For What Ails Ya! :: by Don Twobears

I worked in the medical field for forty years so there are many things that I know, I don’t have to wonder about them, and I know they will work. In the right circumstances, these medications are sound and have been shown (time and again) to be fruitful in raising the quality of a person’s life. So if a friend or anyone, actually asks me about that particular medication, I would suggest they use it with confidence; there lies the biggest problem with many patients, they don’t know the medication.

Therefore they are reluctant to use it, other than it being requested by their physician. Our God, our Creator, allowed us the use of information and has brought a great deal of life and happiness to us humans. Having said that, please note here a pill or a small procedure, can have lasting ramifications, IF used properly and in the right circumstance.

Antibiotics for instance are probably used too heavily now days but consider their abilities for a moment. Any antibiotic is used when certain “opportunistic bacteria” grow beyond our bodies ability to control it, in other words it overpowers our immune system. As with anything we ingest, all is broken down and passed to our blood system, the endeavor to incorporate nutrition. What actually happens in a broad view is that the body recognizes the antibiotic and creates a certain type of T-cells, which in turn roam about the body and are ingested by the bacteria. The bacteria die from the integration of T-cells called into action by the antibiotic.

Please be aware this is a very basic concept that I am explaining. The actual process is very complicated, far beyond what I am using here. Still, in all, the outcome is a healthy patient. For a moment, consider the “size” of a pill and over time the well being of the patient. In other words, it does not require a huge amount of medication to accomplish the task needed.

How intricate and delicate our bodies are. If left unchecked or if the spread of the bacteria is not stopped, the end result could be death! There is a particular situation one must understand here; the antibiotic is used throughout the body, it does not zero in on the bacterium, therefore, a sufficient amount of the antibiotic must be used, for a given amount of time.

One could say, the bacterium is “sufficiently covered” by the use of the antibiotic and the creation of T-cells. It must be understood, that a single pill will not create enough T-cells to be effective in bringing the bacterium into control. Thus the reason for a certain dosage and the required number of days, sort of like, continuous carpet bombing through out your body, for a certain number of days. The ever-present question is always, why can’t we take a pill that would fix a problem and then be done with it? Never to be needed again, no more “opportunistic anything?”

I’m not too sure how many people here, remember the TB vaccination of old, the “sugar-cube vaccine” of like the 1950s-1960s. Oh, they thought that over a short period of time they had eradicated tuberculosis, they may have slowed its progression in the first world nations, but it still exists today elsewhere. As a matter of fact, the bubonic plague is still around but we know what causes it and have controlled it in the first world nations, but like TB, it is still around.

So where are all these nasty health concerns? They are in the third world nations. How about the Ebola scare caused by E.coli bacterium, which is usually found in your colon? And all this time, you thought that people with bad personal hygiene got sick? Not true. Did you know that all these various bacteria could be found in our soil and water? Maybe in very small quantities, but exist they do.

So then the question arises, why can’t we eradicate all these bacteria? Surprisingly, these bacteria also help us live by eliminating certain toxins or by helping our bodies break down food into the basic sugars of life. So in this instance, we can see that to eradicate them would be to eradicate us as well. We already know the cause of any type of cancer and how to get rid of it…everyone must die. The ultimate point I am trying to make here is this…WE (humans) were never meant nor created to live a day longer than a specified number of years. The Bible says three score and 10, or 4 score with suffering.

Psalm 90.10: “The days of our years are threescore years and ten; and if by reason of strength they be fourscore years, yet is their strength labour and sorrow; for it is soon cut off, and we fly away.”

The idea we could live forever, is a fools dream! The unbeliever looks to change this somehow, but will meet with failure. Why? God, the Creator said so and that should be sufficient for everyone. And yet, there are so many that continue to try, they also continue to try and be a creator as well, at every turn they fail.

God is the Creator…He has always had a different purpose for us, than to live forever as we are right now. We were created to be HIS people, that we would love HIM and that HE could love us and bless us, as a parent would love and care for their children. Thus far, the vast majority of people exemplify their loyalty and love for God, as they do for their physical parents─little to none!

A day is coming when everyone will be given incorruptible bodies that will be able to survive eternity. The question then is this: Will these bodies be able to feel through touch, etc.? The answer is yes! We will have all the senses we possess right now. Then the ultimate question is: Where will we exist in eternity with these new bodies that will live forever? There are only two answers, heaven or hell!

In 1 Corinthians 15.52, 53, emphasis added: “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed. For this corruptible must put on incorruption, and this mortal must put on immortality.”

This is for the born-again believers, whether they have passed on or are still alive at the Time of the Rapture! There is a problem here. What about the unsaved? At the time of their death, which the Bible says they must endure, they will have similar bodies, ones that will endure an eternity in hell. Their sufferings will be with live senses, like now, but the torment will be unbelievable! It will be the exact opposite of Gods love and it will be as far from God, as God will be close to us (believers).

Our existence in this life is according to Gods perfect will in each and every one of us and this is the “thorn in the side” of each and every unbeliever. They simply will NOT humble themselves before the Lord God Almighty and ask for HIS forgiveness of their sin and be washed in the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross.

Therefore they will never see heaven! They will endure eternity in hell where disease and pain and sufferings with burns will exist continually, where anything and everything you could ever imagine that is bad will exist and it never ends! Scary?? You don’t have a great enough imagination to conceive the horrors of hell and personally I hate to think of it.

There will not be a pill to fix what will ail you in hell. There will be NO antibiotic, no soothing suave, no quenching of one’s thirst, no escape from the fire and the burns. There will never be an end to your body! The unbeliever forgets or doesn’t know that God is a “just” God, a righteous God! To turn your back of HIM, HE will turn HIS back on you for your unbelief in HIM and for the existence of your SIN, which is rebellion against God!

You MUST understand: It is a simple choice that YOU make: Follow Jesus Christ and be forgiven of your SIN or continually suffer in hell for your SIN. It MUST be one way or the other! Be assured, that once you die, you will have heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ, you will be given a chance to accept the gift that God gives you. At that time, you will make your decision…one way or the other…and that one decision will seal YOUR fate forever!

To take a pill, requires that you get the medication, go into your kitchen, get a glass and then some water and swallow the pill. This then must be repeated…probably…three times a day for ten days. To accept Jesus Christ means never having to move not so much as a finger, it requires only that YOU believe. To “believe”…that Jesus Christ lived, was crucified for YOUR SIN and that HE was resurrected and is in heaven as we speak, that by HIS blood that your request to forgive YOU of your SIN.

You can then exclaim to everyone Jesus Christ beat the hell out of me…and I am so glad HE did! That my friends is what this life we are living is for, the reason we live…Jesus Christ.