What you need…is different, than what you want! :: by Don Twobears

Money is a very worthwhile item to have and as I have been reminded so many times. It is necessary as well for food and the utilities, for gasoline for the car and the like. Therefore…we must work for it! I remember my time as a “Boot” in the military.

The Drill Sergeant told us, “I will be your mother and your father! I will be the first thing you think of in the morning and the last at night! I will tell you when to eat and when you can use the bathroom. I will tell you when to sleep and I will tell you how long you can sleep, till the day comes that I will tell you when you have had good sleep and when you have bad sleep, if you can snore, sniff, sneeze or fart! I will be everything to you!!”

As you may surmise, there is a reason for this but anywhere else this would be words of a tyrant!! In countries where these type of people rule they tell you everything you need to live everyday. Take a look at North Korea! They will go so far as to tell you IF you can live or not!!

What is more interesting to me is there are literally thousands, upon thousands of people, maybe even millions of people, that choose to live in an environment of “total control.” What is even stranger, the vast majority of the people are poor! They lack a simple three meals a day much less anything else that we deem needful like shampoo and conditioner, skin cream, etc. In time as the old die off and the young are born and grow up, they become more acquiescent of the system than they’re parents.

In the end, there are a people like North Korea, with people who are more drones than Individuals. In the ultimate of ends…love should be more prevalent…than anything else!! In other words, putting everything aside, thinking of what SHOULD be most important in life…what SHOULD be the foremost in our mind…it SHOULD be LOVE!!

It is then evident that they need God more than we do, because God IS Love! We can now see that, these countries will never be anything more than an atheistic country. It will be as devoid of anything in reference to God and their children and grandchildren…will be like wise. If we look at this, through Gods lens of salvation according to the Bible, these generations of people will be condemned to eternal hell! And yet, Gods Word DOES get to these people. It is broadcast through the air and they understand what they hear.

When a person comes out of a place like this, they are extremely self-conscious and understandably so. It is the environment that they have grown up in. It is all they know…it is how they survive day in and day out. Once they begin to experience the personal choice of freedom, they are overwhelmed. As other articles of people like this have said, they talk of being subjugated by another tyrant in freedom, maybe one that is even more brutal: money.

What do you think would happen if everyone took several minutes each day and inspected money for what it really is; wood turned into, paper. Then the ink from plants is applied and it looks pretty, but then…everyone is told…its value is very, very, high! You can get this thing in trade for this amount of the paper! Then the money takes on a whole different perspective and in some case is more valued than a person’s life…strange right?

That is exactly where we are today. Money is more important than anything else. For some, more important than salvation and eternal life! The concept of having 70-80 years of life with as much wealth as we can get has become more important than the concept of eternal life, which comes after physical death.

Take a piece of string. Let’s say 12 feet in length and using a tack attach it to the wall. Now…take a marker and mark off every single centimeter on the string. Let’s pretend each mark is a year of life and by the time you get to the wall, the wall indicates physical death. In other words, after the wall is eternal life or eternal death. Do you now see…the significance or the lack there of…of the string? The string is nothing compared to the expanse of life on the other side of the wall, which is in every direction imaginable…to infinity!

It is at this point, that we should realize…that infinity…is never ending, there is literally NO end to it! We must also realize that it is GOD that created “infinity!!” IF you have not thought about this, take a moment and realize…the sheer POWER of GOD…the magnitude of GODS abilities…GODS wisdom and knowledge of everything! Now…ask yourself, should a being with this much power…EVER be scoffed at…or mocked?

This is more incredible than anyone can ever imagine…and more dangerous to go up against…for whatever reason! It is then, more important that we spend our time, learning of God, than learning of wealth or the things we could get on this little speck of a planet.

As you’re visualizing the planet earth in your mind, back away and envision the entire universe! So what are YOU in comparison to all of that? YOU and I, we are not even a visible speck! Now tell me how anyone could think to “thumb their nose” at God? And while you’re at it, tell me again, how important money is??

Matthew 6:24:

“No man can serve two masters…for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.”

Mammon is the concept of money, things and the like, in a greater aspect, it is anything other than God!!

It is also stated in the Bible, in 1 Timothy 6:10-12:

“For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

But thou, O man of God, flee these things; and follow after righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, meekness. Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.”

Think on this for a moment: “To LAY HOLD on ETERNAL LIFE” do you see it?? This is specific in every way!! It is even giving YOU a choice; here again, it is asking: “What would YOU like to hold in your hand? Eternal life in heaven with Jesus Christ…who IS God!! Tell me again now, how important is money, wealth, and things?

I am not saying that we should give up money and make it nothing, I am saying that it has it’s own place in Life and it’s TRUE VALUE is nothing compared to the value of eternal life in heaven with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…God!!

In everything I have ever done or thought to do, there has never been anything as important as Jesus Christ. Money and the things of this world…pale…in comparison to Jesus Christ! This life of ONLY 70-80 years is too short for wealth and the acquisition of things! It IS just the right amount of time to find salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross at Calvary…which then…will give you eternal life! Think on this for a moment…an ETERNITY…of peace and happiness, of real prosperity! There simply is nothing like this on earth!

As our world continues its spiral into self-destruction and is then destroyed by the Wrath of GOD…SIN is eradicated…Salvation and eternal life through Jesus Christ…takes its place! As we think of this we are presently standing at the “Y” in the road.

We see that there are two ways into the future: One is with the devil, Satan and that means hell for eternity and the other is with Jesus Christ in heaven with eternal life! Every single person that has ever lived, who lives now or in the future will come to this exact same spot and they will be REQUIRED to choose which path they want to follow. No one is exempt…ALL will choose!

One of the things that making the Rapture so significant, is that the Lord Jesus Christ KNOWS who follows HIM and who does not. At that point in time, Jesus Christ will gather those that Love HIM and take them to heaven!

This has to make everyone wonder if they are or are NOT saved to Jesus Christ! Personally, I don’t care if YOU are saved to Jesus Christ by…simply knowing HE loves you or if you have been scared into salvation or some other way! It is enough that YOU belong to HIM!

Marantha Lord!