What Will You Do With Jesus? :: By Grant Phillips

I’ve been wrong about many things in the past, and concerning many different issues. Guess what? Even though I’m getting “older and wiser,” I’m still not always right about everything.

This isn’t a confession. It is a fact of life for all of us. Now I realize some folks would hesitate or even deny this to be true, but true it is.

Not every wrong decision will have harsh consequences, but some are downright life changing. Allow me to provide some examples.

DECISION: I’m a teenager and make the wrong choice about who to date this week.
CONSEQUENCE: Not a problem. I move on to someone else next time.

DECISION: I’m a college student, taking my final exam. One wrong answer on the test question has produced a “D” instead of a “C.”
CONSEQUENCE: If my previous grades are good, it isn’t a problem. However, if they are not, I may be repeating a course, costing extra money and time.

DECISION: I marry the wrong person.
CONSEQUENCE: Miserable marriage.

DECISION: I live in a small apartment, but want a dog, a small dog, like a Chihuahua. I like the Mastiff better, so I buy it.
CONSEQUENCE: I may need a backhoe instead of a pooper scooper.

DECISION: I decide to drive my car through the flooded street because I’m in a hurry.

DECISION: I choose to die without Christ.
CONSEQUENCE: An eternity in hell.

I’m sure I fooled no one. You knew exactly where I was headed with this. The thing is it’s the truth. Jesus says the Truth will set us free, and He is the Truth. Every human being has to make a decision about Jesus Christ and the wrong decision has eternal consequences.

We make many decisions during our lives. Even in just one day’s time, we make numerous decisions. While most of them are inconsequential, some can have tragic outcomes. The most tragic of all though is that one decision that affects our eternal destiny, if we make the wrong choice.

There are those in this world who are die-hard atheists who say they do not believe in God, and are even almost militant about it. They don’t believe in Him, but yet they never miss an opportunity to fight against Him. I could never understand that. If they don’t believe in God, why should they care what someone says in support of their belief in God? Their logic makes no sense.

Other folks just don’t think much about God. They’re going to live forever, and they don’t have time to deal with that issue. They remind me of the man in Luke 12:16-21.

Is the atheist correct that there is no God? The agnostic isn’t sure. Are they correct who think that God will let them in Heaven anyway, because their good deeds outweigh the bad? Is there life after death? Do we just die and no longer exist? Do all go to Heaven when death comes calling?

Remember, if we get the wrong answer about God and eternity, we aren’t just wrong, we’re dead wrong, forever.

God is real and sent His Son Jesus to die for the sins of the world. Jesus died and rose again. All our sins have been paid, but they are not credited to our account until we call upon Him to save us. Simply believe in Jesus that He died for you, paying for all your sins, and ask Him to save you. John 3:14-21

Maybe there is another way. Maybe I’ll be good enough. Maybe I’ll ride into Heaven on the coattails of my dear old saintly mother. Jesus made it clear that He is the only way. No one, I repeat, no one will enter Heaven without putting their trust in Jesus Christ. John 14:6

But surely God would never send anyone to hell. I just can’t believe that God would do such a thing. Luke 12:5

We are free to have any opinion about God we like. God is gracious. He has provided that freedom for us. He will not force Himself upon us. For us to make an intelligent decision, He has clearly provided all the information we need to make the right decision. He’s left nothing out. He has told us of the glory of Heaven and the damnation of hell. God is a gentleman, so the decision is ours. He has done all the work. Now all we have to do is one thing; believe in His Son and be saved or not believe and remain lost. To be saved is to receive eternal life and be adopted into the family of God. To be lost is to be separated from God forever and suffer with Satan in hell for eternity.

There is an old hymn called “What Will You Do With Jesus.” The chorus asks;

What will you do with Jesus?
Neutral you cannot be;
Someday your heart will be asking,
“What will He do with me?”

This is the only question we will ever face in our lives that has eternal consequences if we respond negatively. To not place our faith in Jesus to be saved is equivalent to denying Him outright. There is no neutral ground. We are either with Him or we are against Him. There is nothing in between. How will you respond?

At the end of the ages God the Son, Jesus Christ, will judge all who have not accepted His free gift of salvation. They will meet Him at the White Throne judgment. Standing before Him will be the rich and the poor, good (humanly speaking) and bad, religious folks, atheists, agnostics, all races, successful people (humanly speaking), losers, rulers, slaves, etc. All will be judged and then thrown into the lake of fire that has been reserved for the Devil and his angels. All will have been dead wrong about Jesus Christ.

Jesus asked His disciples, “But what about you?” … “Who do you say I am?” Peter answered, “You are the Messiah.” Mark 8:29

Peter answered correctly and followed our Lord the rest of his life, all the way to his own cross. What is your answer and what will you do with Jesus? Will you be standing by Jesus’ side as one of His own, or will you be standing before Him awaiting your fate in hell (the lake of fire)?

rant Phillips

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