Guns and Christians :: by Daymond Duck

According to the Bible there will be an increase in wickedness and violence on earth at the end of the age and that is exactly what is happening with abortion, school shootings, cop killings, Islamic terrorism and more (Matt. 24:31; Gen. 6:5; II Tim. 3:1-5).

The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the U.S. guarantees the right of American citizens to keep and bear arms. America’s founding fathers included that right in the Constitution. They did this so U.S. citizens could protect themselves from future corrupt governments, gangs, criminals and invaders who would harm them.

The root cause of America’s problem is sin. But Pres. Obama, many politicians, many celebrities, many in the mainstream media and many preachers choose to be willfully ignorant of this fundamental biblical truth.

Many respond to the increase in wickedness and violence by trying to disarm everyone except themselves.

These same anti-gun critics are very often protected by their gun-toting bodyguards. But other Americans should not be allowed to protect themselves and their families? This double-standard is part and parcel of the disconnected liberal mind. Gun control laws haven’t worked in Chicago, Ill. They didn’t work in San Bernardino, Cal. and they will never work. Sincere faith in Jesus is the only cure for the sin problem.

Many of America’s citizens know that there is widespread corruption in Washington. Many of America’s citizens are afraid of their dishonest government that has already used the IRS to target Christians and conservatives, used lawyers to explain away Islamic terrorism and refused to go to the aid of besieged American troops when they were under attack by Muslims in Benghazi.

Many of America’s citizens know that Islamic State leaders have promised more terrorist attacks in the U.S. The FBI says they are here and our pro-Muslim president wants to fly tens of thousands of other Muslims into this country without adequate background checks and without the ability to keep tabs on them. They know that he absolutely refuses to call someone a Muslim terrorist even though that person grows a beard, attends a Mosque and shouts Allahu Akbar when they kill.

Many of America’s citizens know that seriously religious Muslims go by the Koran. They know that the Koran teaches violence against non-Muslims (Sura 5:33, 8:59 and 9:5).

Many of America’s citizens have heard people like the disgraced ACLU leader in Colorado who said those who plan to vote for presidential candidate Donald Trump should be shot before they can vote (Google it).

Many of America’s citizens know that Pres. Obama is releasing Islamic terrorists at GITMO and some of them are returning to the battlefield to continue their bloodbath against non-Muslims.

Many of America’s citizens know that it is dangerous for them to be disarmed and to become totally dependent upon a corrupt, politically correct, pro-Islamic government to protect them. They know that Muslims are raping and killing Christians all over the Middle East including very young children, and President Barack Hussein Obama won’t lift a finger to help these innocent victims. They know that the saying “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns” is a true.

Many of America’s citizens know that responsible citizens such as Judge Jeanine on Fox; Jerry Falwell, Jr. at Liberty University; Police Chief, James E. Craig at Detroit, Mich.; Sheriff Wayne Ivey at Brevard County, Fla.; Sheriff David Clarke, Jr. at Milwaukee, Wis., Sheriff Joe Arpaio at Maricopa County, Ariz. and many others are urging citizens to legally purchase guns, get training on how to use them and get a concealed carry permit.

Gun sales are going through the roof and this has been taking place on for a long time. Every speech that our pathetic, deceptive White House apologist for Islamic terrorism makes spreads fear and causes people to arm themselves.

This president and the sleazy front-running, politically correct female Democrat that wants to take his place have called upon Congress to approve legislation to deny citizens on the no-fly list the right to purchase guns.

What is wrong with that? Simply put, it is the nose of the camel under the edge of the tent. It places honest citizens in even greater danger. Unarmed citizens will be helpless against those who break the law. And if Hillary wins, our nation will have another unscrupulous president for many more years. God help us!

Even worse, since Pres. Obama took office the first time the number of names on the no-fly list has increased from 48,000 to more than 700,000. This number could be in the millions with one swipe of his famous law-breaking pen.

All Obama needs to do is to put good people who disagree with his warped ideology and agenda on the no-fly list (along with the dangerous suspected terrorists). In his mind, those who oppose him are the problem. This could include those who buy a pressure cooker, those who post something on facebook that is not politically correct, those who visit certain websites, those who purchase a cell phone, those who refuse to take a certain mark, and any others he wants to silence or attack

Our deceptive president has Muslims in the White House. He wants to take over the local police. He has troops practicing ways to eliminate local militants. He has a list of “Potential Domestic Terrorists” which includes evangelical Christians; members of the TEA Party; veterans; gun owners; people who oppose abortion, gay marriage, illegal immigration, Islamic terrorism, world government and more.

Should Christians be allowed to have guns to defend themselves?

No one can honestly deny that the Bible says that Jesus told His disciples to buy a sword and they bought two swords (Luke 22:36-38). No one can honestly deny that it says Peter cut off the ear of the high priest’s servant when Jesus was arrested (Matt. 26:51). Jesus could have protected His disciples, but He was teaching them that honest people sometimes have to go armed to defend their selves and others.

Wake up America! The satanic government of Antichrist and his False Prophet will kill multitudes of disarmed citizens during the Tribulation period. What we do now could be paving the way for that and it could be some of our loved ones that get beheaded.

Prophecy Plus Ministries
Daymond & Rachel Duck