The Bible and Stereograms :: by Vernon Gray

What is a stereogram?

A stereogram is a two-dimensional picture that forms a non-computerized virtual reality.

Stereograms have been marketed as “Magic eyes,” or “Magic pictures.”

The principle of stereocopy is actually quite simple. We see the world through two eyes, each of which sees the world from a slightly different viewing angle. It is this, our binocular vision that enables us to view the world in three-dimensions. Our brain fuses together the two simultaneous pictures of the world that come in through the optic nerves into a single, three-dimensional representation in our brain.

The stereogram picture contains a series of seemingly random dots and squiggles or similar markings in any variety of colors and patterns. As you focus your eyes so that you “see through” the picture, a hidden picture emerges from within. The secret is to look beyond the picture right in front of your eyes, and “see” right through it to a point on the other side. As you focus, and at the same time relax your eyes, the picture appears as if by “magic.”

Some people prefer to put the picture right up to their noses, and then slowly move the picture away from their face until the hidden picture emerges.

Another way of “seeing” these “magic” pictures is to have two dots on top of the picture about 25mm or 1 inch apart. As you stare at the dots, you adjust your vision until the two dots become three, glancing down at the picture without adjusting your vision will reveal the truly remarkable phenomena of the Stereogram.

Coming to the reality that Christ literally lives within you is like “seeing” for the first time that there is far more to Christianity than you or I, ever imagined. The “picture” of Christ is there in the Word of God, just waiting to be discovered by the hungry souls that have come to the end of themselves. They are willing to submit, relax and allow God to minister to them.

Most of what we learned about Christianity is a result of what we were taught in the light of tradition or someone else’s interpretation of the Scriptures.

The stereogram is a jumble of information seemingly without order, but as you relax your eyes and “see through” the picture, there emerges from the chaotic background form and order. When you “see through” your circumstances and situations; when you look deeper into the mere printed words of the Bible; when you look beyond this life on the earthly plane; Truth emerges from the seeming chaos and disorder.

What does all this mean to me?

You may be asking “What does this mean in my life?” I would answer with a question of my own; “What is the level of commitment in your walk with God?” Do you have a cursory commitment to “your faith” or are you committed to the point of surrendering your will to Christ in you?

Do you commit every day, hour by hour, minute by minute, to live in-line with the Word of God and in sync with God’s perfect plan for your life? Have your eyes seen Christ in His Word and in your life? He is there closer than a brother. In fact Paul tells us, “Let your conversation [conduct or manner of living] be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee”(Hebrews 13:5.)

Here is a divine Word, directly from God’s own mouth: “For himself hath said…” In the Greek there are three negatives before the word “forsake”making the promise one of triple assurance. (God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit.) It is difficult to obey the rules of both English and the Greek and translate this verse precisely. However the following is a fair rendering of “I will never leave you…”

“I will not, I will not, I will not let thee down, leave thee in the lurch, leave thee destitute, leave thee in straits and helpless and abandon thee.” —Kenneth Wuest

All of which means that our God will come to our rescue when we find ourselves in times of trouble. As a consequence we can boldly say, “The Lord is my helper and I will not fear what man shall do to me” ( Hebrews 13:6).


In Christendom there are two types of commitment as I see it, and there is a way to test your commitment. I call it the “Bacon & Eggs Test.”

You see, the chicken that provided the eggs for my breakfast was involved in the process.

But the pig that provided the bacon was committed.

Are you INVOLVED or are you COMMITTED?

We need to be truly committed in these perilous times lest we are distracted by the relentless enemies of every believer.

These three enemies are: The flesh, the world, and the enemy. So much of Christendom is walking in a stupor. They are immersed in a foggy theology where they cannot tell right from wrong. They see through a glass darkly as do we all, but they are peering through sun glasses because it makes them look “cool.”

Discernment is nonexistent or it is defective. They are unaware that Jesus could come in a moment come for His bride. Time is short yet they are procrastinating, by straining on the gnat of false doctrine and swallowing the camel of heresy. So many believers have decided to serve God in their own way, the same as Cain did. God had prescribed how He should be worshipped through the shedding of blood.

But Cain did not agree with God’s way. He felt his way was better. He provided the very best of the crop of fruit and vegetables, and offered it to God. This he did in direct disobedience to the format that God had laid out for him to follow. Unbiblical worship leads to false worship.

Cain had a “Fruit & Veg” religion. I am afraid that the church of Laodicea is awash with “Fruit & Veg” religion even as far as their “Daniel’s Fast.” The church of Laodicea is anemic because the blood of Christ is either missing or watered down to a tasteless lukewarm offering.

One is made to feel comfortable with what is being offered to God as “worship” but the prickly question of sin and living a holy, righteous life is ignored as if it does not matter in the long run.

I hear someone say: “Well, after all God is a God of love and forgiveness and I am doing the best I can.”

OUR BEST IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Neither can it ever be good enough to gain favor with God. Only the blood of the Cross and a real personal relationship and commitment to our Savior Jesus Christ can redeem us from the penalty of sin. It is something He has done, not something that you can add to with dead works.

The Laodicean church and its social gospel offer cheap salvation where there are no “Terms & Conditions.” This is no salvation at all. We cannot get saved by saying a prayer and then continuing our lives as we did before. If our life does not change and become more Christ-like, it is a sign that our hearts have not changed. There may be a form of godliness, but we are not saved.

When we say that Jesus is our Lord and Savior, what exactly do we mean?

If Jesus is Lord, then your life is His to do with as He sees fit, and He does not need to consult you or have your approval. Obedience to Christ is to be in agreement with Him. Even if we don’t always understand the “whys and wherefores,” we agree with His Word because it is truth. If we allow it, it will be a lamp to our path through this temporary domain here on earth. We lean not to our own understanding; we accept His Word as truth and live by it regardless of our situations and circumstances.

The realm of this world is the closest we will get to Hell, and this world is the closest that the unsaved will get to Heaven… What a tragic loss.

God Bless,

Vernon Gray