W.B. Walker

W.B. Walker, an evangelist, soul-winner, and church builder, has had a splendid reward of success. In this book, Victory Over Temptation, Rev. Walker deals with a subject that is of vital interest to every Christian. It should prove a great blessing to every reader but especially to young converts who are not familiar with the difference between sin and temptation, the perils of the carnal mind, and the varied, subtle attacks of Satan.

The Gospel in the Wind

1. Arrested Spiritual Development
2. The Blessed Helper
3. The Sufferings of Our Master
4. Making God More Real
5. The Gospel in the Wind

The More Excellent Way

1. Entire Sanctification
2. The Experience of Holiness
3. The More Excellent Way
4. The Power of the Holy Ghost
5. The Fruit of the Spirit

Victory Over Temptation

1. Reasons Why This Subject Should Be Discussed
2. Important Distinctions in Temptations
3. The Purpose Of Temptation
4. The Source Of Temptation
5. The Peculiar Temptations Of The Spirit-filled
6. The Way Of Escape In Temptation
7. The Reward Of The Tempted