A Fundamentally Transformed World :: by Daymond Duck

On Oct. 30, 2008, Senator Barack Obama was at the Univ. of Missouri in Columbia, MO when he said, “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” Seven years later, the UN is probably just a few days away from fundamentally transforming the world.

This fundamental transformation of the world could take a giant step on Sept. 25-27, 2015 when many of today’s world leaders gather at the UN for a major-league meeting called, The UN Sustainable Development Summit.

These big-time leaders will include UN Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-moon, Pres. Obama, Pres. Putin, Pres. Xi Jinping, the Pope and other powerful people.

Most of these world leaders are humanists. This means they deny the existence of Jehovah, His redemption of the world, divine judgment eternal damnation and most everything else in the Scriptures.

Their Humanist Manifesto says, “We strive for the good life, here and now” (and their idea of the good life includes abortion, gay rights, euthanasia, wealth redistribution, silencing Christians, promoting socialism, and more).

Their Humanist Manifesto also says, “Our commitment to all mankind is the highest commitment of which we are capable.” This “commitment to all mankind” is a commitment to establish a New World Order that controls all people on earth.

Put another way, most of those who plan to fundamentally transform the world don’t believe in the Christian’s God, the Christian’s Saviour, or the Christian’s Bible. Many think they are doing a good thing, but they have rejected all of the Bible’s warnings about the dangers of a coming world government and world religion.

Tragically, many mean well, but they have exchanged light for darkness and their planned transformation is going to be the greatest disaster the world has ever experienced (the Tribulation period).

Some have worked on this global transformation for years. They have met behind closed doors. They have plotted ways to usurp the sovereignty of leaders and nations. They have drafted treaties. They have held conferences, presented treaties to the UN and pushed them through.

A short list of these treaties include:

1.The UN Conference on Environment and Development.

2. The Convention of Biological Diversity.

3. The UN Convention on Human Rights.

4. The UN International Conference on Population and Development.

5. The UN World Summit for Social Development.

6. The UN World Conference on Women.

7.The UN Conference on Human Settlements.

8. The World Food Summit.

9. The UN Summit on Millennium Development Goals, and many more. All of these can be Googled but it is tedious research.

The UN Conference on Environment and Development was also called The Earth Summit. At this 1992 meeting, delegates from more than 100 nations adopted an agreement called Agenda 21 (for sustainable development; land development; human development, etc.).

It is basically a plan to establish an all-powerful world government that can control all development, all land, all seas, all humans, and all everything.

It has never been approved by the Congress of the U.S., but Presidents Bush (senior), Clinton and Obama all pushed it. Then, on July 19, 2010, Pres. Obama signed Executive Order 13547 that committed 25 agencies in the U.S. to bring the U.S. into compliance with that document.

It will eventually allow all water, electricity, land and more to be controlled by the U.N. It redistributes wealth.  It increases the power of all federal governments. It diminishes the rights of individuals, organizations, companies, and more.

This brings me to a recent video by a highly reliable source. It can be found at lisahavennews.net/2015/08/31. Lisa’s video is titled“What You Already Know Will Pale in Comparison to the UN Agenda in September —The Unleashing of the New World Order Is Here!”

In short, Lisa reveals that the upcoming UN Sustainable Development Summit (Sept. 25-27, 2015) will be used to advance the goals of the New World Order. Their main goal is to have a UN world government in place by 2030. It is called a new universal agenda; a transformational vision; for all nations; for all people.

This will be their legal justification for a fundamentally transformed world. The ultimate source of this one last world government is not flesh and blood. It is Satan (Eph. 6:12). His world government will only last for seven years (Dan. 9:24-27). It’s one and only leader will be the Antichrist. All this tells us the Rapture must be very close.

Prophecy Plus Ministries
Daymond & Rachel Duck