Fast-Tracking America’s Decline :: by Daymond Duck

“Agenda 21” refers to, “The Global Agenda for the 21st Century.” It began in 1992 at a U.N. conference called, The Earth Summit. It is basically a diabolical plan to establish world government. It has never been approved by Congress, but Presidents Bush (senior), Clinton and Obama have pushed it.

On July 19, 2010, President Obama signed Executive Order 13547. This executive order commits millions of dollars and twenty-five agencies in the U.S. to bring America into compliance with Agenda 21 (world government). Among other things, Agenda 21 covers the use of America’s land and water (including private property), our recreation, human and business activity on that land and water, how and where we live, work and so on. It amounts to unrestrained control by zealous, unelected officials over every U.S. citizen and every square inch of our once free nation.

America got a little taste of bitter things to come during the recent government shutdown when the Obama Administration blocked the entrance to public parks, monuments and private properties. Tourists were not allowed to pull off the road in the Great Smokey Mountains National Park to view the haze covered mountains or the beautiful colors of the many changing trees. Tourists were not allowed to set foot on Ellis Island to tour the Statue of Liberty, a symbol of freedom, given to the citizens of the U.S. by the people of France. Tourists were not allowed to walk on the trails, photograph the animals or use a park restroom in Yellowstone National Park and some were actually locked inside their hotel. For a while, heroic WWII veterans were even confronted with barriers when they attempted to visit memorial sites to honor the dead at Washington’s National Mall.

In national parks all across the U.S., roads were blocked, privately owned businesses were forced to shutdown for lack of customers and some people were prevented from setting foot on their own property. Our president and his team of disrespectful lawyers who orchestrated this outrageous dirty-trick campaign against innocent Americans are the same ones who have been targeting people with the IRS, trying to grab our guns, looking into ways to confiscate some of our bank accounts and retirement funds, and asking us to trust them with our healthcare.

Sadly, many have come to believe that our president is a shameless chronic liar, he is betraying the American people and it is getting worse by the day. Some say the consequences of what he is doing are catastrophic for our nation. It seems to me that the Democratic Party is to blame because they didn’t vet him, most of our record-setting low-rated docile Congress are a national disgrace because they are letting him get away with it, and we the people are bringing it on ourselves because we keep re-electing these irresponsible officials who are supposed to be representing us instead of themselves and the entrenched world government loving Washington establishment.

Brace yourself because a perfect storm is developing and it is about to come ashore with fury. President Obama has been secretly negotiating a treaty called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). Some reports say he plans to seek fast-track authority that will allow him to sign this treaty before the end of 2013 without Congress even reading it. Some say leaked portions of the treaty reveal that it will set aside the Constitution of the U.S., destroy America’s legal system, require Congress to change many of our laws, abolish many of our individual rights and freedoms, and turn one-fourth of America’s land area over to the UN. If that happens, our public parks, monuments, some private properties within or near them, some of our roads and restrooms may be permanently closed and blocked.

I don’t know what Congress will do about President Obama’s request for fast-track authority. But I don’t have any trouble believing there are enough naive people and enough traitors in those bodies to vote on fast-tracking the treaty without even reading it. I probably shouldn’t speculate, but it has even occurred to me that U.S. citizens could be required to pay high prices to the UN to visit the parks we established and once owned. And I am wondering if those parks and monuments will be patrolled by Park Rangers from the U.S. or troops from the UN. Thus, the loss of America’s sovereignty; the destruction of America’s legal system; the blocking of America’s parks, monuments and some private properties; and the blocking of some of America’s roads may be fast-tracked, signed, sealed and set in motion before the end of this year. That will be fundamental change we can believe in. Even so, come, Lord Jesus.

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