Father and Son (Made Ready)

By Tim Cameron

preludeStuck in rush hour traffic, bumper to bumper, CJ turns up the volume of his stereo… “I can only imagine…when that day comes.” Beginning to sing along, his mind wanders ahead of the traffic to where he wants to be home with his six-year-old son, Jordan. He and Jordan have a special bond as they have both been through so much together. It’s been just over a year since that fateful night where they both sat at the dinner table to hear words from a woman they both had held dear.

“I just want to be alone, can’t you understand?” she had pleaded. I JUST WANT TO BE ALONE!”

Little Jordan’s bottom lip had quivered so anxiously when he heard the word:

“DIVORCE. ”He knew that word was something bad and he was just old enough to understand that it was worthy of tears.

“Mommy and daddy…I don’t ever want to be divorced,” he had begged. CJ too, was devastated…NEVER EVER in all his life had he had any intention of going through such a trial…let alone bring it upon his child whom he loved so dearly. In fact he had resolved, “It will NEVER happen to me.” But now a year later sitting in traffic…his stereo blares:

“Will I stand before you Jesus or in awe of you be still…will I dance in your presence or to my knees will I fall? I can only imagine.”

The song continued, tears pouring as CJ reflects. The prior Christmas had been really rough on him and his son as they had left for the weekend only to return to an abandoned home; a home so full of memories for such a young boy, the only home he knew. But this year there was no Christmas tree, no festivities and everything was completely moved out.

“Daddy, why didn’t Jesus answer my wish?”

“What wish was that son?”

“That mommy wouldn’t want a divorce. What did we do wrong, Daddy? What did we do wrong?”

Stuck on the interstate, CJ was so engrossed in the song, he continued to reflect…Three months after the divorce, he and his son had relocated a few hours south to a place of refuge to start a new life in a small duplex…a very boring life to some…but a very solid routine for Jordan and his dad.

Each night CJ would come home and play catch with his son, talking about life and Jesus, the hope to come, and how important it is to “love Jesus” andknow that someday, despite every ounce of heartache experienced that there would be a day that they could only imagine: When they would stand before Jesus and be able to live together forever and ever, and that it was so important for Jordan to know that Jesus and Daddy love him so very much. CJ could hardly wait to get home and toss the football around…

After what seemed like a very long time, finally, the cars slowed down by traffic began to move and pick-up speed. Pacing fast along the interstate CJ arrived at his destination, picking up his son from school then heading to the driveway by their duplex where the two spent their time playing catch (father and son bonding). You would have to have been there to appreciate how awesome a time it was.

Moments after the final toss, they both headed inside to share a meal and talk about whatever was on their minds. In the midst of their meal, little Jordan looked up at his dad and asked, “Daddy, it’s just you and me, huh?”

“Yes son, you and me—and Jesus.

“But Daddy, what if something happens to you? Tears again fell down CJ’s cheeks realizing the sensitive and insecure nature of his son’s question.

“Jordan …if anything ever happens to your daddy…you will always and I mean always, still have Jesus.”

“Yeah but Daddy, what would I need to do to be with you?” CJ’s heart began to race so fast that it seemed to rip right through his chest, pounding very intensely.

“Buddy listen, to this: If you have Jesus in your heart we will always, always, always be together. That I promise.”

In the background a song began to play, “Here I am to worship…here I am to bow down…Here I am to say that you’re my God.”
In that moment…CJ began to sense the depth of his son’s question. “Jordan…this is a special night …please listen to your daddy.”

CJ sat and told his son all about the cross and how very important Jesus’ death was and how three days later Jesus had risen from the grave, and because of that death and burial and resurrection that they both could have a sure hope that they too, would get to be together forever and ever.

Jordan spoke up, “Daddy, I want Jesus to forgive all my sins and to save me!”

And right there in that small little duplex, CJ led his son to the Lord. It was such an awesome night…indescribable…tears fell…joyful tears to say the least. CJ and Jordan had been through such heartache and had experienced such loss, but NOT this night. They were filled with such joy and peace. Little Jordan’s head comfortable on his pillow as his eyes grew heavy, he asked one last question…

“You proud of me, Daddy?”
It was 9:00 p.m. CST as CJ began to pull the covers over his son. Leaning over and kissing Jordan on the cheek he said, “I’m most proud of you, son.”

Then a loud shout came from on high: “COME UP HERE.”

They were ready.

This is the fourth in my series of short stories, Preludes to the Rapture collection. Please feel free to download the stories as formatted and use them as witnessing material.

Tim Cameron