Made in the USA :: by Daymond Duck

Winston Churchill said, “The purpose of the New World Order is to bring the world into a world government.” Pres. George H.W. Bush said, “Out of these troubled times (the Persian Gulf War) our fifth objective, a New World Order can emerge.”

Henry Kissinger said, “The New World Order cannot happen without U.S. participation, as we are the most significant single component.” So the New World Order (world government) is a goal of the U.S. and it will not come into being without U.S. help.

The UN was established in the U.S. on Oct. 24, 1945. It is headquartered in several buildings in New York City. For many years, 25% or more of the UN’s regular budget was paid by the U.S. (reduced to 22% in 1991). Its Charter calls for the establishment of a world government in stages through the forming of world administrative regions.

This forming of world administrative regions was promoted by the Club of Rome in the early 1970s when that organization called for the creation of ten mega territories or kingdoms. The UN affirmed it when it called for regions to be patterned after the EU.

Henry Kissinger supported it when he called for establishing a regional management system and he said it is the road to the New World Order. The World Economic Forum supported it when it called for the development of regions of nations to be speeded up all over the world and the group decided that it is a pre-condition for world government. And the Bible teaches that ten leaders, kings or horns will appear at the end of the age.

The slogan “Made in the USA” is received warmly by many Christians, but the thought that the U.S. is helping to create a world government bothers some.

Many who study Bible prophecy believe that there will be one more world government after the Rapture of the church. They believe that this coming world government will be headed up by a Satan worshipper called the Antichrist; it will prosper briefly with the help of a Satanic world religion; it will persecute and kill Jews and those who become believers during the Tribulation period.

Its policies will lead to the death of billions of people; it will require people to take the name, mark or number of the Antichrist or be killed; and more. Simply put: It is a coming evil disaster.

In a matter of days (Sept. 25-27, 2015), this evil disaster will surge forward in New York at the UN Sustainable Development Summit 2015 for the adoption of Agenda 2030.

This high-level summit will be attended by most of the world’s leaders and the purpose is to approve a document that will establish a world government by 2030. The UN calls it a new “universal agenda” for “all people” and the UN promises that it will “transform our world.”

UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-moon is calling it a “turning point” and the “start of a new era.” He said it is going to help the UN realize the “dream of a world of peace and dignity for all.” This should get people’s attention.

The two main goals of the UN are peace and human dignity. And the Antichrist will rise to power over the coming world government on a platform of peace.

It is impossible to know if a world government will be created by 2030. God is in control. He can change things, speed things up, slow things down, etc. But for this coming world government to appear by 2030 several things must take place.

Speeding up the regional development of nations will require the nations to speed up the surrender of their national sovereignty. The nations will have to be merged into regions patterned after the EU, the regions will have to adopt a constitution and they will have to appoint a leader.

Ten regions and ten leaders (ten horns or kings) are needed before the Antichrist can appear. After the regions are created, they will need a short time to get established before they are brought into a world government under the Antichrist. So the world could be seeing the North American Union and other groups of nations much faster than many people think.

And then there is the really big event. Somewhere in all of this the church must be raptured. Only God knows the day or the hour, but His followers can see that glorious day approaching.

And if there is a gap or space of time between the Rapture and the confirmation of the covenant by the Antichrist,  (God’s people don’t know how long it is). But whatever the length every day of it shortens the time between now and the Rapture.

Prophecy Plus Ministries
Daymond & Rachel Duck