There’s No Better Time Than the Present! :: by Don Twobears

“And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart” (Genesis 6:5-6).

We sometimes think that we are so wonderful, so intelligent and yet how many see what happened in the Days of Noah? The Lord God Almighty was so aware of the sin and unrighteousness of mankind that HE decided to destroy what He had created. The idea to grieve the Lord God to the point that HE wished HE had not created Man is an absolutely confounding concept.

We look around today and we notice how evil our days are, how evil and selfish and self-aware people can be. But are we as bad as in the days of Noah? According to the Bible and looking at what all is taking place today, we are not yet as bad as they were. But more than likely, we are very close. Or do we not know how close the Rapture of the Church truly is, which is quickly followed by the Tribulation?

I believe the only way to turn this current situation around would be to have a revelation across the globe. I wonder how many of you would agree with that?

For a moment, stop and think, how much evil would it take to really anger the Lord God to the point of HIM extinguishing all of mankind? Noah and his family were the only people spared at that time; Noah was aware of the situation and what God had in mind for all across the earth.

Noah was the only man to be found walking with God! As we know, that is the reason for God telling Noah to build the ark in the first place, He was the only one. Now, for a moment let’s think about Noah building this huge ark. Can you imagine the ridicule Noah had to put up with from everyone that came to see his ark?

As with everything else the Lord God Almighty does, HE tells us ahead of time what HE is going to do to us here on earth. We call that prophecy. So then, which is worse, to read the prophecies and blow them off as nonsense, or to neglect the prophecies all together by never reading God’s Word?

“If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Again, the Lord God gives us a way out of what we already know is headed our way. Now look around and ask yourself, is anyone reading the Word of God…or not? Most people already knows that something big and bad is about to come! If you were standing in the middle of a road and someone told you an 18 wheeler was coming…would you get out of its way? Of course you would. Why? The 18 wheeler would have no problem running you down, right? You know this because it is obvious.

God did indeed bring about the Great Flood of the Days of Noah and HE burned everyone up in Sodom and Gomorrah! If God is moving the earth in earthquakes, if volcanoes are erupting all over, if famine and pestilence are everywhere, do you get the feeling God is doing something right now?

The thing is this: The Holy Word of God has been telling us for better than 4500 years that the Rapture is coming and what the conditions will be to know approximately when it will happen. The Tribulation will follow the Rapture and at that time God will destroy a huge portion of the people on the face of the planet.

Let’s take one instance, one third of the world will be burned up. Do you know which one third that will be? NO, we cannot know for sure but it is prophesied to happen. And to think that this information has been available to you for better than 4500 years! Is this beginning to make any sense to you?

The entire world has had this information within its grasp for a very long time and yet, who is paying any attention to it? Do you think the insurance businesses would be willing to use these prophesies? Or how about the world leaders? We already know there is going to be a financial catastrophe that will fall upon the entire world. Would the warnings in the Bible be worthwhile to the world? How about to your family and friends?

The Bible has within it prophesies that have been fulfilled with 100 percent accuracy which even Science is able to verify. What else do you need to believe what is written in the Bible? Still, the majority of the world will not believe the Bible. They say, “It is no longer relevant!”

A small story for you: I was about 20 or 21 years old and looking for my blood family in Alaska with the help of the US government.  They sent me to the Wrangle Mountains, the wrong area entirely. Four young Indians told me to walk in this small forest area and to come out the other side and that there were many berry bushes and they were fine to eat.

So I was walking along and eating handfuls of berries. I stopped in front of two huge blackberry bushes picking berries when I heard a loud groan! I looked up into the face of a huge brown bear! She bellowed and grunted, suddenly there was a dust-form that looked just like me, but I was already gone. This Indian had never run so fast in all his life!

This was an old sow bear, and for the most part they said she was blind but her nose still worked very well. I did not care that she was old, or that she was blind; it was enough for me to run as fast and as hard as I could because I could feel her breath and hear her steps just behind me until I ran out into the open. Needless to say, the four guys thought this was the funniest thing they had ever seen.

Now how many of you have ever thought you could outrun a full-grown brown bear? Typically, that would be impossible; they are very, very, fast and deadly. Thank the Lord she was old or maybe, that I was that fast at the time! Then again it could have been angels because my feet never seemed to touch the ground!

So how well do you think you would have done in that situation? What if that bear had not been so old? I would have died that day for sure. You see, if you had been beside me your only problem would have been trying to just keep up with me. Nowadays, I know better than to go into the bush of Alaska and not pay any attention because I have experience in that area.

If I had been told  that a bear could  be in the bush, old or not, I would not have gone in there in the first place. If the four young Indians had thought to tell me about her, that would have been a prophecy of sorts, right? Especially if they had told me beforehand. It would have been a warning!

Are you starting to catch on here? Prophecies can be a warning of what God is planning to do and the warnings of the Tribulation is definitely that. Therefore, the Rapture taking place is a wonderful prophecy for the born-again Believer, that the Lord God, Jesus Christ is coming for HIS people.