Hezbollah :: by Daymond Duck

Hezbollah means “army of Allah.” It refers to a group of Shiite Muslim terrorists with close ties to Syria and Iran.

This group has cells in many nations, but its main operation is inLebanon.

It dominates the Lebanese government with Syria’s help and permission. It even controls Lebanon’s border with Israel.

This “army of Allah” has trafficked in drugs, hijacked a plane (TWA flight 847), blown up American troops (241 marines inBeirut, Lebanon), assassinated multitudes and fought with Russia,Syria and Iran in Syria’s civil war.

It has an extreme Satanic hatred for Israel and some of those who believe in a Psa. 83 “war” think it will suffer an overwhelming defeat all over Lebanon (Gebal in the northern parts of Lebanon; Tyre in the southern parts of Lebanon; Psa. 83:7).

In 2006, Hezbollah placed thousands of rockets and missiles near houses, apartments, schools, hospitals, UN buildings and more. They chose these places and aimed their rockets and missiles atIsrael because they knew that innocent civilians would be killed when Israel fired back.

Hezbollah troops didn’t wear uniforms so they couldn’t be distinguished from ordinary citizens. They dug tunnels and bunkers under houses to hide existence. They hung clothes on clotheslines and put animals in the yard to make their fortresses look like civilian houses.

They used these tactics because almost nothing stirs the pretend anger of world leaders more than an Israeli bomb killing an Islamic child and they wanted to use the death of civilians against Israel.

In 2006, Israel was getting the upper hand in its war with Hezbollah and, as was expected, world leaders wanted to stop the war. The UN Security Council met and passed a resolution (Resolution 1701) to end the war and to stop the transfer of weapons to Hezbollah.

One would think that if the UN Security Council met and passed a resolution to stop the transfer of weapons to Hezbollah they would stop those transfers. But Iran and Syria have continued to arm and finance Hezbollah without one peep from the UN Security Council.

In 2015, the U.S., a member of the UN Security Council that adopted Resolution 1701, agreed to a nuclear deal with Iran that freed up 100-150 billion dollars in Iranian cash knowing that part of that money would be spent to help finance and arm Hezbollah. Sec. of State John Kerry even admitted that some of that money would probably go to Hezbollah.

It has also been reported that Israel believes that Russia, another member of the UN Security Council that adopted Resolution 1701, is sending more weapons to Syria than Mr. Assad needs to fight his civil war. Israel believes the extra Russian weapons (including anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles) are being transferred to Hezbollah.

Perhaps this is why the UN Security Council has done nothing to enforce Resolution 1701. At least two of the five permanent members are violating it.

Hezbollah is boasting that it has 120,000 rockets and missiles that it can fire at Israel. It is boasting that its rockets and missiles can hitIsrael’s ammonia plants at Haifa and kill as many as 800,000 people.

Israel knows full well that Hezbollah has these rockets and missiles scattered all over Lebanon, they are cleverly disguised in civilian areas and they can do a lot of damage to Israel.

Israel can’t afford to destroy 120,000 rockets and missiles one at a time. And Israel can’t afford to let Hezbollah fire hundreds of rockets and missiles into Israel each day.

So Israel has warned Hezbollah and Lebanon not to fire on Israel or the IDF will launch an overwhelming response all over Lebanon. It will be a deadly, ferocious and terrible response for Hezbollah and the civilians of Lebanon.

This could be the kind of attack that would take out Gebal in the north and Tyre in the south . And considering the close ties between Hezbollah and Syria it could spill over into Damascus (Isa. 17:1-2) and  lead to great destruction in northern Israel (Isa. 17:3-4).

Keep watching because this war may be shaping up now.

Prophecy Plus Ministries
Daymond & Rachel Duck