Harbingers Of Hope And Grace :: by Daymond Duck

It was around the first or second week of August 2013, that I read an article about some upcoming evangelistic crusades that will soon be calling upon Americans to repent of our sins before it is too late. While I wholeheartedly applaud this nationwide effort, and I think it is sorely needed, I want to turn our attention to a fascinating comment in the article.

Many have heard of Jonathan Cahn the best-selling author of a highly successful book called The Harbinger. He is the senior rabbi of the largest congregation of Messianic Jews in the United States. He is also a descendant of Aaron the priest, founder of the Jewish priesthood, spokesman for Moses, son of Amram and Jochebed the parents of Moses and Miriam.

This Aaronite, whose ancestry includes such notables as John the Baptist, of whom Jesus said there is none greater, was asked if there is any hope for America. He replied that there would be no harbingers (warnings, natural disasters or plagues signifying something to come), if there is no hope for America. And he added that these evangelistic crusades are signs of grace.

With the eloquent Aaron still on my mind, one of the greatest stories in the Bible filtered in: Aaron was with was with his younger brother Moses when God sent him to tell Pharaoh to “Let my people go.” Aaron cast down his famous rod in front of Pharaoh and it became a serpent. Pharaoh’s magicians did something similar and Pharaoh ultimately rejected this great miracle so God sent the first plague: Egypt’s waters were turned into blood, the fish died; the water stunk and became unfit to drink. But there was hope for Egypt because this calamity was just a temporary warning from God that lasted for seven days. It was a sign of Grace because Egypt deserved to be destroyed, and God could have destroyed her, but He didn’t.

It wasn’t long until our incredible God sent Moses and Aaron back to Pharaoh to say, “Let my people go—and if thou refuse to let them go, behold, I will smite all thy borders with frogs (and more).” Pharaoh obviously refused, Aaron held out his rod over the waters (some say similar to Christians lifting their hands to God in prayer) and God answered with the second plague (a hoard of nauseating frogs covered the land). This time, Pharaoh promised to let God’s people go, if the frogs were removed by the next day. The frogs suddenly died and the land stunk again, but Pharaoh didn’t keep his promise.

Following seven more God-sent afflictions, harbingers or plagues, God said He would bring one plague more, the tenth and final plague. And this one would be so great that Pharaoh would finally be persuaded to relent and let God’s people go.

As long as God was willing to send warnings, there was hope that Pharaoh would repent and the warnings would cease before God had to bring all of this to a climax with something really bad. The warnings were also a sign of grace because God could have destroyed Pharaoh and Egypt anytime He wanted to, but He was willing to give Pharaoh and Egypt many chances do what He wanted before it came to that.

This is the point: As long as God is sending or allowing harbingers (warnings, natural disasters, etc.) it is not too late for America. There is still hope that God’s people will humble themselves, pray, seek His face, and turn from their wicked ways; and that God will forgive our sins and heal our land. The harbingers are signs of grace because they mean that God still wants people to come to repentance and be saved even though none of us deserve it. During these calls for humility, prayer, confession and repentance, some will be saved, but many won’t.

This is wonderful news, but it also a little disturbing. It is wonderful because it means there is still hope for America, God still loves America, we are still under the grace of God and people can still be, saved. But it is a little disturbing because it means the warnings won’t go on forever. Ultimately there will be one final chance. And, if God’s people don’t repent before then, it will be too late and there will be a crisis or disaster of unimaginable proportions.

God gave the people of Noah’s day many years to repent, but He finally sent Noah into the Ark and shut the door. At midnight, there was a cry that the Bridegroom is coming, but the foolish virgins weren’t prepared. They went to buy oil for their lamps, but while they were gone the wise virgins met Him, went in with Him and the door was shut. There is still hope, but it won’t last forever. God will remove His church and the terrible Tribulation period judgments will soon fall in rapid succession.

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