The Dicey-Side of Life! :: by Don Twobears

How odd is it, the very thing that will remove all our worries, relieve all our pain and suffering, make all our fears vanish…is the one thing we fear the most…death. Again, how odd is it that knowing the only way off this planet, being so obvious in itself, is the one thing that we are not willing to speak about in detail.

It is an action or process that cannot be avoided in any manner or way and yet so few are willing to consider it and what happens after it.

Is this thing, so very bad, as you think it is? As humans we avoid it like the plague and yet it is the end of such a thing like the plague. Why is it so wrong to consider that everything in this life has an end? Is it only me or do you see that all things come to some sort of end, like your job, your youth as you grow old, parties, weddings, actually everything.

In many cases, we simply stop and never give it a second thought. You go to a party and you eat and drink and then you go home, that’s it. It’s a done deal, until next time and you never fret a single moment. There are 24 hours in a day and as the next day rolls in, you never mourn that past day. As a matter of fact, most are thankful that day is over and done with, right?

We seldom mourn the end to a friendship and for some not even a marriage; some do not mourn the past year as they celebrate another birthday. You get the idea here? If all these things are true and our actions prove them to be so, then why does the end to a person’s life cause such alarm?

In other words, is it really any different? Most will celebrate a birth, but throw a death in the mix and all of a sudden the world implodes. How is it that death is so bad, when everyone on earth has and will someday die? It is the only way off this planet. We have statistics that show thousands of births and thousands of deaths every day and night across this planet.

I am not trying to be callous about this or callous to the emotions and suffering that is placed upon those that lose a loved one. I am asking, Why is this so much different, than the end to other things in our lives?

Do you not understand, that we practice the end of everything else every day of our lives? Yet when a person passes on, the world is supposed to stop revolving; everything is supposed to come to a screeching halt and the tears and wailing begin. Yet we all know that this day would come.

Please understand, I am no different than anyone else, I know how I felt when my dad passed away. I touched the index finger of his left hand and remembered, holding that finger when I was about 3 years old. We were stationed in Japan and my dad and I walked to the train station to pick up my mom and I held onto that left index finger. My tears at his passing proved  that I would miss him dearly, and I do indeed miss him right at this minute.

So is it just missing him that makes his death so profound? No. That is just one of the factors. My wife and I have buried five members of our family across the years and we do miss them. I also miss some of my pets that have passed on as well. Maybe then, death has to do with the finality of the situation. What do you think?

Personally, I believe it has everything to do with stepping into eternity. Everyone wants to believe that there is a spirit within us that continues on…somewhere. Everyone is willing to believe this. People say things like:

“He is in a better place now.” “He is an angel with God now.”

And of course these people believe every single word they utter. The question is this: Are they telling the truth? And if so, how do they know? Or are they at a loss as to what to say to the bereaved?

Go to any country in the world and ask people why they say these things and most will say, “Because I believe this is what happens, that they have “faith.” There it is! That small five letter word “faith.” Another of our small words that encompasses almost every single thing in our lives, right? “Faith.”

So one must ask, what is faith? And how sure are you that faith is everything you think it is? How can you believe in something that you have never seen or experienced for yourself? Are they truly in a better place now? How do you know this is the truth? And then we have the cartoons that show a character passing away and then sitting on a cloud, thumbing a harp. Is this the truth?

It is just like other things, we believe angels have wings, right? We believe Satan is a pointy- eared individual running about in a red suit carry a trident. And that he has a wicked smirk of a smile. Does this mean we believe in heaven and hell? Then the question now is, “How much of this stuff is truth?”

Or are we simply fooling ourselves hoping you feeling better about everything? (Especially all that we do not understand and must take by faith.) Why don’t you seek out an atheist and ask them what he or she believes?

Some people are not going to like this article because it presents too many questions about something that makes them uncomfortable. It makes you wonder if your beliefs are on solid ground or not.

We know that history has shown that Jesus Christ did indeed exist here on earth. Although far too many are unwilling to accept that Jesus Christ died on a Roman Cross and was resurrected. Even fewer are willing to accept that Jesus Christ sits in heaven right now. For them, it is illogical to believe in that, because no one knows for sure, right?

