Mockers – They Have Been Warned :: by Jan Markell

“Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts, and saying ‘Where is the promise of His coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation.'” 2 Peter 3:3-4

Those who celebrate diversity have been busy showing a remarkable display of a lack of diversity in recent weeks. The “tolerant ones” are having violent fits of intolerance. The open-minded Left have once again revealed themselves to be 100% closed-minded. Let me explain.

On April 11 and 18, I interviewed Michele Bachmann on my weekly radio program, “Understanding the Times.” Most of those who quoted and mocked the programming were on the Left. A few on the Right joined in, but some on the Right also cheered the programming as there hasn’t been greater promotion of end-times, the Rapture, and the need to get right with God in some time. The comments nearly went viral.

Even President Barack Obama said at the press annual dinner last Saturday night, “Just this week, Michele Bachmann predicted I would bring about the biblical end of days. Now that’s a legacy. That’s big. I mean, Lincoln, Washington, they didn’t do that.”

Here’s of run-down on some of the scoffing. Keep in mind that we can rejoice in this as it fulfills scripture:  “Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts,  and saying, ‘Where is the promise of His coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation.'”

HUFFINGTON POST: The Rapture is Coming and It’s Obama’s Fault

Michele Bachmann says the rapture is coming, thanks to President Barack Obama’s policies on Iran’s nuclear program and marriage equality.
In a radio interview last week, Bachmann, the former Minnesota Republican congresswoman, told “End Times” host Jan Markell, “We need to realize how close this clock is getting to the midnight hour.”

“We in our lifetimes potentially could see Jesus Christ returning to earth and the rapture of the church,” Bachmann said. “We see the destruction, but this was a destruction that was foretold.”

Bachmann also blamed abortion and gay marriage, arguing that God is punishing the United States for “embracing a pagan view.”

Some Christians believe those who are saved will be transported to heaven just before Armageddon, which they call the Rapture.

RIGHT WING WATCH: End-Times Are Here-Thanks Obama

Bachmann told Markell that just as some Muslim leaders are pulling for the Apocalypse, Christian pastors must also preach about “God’s time clock.”

“If the United States turns its back on Israel, as our president is doing today, in my opinion, we cannot continue to indulge in the fantasy that the United States will be free from receiving the negative blowback, or curses, in biblical parlance, that could come our way and they could be severe,” Bachmann said.

“If we actually turn our back on Israel, as we are seeing Barack Obama do today, if that happens then I think we will see a scale and a level of pushback in the United States, negative consequences.”

MSN.COM: Obama’s Poor Relationship with Israel Will Bring the Return of Jesus

Bachmann explained that if Obama and the United States turn their back on Israel, this would bring  severe “curses” upon the United States, similar to those seen in the end-of-days.

But, Bachmann is not afraid of the end-of-days; rather she says that “these are the most exciting days in history because nothing is more important than the return of Jesus Christ.”

THE CHRISTIAN POST:  New Christian Zionists Seek Distance From ‘Wild, Crazy Popular Apocalypticism’

A group of Christian scholars representing a “new Christian Zionism” seek to distance their views from the “wild, crazy, popular apocalypticism” with which Christian Zionists have often been associated.
Eleven speakers, mostly theologians, presented at the April 17 conference, “People of the Land: A Twenty-First Century Case for Christian Zionism,” hosted by the Institute on Religion and Democracy.

This pop-apocalypticism was also on display recently when former congresswoman and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said on a radio show that the end times were near and associated that prediction with President Barack Obama’s foreign policy.

MORE FROM THE CHRISTIAN POST: Michele Bachmann: ‘Rapture of The Church’ Is ‘Coming Faster Than Anyone Can See,’ God Will Punish America for Disobeying His Word

As previously reported by The Christian Post, the 59-year-old Minnesotan recently spoke with Jan Markell on the “Understanding the Times” radio program and labeled Obama’s foreign policy — specifically his desire for a nuclear deal with Iran — as being “pro the goals of Islamic Jihad.” She added that Obama’s foreign policy will lead to the coming of the Islamic Messiah (Mahdi) and the return of Jesus Christ.

This past weekend, the second part of Bachmann’s interview with Markell aired and Bachmann again asserted that the Second Coming of Christ is right around the corner. But in part two of the interview, she also weighed in on the impact that abortion and gay marriage have on God’s view of the United States.

THE JERUSALEM POST – The devout Christian and politician criticized the president, but embraced the Second Coming of Jesus.

“We need to be so on fire right now about the things of Christ and the things of God, that needs to occupy our time and our thoughts virtually from morning to night because we have very little time — in my opinion — left before the return of Christ. That’s good news,” the former congresswoman said.

“The world is embracing degeneracy, but what that also tells us as we look at what the world is doing that they’re going according to God’s time clock. Pastors, preach it from the pulpit!
“If we actually turn our back on Israel as we have seen Barack Obama do today, if that happens then I think we will see a scale and a level of push back in the United States, negative consequences,” Bachmann told Understanding the Times radio host Jan Markell on Sunday.

Note: It was nice to see this news source refrain from the mocking. The Christian outlet, The Christian Post, referred to such talk as “wild, crazy apocalypticism” (above).  The Jewish news source was actually respectful.

THE DAILY KOS – Rejoice! The Rapture is Coming

Former Rep. Michele Bachmann is very excited that the world may be coming to an end. Iran may be getting the bomb, and gay people are getting married these days, and all of this is wonderful news because it means Israel is going to be destroyed and there will be wars and plagues and famines and that means Jesus is going to come back to fly all the bestest Bachmann-approving-of Christians into heaven while her enemies get left to rot in whatever post-nuclear wasteland comes next. You think we are making this up. We are not making this up.

I could go on with more press reports heavily mocking the fact that the King is coming soon. Where do you buy this kind of promotion for the most important event in human history known as the return of Jesus Christ? What Satan meant for evil, God has used for good.

Tough times are coming to Christians in the West. It is a guarantee. Even if things get seriously bad, God will always be very good!  His promises to His people never expire.

Since our pulpits are completely silent on Bible prophecy and the issues of our day, God has ways to get his message out.

People have been warned. They can never say they did not hear of the terms talked about.