, and it’s hard to please everybody, so I am absolutely thrilled that they are sponsoring this event.”

“The local PJ Library service welcomes a diverse group of families, including interfaith, interracial and LGBTQ families,” said Rachel Hirsch Schneider, the coordinator for the PJ Library of Western Massachusetts and the Upper Pioneer Valley.  The branch operates under the umbrella of the Jewish Federation of Western Massachusetts.

“We have all sorts of family structures in our community, and we embrace that fully,” Hirsch Schneider told JTA, adding that she hoped to plan future events for LGBTQ families.

Meltzer wants to attract families who might not otherwise attend a Jewish event.  She is expecting a large turnout and has bought craft materials for 100 children.

“People have certain stereotypes that a Jewish community might have a narrower approach to understanding gender, so it’s a message that we’re a welcoming community and an inclusive community,” Meltzer said.

She noted that the event might not be a hit everywhere.

“We know this is a good fit for our community,” she said. “I have no suggestion that every community ought to have a drag queen havdalah.” source

Brethren, most of the readers of this article are also readers of God’s Word.  I am sure that you remember that the Jewish people throughout the Word of God were called “stiff necked,” and so they were and are.  During the coming Time of Jacob’s Trouble, God will deal with His Chosen people who are unrepentant.  Did you know that Tel Aviv is known as the “Gay Capital of the World?”

But don’t forget that there are more believing Jews in Israel today – more than ever before in history!  About 10% of Jews in Israel are Orthodox, and most of them live in Jerusalem.  Jewish people in America are predominantly secular and do not even care for Israel.  Some of them are pro-Palestinian!  I believe that this, along with the falling away of much of the church in America, will bring about the demise of our once great country.

Another Holocaust 

Unbelieving Jews do not know that a Holocaust is coming that is more horrific than the one they remember from Nazi Germany.  After Antichrist sits in the Temple and declares that he is God – the eyes of the Jewish people will be opened.  Antichrist will slaughter 2/3 of Israel.  1/3 will flee to the hills.

I pray that this article falls into the hands of many unbelieving Jews.  And I pray that the Lord will use this to draw many of His people to Him – and their eyes will be opened before the Rapture.

And I do believe that we are so very close to the Rapture.  Those left behind will experience the most horrific time this earth will ever know:

“For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be” (Matthew 24:21).


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