Where Is the “Restrainer” :: by Jim Torres “Towers”

Things are getting so out of whack in our world that one has to ask, “Where is the restrainer?

The Holy Scriptures tell us that one day the restrainer will be taken out of the way to usher in the time of tribulation. With all that’s going on in the world today, it could be that the restrainer has packed His bags and is leaving us to our own devices.

All indications are that many people today have been allowed to cultivate a reprobate mind, and we are ALL reaping the results. Today, people think nothing of lying, cheating, stealing and committing sexual sin, while others go about killing their fellow man indiscriminately, going so far as burning and crucifying them alive!

Out on the streets crime is rampant and people are afraid to go out at night, afraid of being robbed of what little they have. I recently read that Prozac, other prescription drugs and illegal drugs were up 400% to calm the anxiety that plagues society.

All too often women act like men and men act like women. Take for example the confused poor soul named Bill who became a transvestite and now calls himself “Susie.” You get the picture I’m sure. Not only that, but these same transvestites and pedophiles want to share the public bathroom with you and your children. Both of these entities are predisposed to a reprobate mind. Today, they try to force us to wallow in their mosh-pit of depravity.

On top of all that, it is reported that suicides have increased by thirty percent in the past three years, with pre-teen girls having the highest mortality rate, followed by teen-aged boys and young women. Is it because they’ve been denied the hope and stability that comes only from knowing Jesus Christ? Idols are toppling left and right and dying before the eyes of their adoring fans, and they have nothing else to cling to.

Today it was revealed that some people in high places want four-year olds to decide whether they want to be boys or girls. This news begs the question: “Have those who reject God in every conceivable way been given over to a reprobate mind?” You tell me.

To cap it all, even the plagues and diseases are becoming more virulent; things like Zika, drug resistant Gonorrhea, rat epidemics and extreme drought in India and on and on…

Jesus said that just before His return the terminal generation would live to see these events happen, and that there would be signs and wonders and portents in the skies.

By the way, the movie God is not Dead 2 takes over where God is not Dead 1 left off, with the writers and producers becoming ever bolder about sharing the gospel message. The only things that troubled me were trivial, and that was the short skirts and shorts worn by the females in the movie.

Apparently the wardrobe department thought that this would make the movie more true to life, and, indeed, it did. However, as Christians should know, the Bible admonishes women to dress modestly. If the Christian teacher character in the movie knew her Bible, she wouldn’t be dressed in such a way.

The pastor in the movie needs a haircut, or needs to buy a comb and wash his hair. His appearance was that of a bum. Insofar as the band members are concerned, these guys look like drug addicts, with the lead singer making you wonder what planet he’s from.

Jesus and the Apostles never resorted to political correctness, trickery or to emulating sinners. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but hey, that’s just me. Other than that, the movie was okay, but much like preaching to the choir. Sorry to say, there weren’t many people in attendance besides the church “choir.” I don’t expect it to stay in the theatres very long.


Jim Torres “Towers” jt.filmmaker@yahoo.com