Book Review :: The Morality of Evolution – by Dr. Roland Schutz

Book Review by Terry James

morality-evolutionThe theory of evolution could be defined as the most destructive deception foisted on humanity by the father of lies. Satan uses evolution to look directly  into our eyes—as Lucifer did in Eden— and say with a raised, snakely eyebrow, “…Yea, hath God said?…”

The Morality of Evolution: How the Theory of Evolution changed our understanding of Right and Wrong presents one of the most powerful, yet brief and easy to comprehend studies on how this deception has broughtAmerica and the world to the present level of confusion. It gives spiritually-attuned prognosis for where things are headed in a near-future time-frame. Yet this volume of spare, concise words indicates succinctly that the God of Heaven remains in complete control despite the current chaos and advanced stage of societal and cultural decay.

Most all of us are confronted with unusually taxing challenges at one time or the other within our lifetimes. Perhaps no other of life’s chosen endeavors present such challenges as does that of those who are genuine, Holy Spirit-called, Christian pastors.

Their battles involve, most frequently, elements fraught not just with physical problems to be resolved, but even more so with spiritual matters of the soul-wrenching sort. Such was a confrontation that had to be met by the pastor whose book is the subject of this review.

The Lord of Heaven uses such steel-on-steel moments to produce spiritual works for His kingdom. This book is one such work that resulted from Dr. Roland Schutz’s meeting with a young man doing something the author says “… that was not legally wrong but was morally questionable.”

That evolution has thoroughly saturated, thus corrupted, America’s educational atmosphere cannot be denied. The meeting the author had with his visitor to his office illustrates this fact beyond all doubt.

Dr. Schutz describes his young visitor’s unmistakable victimization by the evil of evolution.

The author says, “His response to my objections [to the young man’s wrong-doing] was something like this:

“’Many of the teachings of the church regarding morality are out of date. Consider the rapid change in science and technology over the past 200 years, and how much more we know. The old standards of the church have not kept up with the times. Not only have we evolved scientifically, we have evolved to the point where we don’t need the outdated rules and traditions of the past. Our old understanding of God and what he wants us to do is out of date.'”

The author, like so many Christian counselors in this evolution-polluted culture, has heard this argument in one form or the other over recent years. “Yea, hath God said?” is a question symptomatic of the young having been bitten by the old serpent and injected with the venom of unbelief that condemns the soul to eternity apart from God.

In writing The Morality of Evolution: How the Theory of Evolution changed our understanding of Right and Wrong, Roland Schutz has determined to confront the lie of evolution head-on. This diminutive in size yet dynamic treatment of this abject evil doctrine of the devil that is bent on deconstructing any and all vestiges of godly morality within our nation’s family life and beyond is, in my view, an essential tool in combating our most dangerous enemy.

The author offers clear and personally applicable instructions from God’s word—the Bible—on how to take on the fiery darts of the principalities and powers against whom we struggle. Always, Jesus Christ is at the center of his most profound thinking on these critical matters.

Our children and grandchildren are at great risk. This is a book that will quickly and thoroughly bring you up to date on the challenges we face and provide God’s answers so needed as we face the days, months and years just ahead. I wholeheartedly recommend you read it and absorb the godly wisdom, thus the protective advice it contains.