Fascinating Perspective :: by Daymond Duck

Pres. Obama claims to be a Christian (his actions–lying, false accusations, pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, etc. say otherwise), but many Christians believe he is a Muslim (he prays with them, praises them, defends them, won’t say “Muslim terrorist,” etc.).

I will admit that I think he is a Muslim, but, until I saw an article that said two different sources say he is a Shiite, it never occurred to me that Pres. Obama might prefer the Shiite religion. The article said Pres. Obama’s father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr., was a Shiite Muslim in a mostly Sunni country (Kenya).

If the statement is true, several things that I have found confusing are suddenly making sense. I Googled, “Was Pres. Obama’s father a Shiite?” to check it out and found several articles on the subject. Of course, there are people who call it a conspiracy theory, but it is important to look at some of the facts.

The two main sects of Muslims are Sunnis (roughly 85%) and Shiites (roughly 10%). Both sects think their brand of Islam is right and the other’s brand is wrong. Both have their share of religious extremists and all of them think their sect will prevail at the end of the age.

Since being elected, Pres. Obama has alienated many Sunnis (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, etc.) and reached out to the Shiites in Iran. Why is he showing preference to the Shiites over the Sunnis?

A religious conflict has broken out in the Middle East between Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, etc., (Sunnis) and Iran (Shiites) in the Middle East that the Sunnis could probably win. Why does Pres. Obama want to let Iran have nuclear weapons? Is he trying to switch the balance of power to the Shiites?

Pres. Obama’s top adviser is a Shiite Muslim named Valerie Jarrett. If Pres. Obama wants to fundamentally transform America, why did he make a Shiite Muslim his top advisor?

Sec. of State John Kerry’s daughter Vanessa is married to an Iranian-American named Dr. Brian Vala Nahed. Could the fact that Pres. Obama chose the father-in-law of an Iranian-American to be America’s chief negotiator with Iran be of any significance?

As a U.S. Senator running for president, Mr. Obama pledged to pull all of America’s troops out of Iraq. As Commander-in-Chief, and against the advice of America’s top military leaders, he ordered America’s troops out of Iraq and let the Iranians take over.

After spending billions of dollars to change the government in Iraq, why did Pres. Obama abandon Iraq knowing the government would be taken over by the Shiites?

Pres. Obama has offered weapons, training and air support to the Iraqi government (mostly Shiite) to combat the Islamic State (Sunni). Instead of remaining neutral, why is Pres. Obama siding with the Shiites?

Iran is supporting several terrorist organizations (Hezbollah, Houthis, Hamas, etc.). Iranian leaders have said their agreement with Pres. Obama will never cause them to abandon their support for these terrorist groups.

Why does Pres. Obama want to let Iran (Shiites) have billions of dollars when some of it will be given to Shiites who are fighting Sunnis?

Even though the Iranians hate America and shout death to America, Pres. Obama has offered to let Iran (Shiites) get nuclear weapons, get billions of dollars, keep their intercontinental missiles, have warnings before the UN inspectors arrive, take their own soil samples, avoid snapback sanctions, have secret side deals, etc.

Is it possible that Pres. Obama hates America?

Why would Pres. Obama try to tie the hands of the next President so he can’t attack Iran? Is it possible that Pres. Obama is trying to protect the Shiite government of Iran against future Presidents?

Why is Pres. Obama threatening to issue Executive Orders to get around the House and Senate if they override his veto of the agreement with Iran? Does he believe his agreement with Iran (Shiites) is more important than the wishes of Congress and the American people?

At a time when Pres. Obama is opening the door for Iran to get nuclear weapons, reports say he will soon try to force Israel to give up her nuclear weapons and to accept the Two-State solution. Both actions will threaten the survival of Israel.

Why is Pres. Obama helping Shiites who hate Israel and shout death to Israel? Is it possible that Pres. Obama hates Israel? Is it possible that he is trying to bring about the destruction of Israel?

During Israel’s 50 day war with Iranian-supported Hamas in Gaza, why did Pres. Obama stop sending weapons to Israel in the middle of the war and call for a cease fire? Is it possible that he was protecting the Shiite-supported terrorists so they can launch more attacks on Israel in the future?

Pres. Obama’s supporters will criticize me for suggesting that he might be a Shiite Muslim, but it makes for interesting speculation and the facts above make it more likely that he is a Shiite Muslim than a Sunni Muslim.

At the very least, he seems to have sympathies for Shiites that he puts above everything except his sympathies for gays. That is not Islamic, but it may be his strongest religious belief.

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Daymond & Rachel Duck