TJ, Why Didn’t You Listen?

By Tim Cameron

preludeTJ sat in his parents’ living room taking the tongue lashing he deserved but had no time to hear. He could feel his cell phone buzzing in his pocket. It’s Saturday night, and the plans are hot!

“TJ, I don’t know what else we can do or say. We’ve tried hard to be good parents, to teach you God’s ways and be there for you. Lord knows we’ve prayed.”

TJ rolled his eyes, invoking his father’s anger, “TJ, your mom deserves better. You’re sitting here in our house, asking for us to bail you out again. You can take our money but you won’t take our advice?”

“Honey, you know we love you,” his mom cried. “And we’ve only wanted God’s best for you.”  TJ again hints at disgust.

“This is the last time,” T.J.’s father said in no uncertain terms. After tonight, there is no more bailing you out. You’re on your own.”

Barely hearing those words of warning, the only thoughts resonating in TJ’s mind were, “Who cares. It’s party time.”

TJ’s dad walked over to him and handed him some money. He hastily grabbed the cash and stood up without any hint of thanks and made his way to the door.

“TJ, please can we pray before you go?” his mother pleaded.

“Mom, I’m sorry, but I’m in a huge hurry. Next time, okay? I promise, next time.”

“TJ, what if there is no “next time?” His mom’s words fell on deaf ears.

Running out to get into his car, taking his phone out of his pocket, TJ hurries to text his buddies: “Dude’s, the party is on! Be there in fifteen.”

Arriving at the “club,” he strolls in through the door past a long line of people. Acting all cool, and being a close buddy to the guy working the line, TJ breezes through. Now playing the “big man” tipping the guy for all to see, he thinks he’s gaining the whole world, yet he is dangerously close to losing his soul. Once inside he shouts, “Flu Shot” to the bartender, his favorite drink (Yager and Red Bull), just to start things off. Tossing it down, he lets out a loud euphoric scream.

His eyes catch his buddies racing toward him. The music is blaring and scantily clad women are dancing. TJ thinks to himself, “This is the life!”

Corona after Corona, dance after dance he continues to buzz. It’s only 11:00 p.m. when   suddenly the music goes quiet. The TV monitors all over the club are tuned into a National Emergency Alert. News anchors on every channel are reporting shocking news:

“Suddenly, without warning millions of people all around the world have disappeared!”

The atmosphere in the club immediately turns somber. The partying stops. Wails and screams are the only sounds that can be heard. TJ’s heart races and his throat swells-up, overtaken with fear. Taking his cell and scrolling to “home,” he hits the “send” button. The phone rings. No one answers. Extreme panic takes over his entire being. “NO GOD. NO. PLEASE.” He calls his mom’s cell. NO ANSWER. He quickly dials his dad’s cell. NO ANSWER.

TJ knew the truth. He’d heard it all his life. He heard the sermons but refused to believe them. He heard his parent’s warnings and pleas, but simply tuned them out. He was too arrogant and pre-occupied with pleasing his own selfish lusts and had hardened his heart. He had neglected such a great salvation and now Jesus had called His church home, and TJ was not ready.

He would now be faced with living through the horrors of the seven-year Tribulation, the most horrific time that planet Earth will ever face; a time so terrible that unless God shortens the days no flesh will survive. TJ’s life was now a nightmare turned reality, all because he was too full of HIMSELF and NOT READY. (Be sure you are ready.)

This is the third in my series of short stories, Preludes to the Rapture collection. Please feel free to download the stories as formatted and use them as witnessing material.

Tim Cameron