The Paris Peace Conference :: by Matt Ward

Amongst the plethora of Bible related-news occurring every day, sometimes events happen that send shivers down my spine. The Paris Peace Conference which took place this past week with the entire Arab League, twenty other countries and a host of other significant world bodies in attendance—is one such event. It sends shivers down my spine.

What is slowly being revealed regarding the intention of the conference horrifies me and leaves me feeling sick to the very pit of my stomach. This “peace” conference has far reaching consequences, no matter how much the world media is currently deriding it. The intentions of the so-called peace conference were nothing less than to thrash out a “final” peace accord between Israel and the Palestinians.

The talks were based on the historical “Saudi initiatives,” which allow for the creation and formal acknowledgement of a Palestinian state based on the borders left by the 1948 war. Borders that are based on the 1948 lines would cut Israel to ribbons.

This 1948 line is well-known in international diplomatic circles, but not as the “1948 border line.” It is known as the “Auschwitz Line.” This is where this “peace” conference and the international community think it should push Israel back to—back behind the Auschwitz line.

In exchange for this massacring of Israel, the new, entirely indefensible Jewish State would receive formal recognition from “friendlier” Arab countries and regimes. That is, recognition of Israel if these regimes feel like it.

There would be no recognition from the Palestinians, though. There would be no recognition from Hamas in Gaza. In fact, though they are the main beneficiary to this bogus peace plan, there are almost no expectations resting on the shoulders of the Palestinians. They don’t even have to agree in principle that Israel has a right to exist. In reality, the Palestinians won’t have to do a single thing to get a state of their own carved out of the Israel’s heartland.

There would also be no recognition from Lebanon or Hezbollah, none from Assad in Syria either. Iran will not recognize Israel, neither will Iraq. In fact, a whole host of Arab Muslim nations will not be acknowledging Israel, formally or informally. Only those that “want to.” So in other words—none will.

So what does Israel get from this gem of a deal? Nothing.

Israel is being strong armed to accept the terms of that “peace” conference—that much isn’t even a secret at this point. Be under no illusion, the intention of that “peace” conference was to forcibly carve up Israel against her wishes.

So where, we might reasonably ask are Israel’s friends at this moment of crisis? Where are her allies in her hour of desperate need, whilst her land is being hypothetically pillaged and ripped apart by career diplomats and politicians who have nothing but hatred for Israel in their hearts?

Where are Israel’s protectors? Where is America, once most loyal of all nations to tiny Israel? Where is Britain while Israel’s heart is being pulled out from her?

America and Britain are sitting around the table dividing Israel with the rest of the world. They were standing in quiet corridors in plush Paris hotels, whispering poison into Israel’s ears; they were sending her the message that unless she acquiesces—then the world will publically call her “an apartheid state,” and act accordingly. (Whatever that insinuated threat means.)

America and Britain are standing with Israel’s enemies and opposing the will of the living God.

Will this initiative and eventual “final” peace plan be the one that the Antichrist will “confirm” “with the many” at the beginning of the Tribulation period? Only time will tell. Two things are clear though, and are different this time from previous attempts at bringing a so-called peace to the region.

First, Israel is completely isolated at this point. Nobody is standing in the breech for her, none have her best interests at heart. She is diplomatically isolated and alone.

Second, the entire world seems to have lost all patience with the never-ending peace process and are laying the entirety of the blame for its past failures at Israel’s feet and nobody else’s.

The conference participants genuinely believe that Israel is nothing more than an occupier, and that the protracted conflict in the Middle East flows from the so-called Israeli “occupation” of Palestinian territories.

World leaders have once again openly announced that this Israeli “occupation” has “tested patience to the limit.” Some at the conference stated that the world has reached the point where, “that patience (with Israel) is coming to an end.”
As a result the international community, though it would deny it, are baying for Israel’s blood and seem determined to divide her God-ordained land, even by force if need be. Consider one other point: neither Israel nor the Palestinian authority actually attended this “peace “conference. If an agreement is reached, this will be a dictated so-called peace agreement, not one found via mutual consent or agreement.

Veteran Israeli diplomat, Dore Gold, head of the Israeli Foreign Ministry described the conference much like the time in the post War One era when, “Britain and France carved out territories and spheres of influence in the Middle East.”

This was not only a “peace process” involving the United States of America, the Palestinians and Israel alone. All the main players in the world today were involved in this conference, which makes it eerily similar to the warnings in the book of Daniel. This agreement is one—that is being sought, “with the many” (Daniel 9:27).

In the time that remains those of us who love Israel should do all we can to advocate for her. If nobody else will stand in the breech on her behalf, we, as Christians should. In the meantime, if the world does force an agreement on Israel, then the world should beware. God’s word is clear:
“I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you” (Genesis 12:3)

If the outcome of the conference in Paris was intended to divide the land of Israel against her will, and that seems to be the bedrock of all negotiations and the sole focus, then, by any reckoning, the international community is cursing Israel—taking away her God-given birth right willfully and knowingly. Israel would be placed in harm’s way by potentially forcing her back behind indefensible borders, and leaving implacable enemies at her door.

Israel, however—no matter what the outcome—will not acquiesce to the terms of any type of peace conference agreement. The world will come to genuinely hate her for it—further enhancing the perverted belief that Israel is the problem, and not the Palestinians. This spiral of hatred toward Israel will continue and deepen right into the time of the Tribulation years, where this hatred will culminate into another holocaust.

This world is in trouble and at this point we should buckle up. If it continues along this present path, there is one heck of a storm coming direct from God.

“And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it” (Zechariah 12:3)