Things We Need to Know About Jesus Christ :: by Don Twobears

How odd is it? Again I am going to go and say this…yet, is it really odd? For those that are born-again to Jesus Christ and following HIM in every way, it is not odd at all. Yet not everyone is in this situation with the Lord; they still do not know enough about Jesus Christ. Let’s take this in a rather basic manner and look at it, then check these things for yourself;

Jesus Christ is part of the Trinity, which we know is God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) and God the Holy Spirit. That being the case Jesus Christ…IS God. Just as the Father IS God and the Holy Spirit IS God. Even though the word “Trinity” is not in the Bible, the three parts of our God show HIMSELF to be GOD. With this definitely in its proper place in our hearts and minds (spirit) we can then see that Jesus Christ was there before the creation of the universe.

I wonder many times, how often people read this in their Bibles and realize exactly who Jesus Christ truly is. Did those who physically crucified Jesus Christ at Calvary, know they were in the presence of the One and Only God? Did they realize whom they were nailing to that Cross? Probably not! By the exact same token, do we realize that our sin, is the reason that Jesus Christ went to the Cross to begin with? HE came and was born…to later DIE for us!

How many realize that Jesus Christ performed many miracles during HIS short life, in many cases to prove who HE truly is. How odd is it that many of the miracles were in healing those that were afflicted with many diseases? Yet all these same people continued to live and then one day died? Sort of puts in perspective, just how temporary this life here on earth truly is. Yet at the same time, it makes the point of what we are really here for, to accept the gift of eternal life through the blood of Jesus Christ!

Jesus Christ, as God, was able to show the effects of sin in our lives, that our disobedience to HIM is the reason for every single problem we have while here on earth. We often complain about physical difficulties or we see others with even worse conditions than ours. Of course our biggest problem is that we are so self-serving, which is the opposite of what God’s Holy Word tells us to be.

Obviously, the pain and suffering of others, should be our first concern…IF we truly follow Jesus Christ. Understanding that, if we look around ourselves at the world today, you will see this is NOT the case at all. It has become, “Everything for ME…it’s all about ME!”

How odd is it that there are so many different religions in this world? And yet, if you look at each and every one of them, ask yourself how many are about love and harmony, about helping and doing for others—to the point of being willing to lay down your life for a friend?” With the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ as the perfect example.

Having said that, how many religions have a God so loving that HE is willing to come here to earth and sacrifice HIS own life…for us? Now how many of these religions are for here and now, for the people to be happy in themselves, rather than others? And how many are referring to a God that hates some and only loves a few? Are you beginning to get the idea!

I have had people say, “Your God is a God of war and hatred.” Yet if you read the Bible, the people that were destroyed were given the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and they chose otherwise. As in Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot lived among the people that chose to harm and degrade others for their own pleasure. The life that Lot and his family lived was a Life of following God. And yet the people chose to live however they wished. Thus God Almighty chose to destroy them.

Again we see with Noah, that God had made a decision to destroy all life on earth, because of their Life of violence and Disobedience. How many years do you think it took to build the Ark? And yet all the people would come to see what was going on and then they laughed at Noah, a Man of God. Why was it that, no one was willing to believe what Noah was telling them, that God had told Noah?

Does that remind you how people are today, living only for themselves? And what is going to be the result of such disobedience to God? Do you really think we are any better than those people back then, or that we can somehow change the end result?

How odd is it; we look at all that is so beautiful in this world, at all the plants and trees, the mountains, lakes and oceans…and then think there is no God? What do you think the odds are of everything coming to this point, by happenchance? Yep, your absolutely right, Trillions to one! So great is that chance that it is absolutely impossible.

For those that think otherwise, they would like to believe that somehow, some way, they did all of this. How flippant to God is that? Not only did God create absolutely everything, including you and me but HE destroyed all here on earth and then brought it back to life again after the Flood. But who considers that perspective? Those that follow Jesus Christ, already know that it was Jesus Christ, part of the Trinity of God, that came here to earth, lived 33 years and then willingly Sacrificed HIS life…for us and our sins.

Jesus Christ never owned a home and yet HIS life was without sin; that meant that HIS death on the Cross was the only special sacrifice available. God Almighty would accept NO other gift, no other way to salvation, than through the blood of Jesus Christ on that Cross. In other words, it is Jesus Christ’s way…or the highway…to hell and the lake of fire.

Our God, who is made up of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, was the voice in the Burning Bush, that spoke to Moses and it was the exact same God that spoke to Abraham. It is the same God that speaks to each of us in our hearts. (There is no “small voice” speaking to each of us), it is the voice of God Almighty! That means that it is you and me that have a varying problem with our hearing…

And of course it is always you and me that have a problem with our own sin and that is a problem that only Jesus Christ—who IS God, is able to fix and do away with. There is a big, dark line that separates us from God Almighty, that can only be crossed through prayer and  asking for HIS forgiveness of our sins.

My friends, life is precious to each of us and one day our bodies, the “bag of fluid and bones” will cease to operate. At that very second, each of us will rise to heaven to be with the Lord God, or drop to hell and eventually the lake of fire. That is, it my friends, there is NO other way.

We walk through this life on earth, one step after the other and one decision after the other. That being the case, do you see or do you not see, this action points to Jesus Christ every time? Each of us, will either walk and make every step and every decision WITH Jesus Christ or we will walk and make every step and decision with the world, which belongs to Satan and his ilk!

The very fact that you are inside and reading this article, means you are inside, in front of your computer and you are NOT outside in the yard. As you are able to see, you are one place or the other, but never both places at the same time, life spells this out every day and every minute and we need to take notice of this. Why do you think Life is the way it is and yet how many think on this, how many research this in the Word of God?

It has always been, you and me, the humans of this earth that have failed God, never the other way around. With that firmly set in our minds and hearts, we then see how we have brought about our own extinction and our own misery…it is our own SINS. WE…are responsible for our own problems…it is again our own SINS…that have brought all our problems on each of us. How is that when we have big problems, like wars and death, we shake our fist at God, when it is our own fault?

Every morning of every day, I thank the Lord God for my life; to be able to live and make mistakes, even ones that hurt me to my core. I was chosen to live this life here on earth, to have trials and tribulations and to suffer, for no other reason than to seek out God Almighty. There are horrible issues in this life here on earth, and then the beauty and harmony brings us close to realizing are to show us what we really want.

As they like to say in the beauty pageants “Everyone wants world peace.” Yet, this world will never see any peace, simply because of sin and Satan and his ilk. Happiness, peace and harmony are things of love and love is of GOD!

NO God…NO happiness peace or harmony! This is the reason that I always say, “There is NO bliss in ignorance.” Ignorance is of Satan and his ilk and our own self-serving stupidity.