Surprise :: by Daymond Duck

The recent announcement by Russian Pres. Vladimir Putin that he would pull some of Russia’s troops out of Syria caught me by surprise. I knew that things weren’t quit ready for the battle of Gog and Magog, but it seemed to me that the defeat of Gog and his forces on the mountains of Israel might be shaping up (Ezek. 38-39).

Because I believe Damascus, Syria will be destroyed in one night before the battle of Gog and Magog (Isa. 17:1-4, 14), it didn’t seem unreasonable to me to think that something would happen to trigger a war between Syria and Israel that would bring about the destruction of Damascus, drag in Russia and escalate into the battle of Gog and Magog.

I didn’t understand Mr. Putin’s sudden desire for diplomacy to take over. And I wasn’t alone. Pres. Obama was caught by surprise too. He even discussed it with Mr. Putin on the phone.

But it wasn’t long until other reports convinced me that Russia’s pullout wasn’t what it appeared to be.

First, Mr. Putin would pull out just part of Russia’s troops not all. About 1,000 Russian military advisors and troops would be left behind.

Second, Mr. Putin would keep an airbase with fighter bombers in Syria that would be in striking distance of Israel.

Third, Mr. Putin could send fighter bombers back to that airbase in Syria anytime he wanted.

Fourth, Mr. Putin’s airbase would give him a place to refuel his planes in Syria anytime he wanted.

Fifth, Mr. Putin could fly or parachute in more troops to rebuild his forces in Syria in a matter of hours. He even made that statement a day or two later.

Sixth, Mr. Putin could quickly move in the troops and weapons that he has stationed in Armenia.

Seventh, Mr. Putin would keep a naval base for ships in Syria and they would be armed with missiles.

So nothing has changed. The threat that something could trigger a war between Syria and Israel that will bring about the destruction of Damascus and then escalate into the battle of Gog and Magog is still there.

And two things have occurred to me:

One, I was surprised by Mr. Putin’s change in plans, but Russia and her allies are going to be more surprised when they move their forces onto the mountains of Israel and come face to face with the judgment of God.

And two, there is the possibility that Russia can’t fully pull all of her forces out of Syria. Russia is not in control. God is. He can use a hook to do whatever He wants to do with Russia anytime He wants. When He sets that hook Russia won’t move in any direction except the direction God wants her to go in.

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