Altering “One Nation Under God” :: by Greg May

The other day I was feeling a little down after reading how some people think the Rapture has been postponed due to the surprising turn of events regarding the presidential election.  Our new president is certainly not a globalist and has promised to defend the Christian faith as well as Israel.

I recently gave an elderly neighbor a ride; now you always receive a blessing when you help someone—but in this case I received a special blessing. As we were passing beneath the overpass of the interstate we could hear the monotonous noise of a pile driver as it was pounding a huge I-beam into the ground.  It reminded me of how Jesus compared the time of His return with the days of Noah and Lot:

“They ate. They drank. They built. They planted.”

Suddenly, my passenger said, “You can’t go anywhere in this town without seeing those huge beams being planted into the ground!” He used the word “planted.” I never considered that the word “planted’ could be used that way, and that describes exactly the building and construction that is going on all over the United States — and the world, for that matter.  Just because economists tell us we are in a “recession” doesn’t stop the building and planting in our society.

Several months ago a gunman walked into a gay bar in Orlando opening fire which killed fifty patrons.  Now, the city of Orlando is making a shrine out of the building to commemorate the tragic event.  This past summer, President Obama declared the Stonewall Inn in New York City to be a national monument to commemorate when the patrons of that gay bar fought back when it was raided by the police in 1969.

It would now be enshrined in America’s national memory to be something Americans were to celebrate.  Making this a national monument is to alter America’s national memory. It converts the history of the gay agenda into the hallowed history and sacred memory of the nation as a whole, which also alters a nation’s identity and future.

In the words of Jonathan Cahn, it is no accident that in the same day that America enshrined immorality as a national monument, it is striking down the monuments of morality and righteousness: monuments to the Ten Commandments, to Jesus, to God, to the cross are being removed, struck down and torn down all across the land.

Since a monument is a memory, to remove Christian or godly monuments is to seek to eradicate the memory of God and Christianity from the nation’s consciousness.  When you alter that memory, and you alter the nation’s identity—no longer Christian—you alter its future and that future becomes godless.

When Jeroboam sought to change Israel’s identity from a godly nation to a pagan one that worshipped idols, he built two golden calves and told the nation:

“Behold your gods O Israel, that brought you up from the land of Egypt.”

Jeroboam had rewritten history.  He altered Israel’s memory and did it through the monument of a golden calf.  If one can alter a nation’s memory, one will alter that nation’s identity and future.

In these times it is crucial that we, as God’s people, all the more obey the command to remember  to remember His Word, His ways, His commands, His order, His Truth and His power and love. We should be in His Word all the more, letting it change our identity and our future as we are “One nation under God.”