Prelude to the Rapture Series

  1. The Highways and Byways
  2. A Pastor’s Burden
  3. TJ, Why Didn’t You Listen?
  4. Father and Son (Made Ready)
  5. A Daughter’s Urgent Plea
  6. Religiously Blind
  7. A Brother’s Rejection
  8. Carl’s Welcome Shelter
  9. TC’s Warning
  10. TC’s Letter
  11. Priscilla’s Tears
  12. Shock and Awe
  13. About Our Father’s Business

tim-cameronThe Rapture Series

Tim Cameron was born in 1967 in the “Ozarks” of Missouri. At age 9 he gave his life to Jesus Christ and was later baptized at the age of 12. However during his teen years, the allure of sports, girls and the party life led to Tim to a prodigal’s pit of great pain and despair. In 1989 Tim came to his senses and came back “home.” Not long after, he pursued biblical studies while teaching golf to the rich and famous as his day job. Having attended four different Bible schools, Tim struggled to find his place in answering God’s call upon his life. All along the way and at each juncture, he was led to study eschatology. In 2007, Tim began to write articles and short stories as a means of sharing the burden laid upon his heart, hoping to stir repentance, intercession and outreach. Tim is a devoted husband and father who has aligned his family to God’s truths and as a family are committed to the Lord and His call upon their lives.