Daniel and Revelation? :: by Daymond Duck

I usually try to write an article on the weekend, but I will be away from my computer this weekend and I won’t have the opportunity to write anything.

Under normal circumstances, I would probably write about something that is currently in the news, but I can only speculate about what kind of exciting things will be in the news next week. Therefore, I want to go out on a limb by stating an opinion about something I heard several years ago.

I have only heard it once. I don’t know where I heard it. And I don’t know anyone who believes it. But I want to put it in writing for your consideration.

I will state the opinion in my own words first and then I will try to explain why it may have some substance. Those who read this should consider it and make their own decision.

Simply put, the opinion is the idea that Jesus took the sealed book of Daniel from God’s right hand (Dan. 12:4; Rev. 5:1). He started breaking the seals (Rev. 6:1). And He revealed what shall be at the time of the end (Rev. 6:1-22:21).

With regard to the substance it is important to recall that the chapter and verse divisions were not in the original manuscript of the book of Daniel. It is also important to consider the context of Dan. 12:4.

Daniel chapter 11 has 45 verses in it and all of those verses are about  events that an angel said was in Daniel’s future. The first 35 verses of the angel’s revelation were fulfilled between Daniel’s lifetime and the first coming of Jesus.

But all of a sudden in the last half of Dan. 11:35, the angel skipped to the time of the end.

The first thing the angel revealed about the time of the end concerns the Antichrist: He won’t obey the law; he will think highly of himself; he will blaspheme God; he will be successful until the end of the Tribulation period; he will do what God has determined shall be done; his ancestor’s religion will mean nothing to him; he may be gay; he will be godless; he will exalt himself and he will honor Satan with expensive gifts (Dan. 11:36-38).

Second, the angel revealed that the Antichrist will move against other nations; the king of the North (perhaps Syria and or Russia); the king of the South (perhaps Egypt and or a group of Arab nations); the glorious land of Israel; Egypt; Libya; Ethiopia; an army from the east and more (Dan. 11:39-44),

Third, the angel revealed that the Antichrist will wind up in Israel where he will come to his end with no one to help him (Dan. 11:45).

Forth, moving into chapter 12, but realizing that there were no chapter and verse divisions the angel revealed God’s protection for Israel; the time of trouble (the Tribulation Period); that some of the Jews will be delivered; the resurrection of the dead and the wisdom of being a soul winner for Jesus (Dan. 12:1-3).

Finally, the angel told Daniel to close the book and seal it until the time of the end, a time of rapid travel and an explosion of knowledge (Dan. 12:4). Seal it until the time of the end implies that the book of Daniel would be unsealed in the future.

Daniel wanted to know more, but he was told a second time that, “the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end” (Dan. 12:9).

Moving to Rev. chapter 5 verse 1, John saw Someone on the throne in heaven with a sealed book in His right hand (Could it be the sealed book of Daniel?). A strong angel asked, “Who is worthy to open the book, and loose its seals” and it turns out that the only One that is worthy is Jesus (Rev. 5:2-14). Could it be that this is the same angel that told Daniel to seal his book?

Jesus loosed the first seal (Rev. 6:1-2) and the subject is the same Antichrist mentioned in Dan. 11:35-38.

Jesus loosed the Second seal (Rev. 6:3-4) and the book he was holding revealed that peace will be removed from the earth. It is interesting that Daniel’s sealed book had talked about other wars (Dan. 11:39-44), but this is about more wars at the time of the end.

Jesus continued to unseal the book of Revelation and it revealed details about all of the other things that Daniel wanted to know more about. This shows that Jesus not only called Daniel a prophet (Matt. 24:15) He also expanded on Daniel’s prophecies when He revealed the book of Revelation.

I will add one final thing: An angel told Daniel to seal his book until the time of the end. Some believe the time of the end began with the Church Age (Acts 2:17). An angel revealed the unsealing of a book (the book of Revelation) near the beginning of the Church Age (probably mid-90s AD).

For your consideration: Could it be that the book that Daniel sealed is the same book that Jesus unsealed? Daniel’s book is so accurate the message certainly had to come from heaven.

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Daymond & Rachel Duck