Body, Mind and Spirit, Which Is Which? – Part 3 :: by Don Twobears

The Bible, God’s Holy Word, defines sin as the single most destructive act in our lives and that God Almighty hates sin and will not tolerate sin in HIS presence. The precious blood of Jesus Christ, which HE shed on that Roman Cross at Calvary, is the only thing that can save us from eternal destruction in hell and the lake of fire.

The Bible is the only text that defines what sin is and where it comes from and how it destroys you and me. One of the things I find so surprising about the Bible is that it contains all of this information, from the beginning of mankind to today. Yet, the promises and prophecies within the Bible are still relevant and continue to take place as we look about today.

The Word of God displays everything around us, every day, showing us that God Almighty does indeed have control of all things, no matter what they are. We take the next breath of air, inhaling and then exhaling, always expecting the air to be there when we need it, to the point of taking this air for granted.

Until the day and minute comes when our body fails and the next breath of air does not come again, there is no end to the all the things that the Lord God Almighty gives us, that we take for granted to the point of misuse and abuse.

We want to believe we are the creators of all things, that we decide what is good for us and what is not, in essence that we are god. This my friends, is sin. It negates the existence of God Almighty. It is the greatest abomination we could ever commit, to God. It encompasses things like pride, lawlessness, and arrogance, willful acts directly pointed to Him.

Now the biggest problem we have is dealing with a spiritual entity…Satan. He is not some demonic individual running about in a red skin-tight suit, a diabolic sneer, a tail and a pitch fork. In the beginning He was called Lucifer and was one of the greatest of angels and yet He chose to raise his throne above that of God Almighty. For this, the greatest sin, God threw him out of heaven to be the prince of the air and thousands of angels followed him.

Satan and his followers are diametrically opposed to God Almighty and they are willing to destroy anything that God loves…like you and me. There is no end to their hatred of God and mankind because God created us in HIS image. Sin is our human downfall and Satan and his ilk love to use this to help us along in our own destruction according to our own sin.

Thus our lives come to the end point of whether we wish to follow Jesus Christ or Satan. That my friends is the continual battle between what is holy and what is not and thus, the reason Jesus Christ came to earth and died a horrible death…for you and me. Our Bible defines this as a division between Jesus Christ and Satan, and it is up to you and me to choose who we wish to follow in our lives. That defines for each of us where we will spend eternity; in heaven or hell.

Understanding this, the Word of God defines for us that a choice that must be made. Jesus Christ unto heaven or NO Jesus Christ unto hell and the lake of fire; there is NO other choice. God created you and me and everyone else to love and glorify HIM, to walk a daily life with HIM and eventually, a life in heaven. The opposing view is when we live for ourselves and deny the Lord God Almighty, thus we live a life relegated to hell and the lake of fire.

The real and every day problem for all humans is that we do not pay enough attention to the Word of God to know this. We think we know everything there is to know and yet the Holy Word of God, tells us we were given finite minds Thus we find a very simple case for “faith” in that we accept what God Almighty has chosen for us and our lives, whereby we don’t “need” to know everything.

It is then enough for you and me to accept the fact that GOD Almighty knows everything from the beginning to the end and that one day…HE will save us. But we must choose and not just hope for salvation. “Faith” is knowing things that are not seen, that “seeing” is a requirement of the physical and thus we return to what is physical and what is spiritual. Our ignorance of this and of God Almighty is our own downfall, that we are the ones that must choose to follow Jesus Christ, who is God, or not to follow HIM.

Each of us, somewhere within our lives will come to the proverbial “Y” in the road, where we face straight on to follow the Lord God or to deny HIM. Our simple choice will define where we will spend eternity. Thus, how odd is it, that the majority of the population of the world, will not read the Holy Word of God and thus miss the absolute Truth of our lives. The Bible tells us that there is a broad and wide highway to destruction and that far too many will walk it!

The only way to eternal salvation through Jesus Christ is the “narrow path” — the one that FEW will find. It is telling all of us that the destination for the majority of this world is destruction in hell and the lake of fire! This being absolute Truth, ought to be something that should concern everyone throughout the world. It never ceases to amaze me that so few are willing to read the Holy Word of God.

Every answer to every question in life is in the Bible, simply for the reading and knowing. And today the world wants to know why there is NO peace and harmony? Did it ever occur to you that maybe your own beliefs are not in-line with what is written in the Word of God; that maybe you have been lied to and worse, you have believed those lies?

The Word of God asks the question: What good is having wealth, when it will last for maybe 80 years? What about after this life? The same thing can be said for almost everything else in this life, all things that are physical stay right here on this planet. So what does this ask about eternity after you leave here? Most want fame and fortune, they want to be known by everyone, yet, they never worry about what GOD thinks!

I have stated in other articles, that we have a body, that I describe as a “bag of fluid and bones.” This is a physical body and it lasts for only so many years and then expires; it ceases to function. We call it a mortal body. How is it that few realize that this body as “finite” just like our minds? And according to the Word of God our lives as we know them today are finite as well, meaning we get only so many years.

If we realize we have a body, we can see that we have a spirit as well and according to the Bible, our spirit continues on long after the body ceases. The question then becomes, where will our spirit reside in eternity? Again, we are back to the question of choosing Jesus Christ or not. HE is the Creator, HE is the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last.

That being the case, do you not enjoy living? If you do indeed enjoy life, why would you choose death in eternity? According to the Word of God, eternal life has been created for you, just as this life here on earth was created for you. You were created by God Almighty to be here. And HE has given us HIS Holy Word to show us how to obtain eternal life after we die here on earth.

So if you enjoy life here, eternal life in heaven will be infinitely greater than anything we could possibly know. And the Word of God states, we can have a life more abundantly with the Lord God in our lives here and into eternity. Again, I am going to ask the question, “Of what use is this life here on earth without Jesus Christ?”

Of what use is it if we spend so much for all the safety applications in this life and leave out our eternity without any thought? Again, I am going to reiterate the Word of God and ask, what use is our life, if we forget whom it was that created this life for us? Of what good are you, without the Lord God Almighty?

Please remember, the Word of God tells us that our life here is as but a vapor, here for a moment and then gone. It must be noted that an eternity in destruction is as sure, as a life in eternity in heaven. But the choice is yours and yours exclusively while you are yet alive here on earth.

So we can see that body, mind and spirit are all incorporated together as we live here on earth. Our biggest mistake is not knowing this fact and addressing the needs of each, according to the Holy Word of God. Our downfall is that we do NOT know everything, and that we NEED Lord God Almighty. The Bible is indeed the Holy Word of God given to us to show all we need to know to have a full and wonderful life, not only here on earth but into eternity as well.

There is NO life anywhere without Jesus Christ and HIS blood from the Cross at Calvary. His Word is like a two-edged sword that is able to separate the marrow from the bone; the spirit from the body. If you deny God, what will be your excuse when you stand before HIM? What excuse will be sufficient in the eyes of GOD? Remember GOD knows everything…eternal omniscient God. There is none other beside HIM!

Praise the Lord God for all things, regardless of where you are. HE is deserving.

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