America, We Have A Problem :: by Daymond Duck

When the disciples asked Jesus, “What shall be the sign of thy coming,” He mentioned several signs including famine (Matthew 24:3-7). All of the other prophecies are coming on the scene so there is no doubt in my mind that this one will come on the scene, too. But when I tell Christians famine will come to America, I find that God has blessed us with so many fat years that it is really difficult for many to believe it. If I say there will be a moral decline or an economic collapse of America most say it has already started. But if I say lean years are coming in America’s food supply, many don’t agree that it will ever happen, at least not anytime soon, and definitely not before the Rapture.

When there was a life-threatening problem in the Apollo 13 moon flight the phrase “Houston, we have a problem” was born. It caught on and now many people use if for many kinds of problems (serious and non-serious). America, we have a problem. Some, but not all, authorities say it is a life-threatening problem.

Our bountiful supply of delicious food is beginning to turn deadly. Our lavish buffets of salads, fish, fatted calf, vegetables and grains are turning into gruesome feasts that we might be wise to avoid, especially if we live on the west coast of the United States, or if we are consuming any food that comes from that area.

This dietary dilemma is really due to sin, but it took an unexpected deadly turn on Mar. 11, 2011 when a massive 9.0 earthquake struck off the coast of Japan. That world-shaking event caused a terrible tsunami that plowed into a nuclear power plant at Fukushima. Some of those nuclear reactors started spewing radiation into the jet stream. Some immediately, or at least eventually, started leaking radiation into the groundwater that flows into the Pacific Ocean. Ocean currents began to move the radiation on toward the west coast of North America (Hawaii, California, Washington, Oregon, Canada and Alaska) and scientists say the radiation is almost 100 times as bad as that of the worst nuclear disaster ever (at Chernobyl).

According to the Japanese government, about 300 tons of radiation contaminated groundwater is flowing into the Pacific Ocean every day. It may have been more at first, and it may not have been that much all of the time, but at least some contamination of the ocean has been going on for about two and one-half years. If Japan’s power company can’t stop it, and they have finally admitted that they may not be able to stop it, this contamination of the ocean could continue for decades or even hundreds or thousands of years to come. Japan called this possibly uncontrollable situation “deplorable.” The International Atomic Energy Agency said they are taking it “seriously.” China expressed “shock” to hear it. China even urged Japan to provide information in a “timely, thorough and accurate way.” You see, some think there is a cover-up and the situation may be even worse that we are told. That may be why Japanese authorities recently said it is worse than they previously thought.

With the contamination flowing toward North America there have been reports that the infant mortality rate is up on the west coast. There have also been reports that the FDA and the EPA have found radiation in some of America’s west coast food, especially milk and vegetables. Instead of blocking the sale of so-called contaminated food, these groups are raising the levels of contamination that they are willing to allow. So the sale of the food goes on and, as if this isn’t enough, there are scientists who point out that the jet stream is carrying contaminated air across North America from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. They are warning that radiation is being deposited by rain and snow all over the Northern Hemisphere. They say, even if America’s food is safe at this time, the contamination will continue to build from the west coast to the east coast with each passing day. Ultimately, fishermen on our west coast, and farmers and food companies there may be forced out of business.

I have several thoughts about this. First, it is a reminder that the Tribulation period will bring incredible disasters that man cannot control and a disaster that will kill one-third of the sea creatures is not unthinkable. Second, the safest food we will have from now on may be the oldest food in the store or what we have grown and stored in previous years. Third, many people don’t believe famine will come to America, but they will change their minds if they are faced with eating food that could cause cancer or feeding it to their children. Fourth, some say there are foods that will reduce the risk of cancer so it may be time to start looking into that. Fifth, God may allow Americans to eat unhealthy bitter food because, for the most part, we have not thanked Him for all the healthy food we have had to eat. Sixth, many people scoff at Bible prophecy and the thought that the Rapture, the Tribulation period and famine could be drawing near, but they don’t have a clue about some of the things that are going on. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

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