Going All Out :: by Jim Torres “Towers”

Truly believing that we are living in the end times, I’m pulling out all the stops in proclaiming the gospel even if it means rejection by nominal Christians and/or the government. We, in the family of God seem to be so at peace with the world that we don’t give a second thought about the rest of humanity. Fear of Man makes us apprehensive about approaching others; something we should be doing out of love and concern since spiritual knowledge is the very thing they are looking for.

We Christians breathed a sigh of relief when Trump won the presidential election. But even though Trump won the election it doesn’t mean we Christians are in control. God has a way of fixing world events that are forever confounding the so-called experts and even theologians. I learned a long time ago not to put my trust in Man, even if he stands in the Oval Office or behind a pulpit. We’ve all seen many “pulpeteers” fall, since they are only human like you and me. We need only to trust and to know the Holy Scriptures to know what’s going on and why.

The Holy Scriptures are proving to be more reliable and true each day. The Holy Spirit is the Revealer of truth and will shed light on the Scriptures as we draw closer to God. This isn’t done through osmosis but through the diligent reading of  the Word. He also keeps us afloat even as we stumble along.

We are safe in His hands. Furthermore He is the one who gives us the love and power to reach out to others without fear or shame. We though, are asked to study (the Bible, of course) to show ourselves approved, a workman that need not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of God.

I am convinced that God is going to bring in as many into the kingdom of God as possible before time runs out and they are left behind. So don’t be afraid to share your faith with others. Many people are searching but in all the wrong places. You will be surprised at the response when you show concern for these lost souls.

Today I joined a startup group on Face book that claim to have a concern for our county, and so far they seem to be on the up and up. They have 1500 members and have posted my first offering with good fanfare.  I intend to introduce them to the two websites to which I contribute. (We’ll see how it goes.)

I wish other concerned Christians would follow my lead in reaching others for Christ. You don’t have to be sanctioned—only sanctified, and know your Bible well. This can begin in any numbers of ways; visiting a sick neighbor, praying for someone face to face or over the phone. Of course, we can get help from Him if we know the Word of God well enough to communicate it. Just open your mouth and the right words will come tumbling out with the help of the Holy Spirit, who usually works through love and concern for others. The Bible says, “Those who win souls are wise.”

Try it.

Below are just a couple of examples of my outreach.

I took my car to the dealership to have the tires rotated, and while the work was being done I engaged two people in conversation. One was an older man and the other was a woman whose husband had just passed away. Right away I let them know what I was all about without any false piety. The response was exactly what I had anticipated.

The man left to do something and the woman opened right up, becoming teary eyed.  She exclaimed that she didn’t know what the world was coming to and was afraid—very afraid. I encouraged her and invited her to my church, emphasizing that she should read the Bible. She was a Catholic who hadn’t ever read the Word of God. Our conversation was cut short by a man telling me my car was ready.

Later, I went to the fishing pier to see the sunset because I just missed doing so. Hundreds of people come each evening from all over the world to see the sunset.. Upon leaving I stopped to talk to an elderly black man who had gone to Catholic seminary but for some reason became discouraged and dropped out

I asked him where he went to church and he replied, “I quit going years ago and today I’m searching for Truth.” I knew then and there my reason for being at the right place at the right time. I told him what Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the life; no man comes to the father but by me.”  The man immediately came alive as if a bulb had been lit in his head.

We talked a bit more and then I asked if he’d like for me to pray for him to get to know the Truth from Scripture. He answered, “Would you please?” I prayed like this with one hand on his shoulder: “Heavenly Father, reveal to this man the Truth as written in the Holy Scriptures. May he find Jesus and grow in assurance that Jesus is the truth he seeks.” It was short and sweet. The man thanked me profusely and we parted ways.

Just so you know, I’ve been used of God to bring two sisters and a brother to faith in Christ. My youngest sister even came down from Michigan to have me baptize her in the ocean a few years ago. My latest exploit was to bring my nephew into faith in Christ over the phone and I’ve continued to disciple him over the phone as well, often with text messages.

The signs of the end aren’t becoming any less. In fact, there are more earthquakes than ever before, more lawlessness, more wars and rumors of war and signs and wonders. People everywhere and in all parts of the world are searching for truth, peace and hope and the  salvation that only Jesus offers. As followers of Christ must pull out all the stops to make Jesus known, and the Christmas season is a good place to start.  Remember that Jesus is the reason for our Christmas season.

On another note, the Christian movie Believe opened over the weekend. In a small town going through tough economic times, business owner Matthew Payton (Ryan O’ Quinn ) struggles between his desire for financial success and his responsibility of funding the annual Christmas pageant. Desperate business decisions ruin his popularity and angry employees seek their revenge….


Jim Towers

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