It is obvious that the naysayers want scientific proof, solid evidence they can hold in their hands, something they can measure and weigh. Don’t even suggest that there is a spirit within us, because again, it is something that cannot be proven scientifically, right? And yet we have scientific proof that a body looses several ounces at death. Is that the weight of the spirit? How do we know?

And we have a great many people that will not believe in God, but throw in a death and everything changes, right? Have you ever considered the fact that the Word of God—the Bible, is the Only book of its kind in all of history? This is a statistical fact and no one or any group have ever been able to write a book of the same caliber.

No book has ever been written with the exact historical facts or occurrences as the Bible, much less any prophecies that continue to come true 100%. Of any book ever written, the Bible remains the most widely read book in the world. Statistical proof, ya’ll.

If the Bible is the truth then why do so few believe what is written in it? And if the truth is found within the prophecies of the Bible, why do so few ever seek out these truths and use them every day? Think in terms of the financial people; they would have a field day with the prophecies and make tons of money. Governments would know what to do in almost every situation; lives would be saved to some degree and so many other things would benefit.

Yet when we look around ourselves, we know they do not consult the Bible in any way. If everyone read the Bible and believed it, funerals and burials would become a rousing celebration. Everything keeps coming back to that little word “faith” that is spoken of in the Bible.

Ephesians 2:8-9 “For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.”

John 14:5-7 “Thomas saith unto him, Lord, we know not whither thou goest; and how can we know the way? Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. If ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also: and from henceforth ye know him, and have seen him.”

Let’s put this to a test, so to speak. If everyone in the USA read the Bible and believed every word, we would not see any war or famine or pestilence. Our lives would be filled with love and harmony like never seen before. Our country would increase in prosperity and wealth, through the blessings of our Lord God. The entire world would be blessed through the USA.

Is this what has happened? Absolutely not!

If this is the case that we see every day,  then why do so few believe what the Bible has to say, much less sit down and just read it? The vast majority of the world fears death, because they have no idea of what to expect thereafter; what’s on the other side? Is there another side? Is there a heaven and a hell?

The problem is so profound to humans, it is so misunderstood, that no one wishes to examine the situation. Thus the Bible is still left alone to do nothing more than collect dust. The wisdom of the ages, the Word of God, from God’s own lips to our ears is never consulted. And the world wonders why things are so bad.

We, as humans, like to think we know everything and that’s called pride. If we are not able to hold it in our hand and measure and weigh it, it doesn’t exist. Somewhere along the way we have gotten it in our heads that we are smarter than God, better in some way, more special. Our world and its problems today are proof that we are incorrect in every way! We are just plain wrong and the Bible is that proof.

For better than 4500 years we have had the answer to every problem we could ever think of and yet…we do not use it. The Bible assures us that we have a spirit within us and that it does continue on into eternity. We are told in the Bible that we must make a decision concerning Jesus Christ and HIS salvation and see heaven or follow Satan and his ilk and go to hell and the lake of fire.

If we are not willing to read and believe the Bible and what it says, then when we die it is indeed a time for mourning and wailing and tears.

The Bible tells us how to find love and harmony, yet no one consults the Bible and then they wonder why their lives are so bad. The Bible tells us that the Lord God Almighty will meet our every “NEED.” And what do we do, we want God to meet our wants.

Has it ever occurred to you that our wants are what gets us into trouble in the first place? The Bible explains what faith is but if you don’t read and believe what the Bible has to say, then you don’t have any real faith. My friends, ignorance will never be bliss.

From the very first word of the Bible to the very last word, Jesus Christ has always been the answer to every single problem, including death and the afterlife; of heaven and hell. If you have questions my friend…the Bible is your answer to all of them. Jesus Christ has loved you long before HE ever created you and will do so forever if you give your life to HIM.

Your love is all HE has ever wanted from you and HIS love is what HE wants to give you in return in boundless ways. HIS love will be the answer to even death here on earth, because HE will be there to hold your hand through it all.

The Rapture is an exclusive occurrence, that will negate death for some of humans. It is a onetime event that only God could perform and make real for us. Outside of the Rapture, death will be a constant thorn in our side; a thorn we have chosen for ourselves. The question is this: Are you going in the Rapture?

Outside of the Rapture, death is a door that everyone must go through. That first step out of that door will be into eternity! Our choice here on earth is the directive to where we will spend eternity and everyone will indeed choose. The Bible says so, from God’s lips to your ears!