In Case Of Rapture

red-signAfter the rapture transpires, end-time knowledge will instantly become a very important commodity. In the post-rapture world, everyone will be either a new believer or a potential convert to the Christian faith. Finding good resource material will be no small task. At any given moment, only a few thousand copies of any book, video, or tape is available for sale to the public. Many Christian websites offer a wide variety of material, but it’s hard to imagine how they could still function with most their staff raptured away.

Normally, a publisher requires several months to print just a few million copies of a book. It could take years to produce several million copies of that book. Because the size of the global population reaches into the billions, it will be impossible for book publishers to supply the needs of such a large group of people. Knowing that a great delusion will sweep over the world, it seems unlikely that authorities will idly stand by and allow for the mass distribution of prophetic materials.

The best way to disseminate large amounts of information to millions of people in a short period of time is through the internet. As I’m writing this page, 200 million Americans are regularly visiting the web. With enough bandwidth, you could reach an unlimited number of people.

Because there are only a handful of prophecy websites on the internet that offer good information, the bandwidth demand on these sites will be massive. The rapid advancement of technology is making it possible for one site to reach millions of viewers. When Rapture Ready first started, it had a monthly traffic limit of 500,000 bytes. The site currently has a capacity of 3,000 megabytes, which is a 6,000-fold increase.

The Rapture Ready domains will only be up for limited amount of time before they expire or collapse from high traffic demand. Because everything that happens during the tribulation will be of a life-and-death matter, it is very important that tribulation saints copy and share the key files found on this site. Listed below are three ways you can share the content of RR with other people:

Mirror the site:
Because of the high traffic demand that the rapture will place on RR, the site needs to be mirrored as many times as possible. Some programs automatically perform this task, but it is unlikely that most people have access to this type of program. Although it may be time consuming, a reliable way to mirror the site is to save the content from each page onto your hard drive and then transfer the material to a web host provider. In order for the public to easily find a working mirror site, it would be a good idea to serialize the files with a numbering system. It could go something like: (,, or…) If RR2 or RR3 were not accessible, people could travel up the chain until they found a functioning domain.

CD or DVD discs:
Compact discs can hold vast amounts of information without having to depend on the internet. The standard CD-rom stores up to 700 megabytes of data and a DVD disc holds as much as 8.5 gigabytes of data. Rapture Ready has more than 5,000 files that amount to 300 megabytes. Once created, these discs can be quickly duplicated and mailed to fellow believers. Because a working copy of RR can be quickly upload from a disc, this will be an important factor in the process of mirroring the site.

The main benefit of email is its capability of sending information to a select number of people. You can attach files to any email, but they can’t be very large. Most email accounts have restrictions against the transmission of large amounts of data. You can use email to point people to links that will allow them the option of downloading the information.

— Todd Strandberg