The Cure is everywhere…just like the Sin!! :: by Don Twobears

“And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.”─Genesis 12:3

This passage of Scripture is talking about God blessing Israel and also that God will “curse” them that curse Israel. I have highlighted the areas of importance here for a reason! For all of the people in this world, it is imperative to be careful of how we treat God’s own people…Israel.

Looking at the various “evangelistic” communities across the USA, I can see many (far too many) are cursing Israel propagating an anti-Semetic attitude! I am also seeing where these same groups are discussing “tolerance” for Muslims, for homosexuals and far too many other subjects that are against the Word of God! What bothers me the most is why??

In my opinion, these churches were looking to be “tolerant” thinking this attitude would bring in more of those who need salvation through Jesus Christ. The problem is, they don’t see Jesus Christ and HIS attitudes concerning anything, they only see their emotions and their part of the church body! They go to Sunday School or teach Sunday School, they attend all the church services and other functions.

They volunteer often on the church’s behalf…why shouldn’t they have a “say” in these matters? And they feel that their opinions should be dealt with. Then we see how these opinions begin to change the very thoughts of pastors of these churches, the elders and deacons as well. Before long, this parasitic attitude of “tolerance” has become the backbone for the entire church congregation, which then bleeds over into the surrounding attitudes of the entire community.

Now these same communities are overrun with individuals that are active in these particular subjects, homosexual activity increase, Muslim mosques are erected and the community is split, one is obviously non-Muslim and the other is full Muslim. An area is rampant with homosexual activity and then has an increase in crime, like “Hate Crime.” And now all the people are wondering how this situation got so bad, why all the hatred and hostility?

In the meantime, the churches are filled with people that sit in the pews, with their hands folded in their laps, looking so desperate and defeated, and pray for help from the Father. Um…did I miss something here?? Who was it that wanted to be tolerant? Where does the Bible say, we are to be “tolerant” of these things? The Bible has never once said these things!

The Bible is full of examples, of how the Israelites ran amuck with “tolerance” or do you not remember where God told the Israeites to destroy an entire group of people, because their influence would lead the Israelites astray, example; Baal Worship.

Where do you find any level of “tolerance” by God in these? Sorry…they do NOT exist! Or maybe it would be best, that you examine the laws of God found in the Scriptures, one of the reasons for the Old Testament being in the Bible.

The Lord God Almighty was very specific, about homosexuality and called it an abomination! The Lord God Almighty is very specific, when it comes to worshiping any other God, than HIM and HE called it in the Ten Commandments: “Thou shalt have NO other Gods before me!” If I am correct, that includes Allah and Mohammed!! And includes money, possessions, whatever, anything that you put before the Lord, at any time in your life!

Just to lend a bit of personal opinion here, I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and I will follow HIM throughout my life and I will NOT go against HIS Laws…for any reason! This is how I show my Lord and Savior…that I Love HIM!! I do as HE asks me.

I have also found that I can NOT sit still, with my hands folded in my lap, looking all dejected (when it’s my fault). I must stand up and take a stand, against these things wherever they exist. This IS my duty…to my Lord, I am to preach and teach AGAINST sin in whatever manner it comes!

With all of the people actively involved with these acts against God, I am to “LOVE” the sinner, HATE the sin! Therefore the mission is to show these people where they are wrong against God (first) and wrong against themselves (second) and wrong to those around them (third)! I am to use the Bible as my guide and centerpiece! I am to ask the Lord for HIS strength to help and abolish the sin in the lives of these people, according to God’s Holy Word─the Bible!

Here in lies the majority of problems with most people today, they think it is easier to be “tolerant” of others’ bad behavior, when they should be standing up for the Word of God and facing these problems…head on and straight forward! In other words, “What part of NO does everyone NOT understand?”

Why is it so hard for everyone to understand…SIN is like a deadly virus…once exposed, you fall ill…the end result could be death! There is no inoculation for this as with any other virus! You either change or die!! Every single person that has ever lived or lives today or will ever live on this planet…is already infected!

IF nothing were ever done by someone that is able to save us, all would die…for eternity! Jesus Christ is the ONLY one that can save you or anyone else from this deadly virus and it takes HIS Blood from the cross at Calvary!! It also requires YOU…to ask for HIS help…HIS saving grace! What makes this whole thing strange is this: Everyone thinks they are so sophisticated and loaded with intelligence and yet when the “antidote” is presented to them, they don’t WANT to believe it!

And then, they don’t want to face their situation and realize they are dying right now! IF you had the ability to ask anyone that is HELL bound right now, in other words they are already dead if it was their fault that they were going to hell…they’d say it was someone else’s fault…or that God doesn’t know what HE is doing! The irony in that is deafening!!

And why are they dying and why won’t they find the cure? They like their SIN! They enjoy being in SIN…they do NOT realize that this “deadly virus” called SIN…is going to KILL THEM DEAD…FOREVER!!! If people spent as much time and talent that they expend in SIN to finding out how to be CURED of their SIN…which is through the blood of Jesus Christ…this world would a totally different place…completely! You can thank Satan and his ilk fore that!!

Can you imagine what this world would be like, if everyone stood up against Islam and it’s hatred? Can you imagine what this world would be like if homosexual activity was denounced as the SIN it is and people began to HONOR each other in love? And the list can go and on, but it is the…FEW…who love the Lord…that will say anything and DO anything to set the tone and thoughts straight according to God’s Holy Word!

IF by chance you want peace and harmony, law-abiding people everywhere, it begins with YOU! YOU taking your heart and life to Jesus Christ and giving your life to HIM. THAT is the cure for everything that ails you! And IF everyone in the world were willing to go that route, Peace and Harmony, would prevail for all…because Jesus Christ would be here in our midst!

Speculation and inherent indifference would no longer exist; pain and suffering would be a thing of the past, never to be remembered. Crying and suffering loss would be obsolete and IF you were to look around you…you would find yourself…in heaven, with Jesus Christ, as Lord and Master…King of kings and Lord of lords!! Marantha Lord!

2 Corinthians 6:2, emphasis added: “For he saith, I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the day of salvation have I succoured thee: behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation.”