Deception 2017 :: By Jim Towers

“But evil men and imposters will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived” (2 Timothy 3:13).

Today there is deception and false news everywhere you look. It seems the Devil is out to destroy lives and nations through deception, fake news, subversion and apostasy in the church. If you call yourself a Christian and can’t see the deception surrounding you then you probably don’t read your Bible, and if you do—you haven’t received Christ and acquired the Holy Spirit who opens the eyes of those who are believers in Christ.

The way things are going even those who are spiritually blind are able to see that something isn’t quite right these days; what with corruption in high places, (governments and the Church) earthquakes, famine, pestilences, incurable diseases and apostasy. Satan has his minions out there in the world to confuse and propagate false doctrines and/or plain old fashioned falsehoods. That’s why we shouldn’t lean on our own understanding or those of heretical men who don’t know or understand Scripture, leading others into perilous folly.

The following is a case in point.

I recently met with a man who has written several books and is hoping to get the last one made into a movie. I was introduced to him by a friend whom I had led to Christ last winter. Because the writer told him he was a Doctor of Divinity my friend thought I should meet him.

Not knowing the man’s last name I couldn’t do a background check on him so I didn’t know what to expect. In spite of that, I arranged to meet with this stranger in a local restaurant. At first I had my doubts since I’ve encountered phonies in the past.  But then I thought, perhaps God had set up this impromptu meeting as a, divine appointment so I decided to investigate.

What’s the worst that could happen? I might even get to share the gospel with this stranger and who knows where that might lead. Funny, as I refer to him as a stranger in this article, I found him to be very strange indeed. From the moment I laid eyes on the man I knew what kind of writer he was and also the validity of referring to himself as a so-called doctor of divinity.

After introductions he gave me a copy of his latest 129 page book—the one he wants made into a movie.  The name of the book is Atlantis, the Last Testament. On the cover was a rendering of wizard with a peeked, conical hat, your typical white hair, beard and ponytail.

A pod of Porpoises leaping out of the water were depicted along the bottom. On the left of the cover was a naked woman with long flowing hair pirouetting toward the top of the cover page holding a gem stone in her right hand upward toward heaven. On the left side of the man’s head was depiction of the earth with a book floating above it emblazoned with a strange symbol. The symbol looked like some sort of maze. The book, I surmised was the Last Testament.

After showing him my movie scrapbook and giving him the first ten pages of my manuscript and first five pages of my screenplay I let him talk. Afterward, I told him that I was a born-again Christian, who believed the Bible, and had been studying it for over forty years and leading others to Christ – any and everywhere.

I also shared my abbreviated testimony with him, during which he never mentioned the Doctor of Divinity part of his life, I saw his countenance fall and he clammed up completely. He knew he was fighting a losing battle with me in trying to impress.

Our little meeting ended and we each went our own way. I left hopeful that in reading the introduction to my evangelical book manuscript or in taking heed to my rebukes he would repent of his foolish ways or at least begin to seek God’s face.

Listen to what he says in the Foreword of his little booklet Atlantis the last Testament.

An eminent scholar has said of “The Last Testament” that this is a truly inspirational work that could only been done by a Master. This work no doubt will help to bring understanding and realism to the current Bible.”

And blah, blah blah…I wonder how much he paid for the commentaries…

Next, the Foreword says, and I quote, “Scholars and laymen alike have found the Bible’s contents to be unfounded and ineffectual to be remedied by fallible minds…” (What this man is saying is that he is the only one able to understand these things.) Sounds like Joseph Smith or Charles Taze Russell, or a Howard Rodney Brown to me. This deceived writer further postulates that, “The attitudes and released emotions of the Atlantician people caused the deluge…” Whew!

“They profess to know God, but in works they deny Him, being abdominal, disobedient, and disqualified for every good work” (Titus 1:6).

By the way, my most recent article, “Islam and Other Crazy Cults” brought a  great deal of response from the readers. All but one was positive and at least two others were from former Mormons who thanked me for exposing this cult. As a matter of fact one was the daughter of an elder who sent me an unbelievable video exposing them for what they are. This woman found the information about my article on Face book where I always post and where my latest articles can be found.

I sent the information to my dear friend and Christian brother Scott F. who’s a Messianic Jew and he in turn sent a video back to me and various others concerning the Mormon cult.

This revealing video Temple of the God Makers can be seen on the Internet. There is deception everywhere you look and it’s imperative that as Christians study the holy Scriptures earnestly to show ourselves approved.


Jim Towers

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