The More Excellent Way – By W. B. Walker


The central theme of human redemption is holiness of heart and cleanness of life. This subject is the hub around which all other doctrines are the spokes. Surely it is the theme of redemption’s amazing story. Satan tempted man, and he fell from those lofty heights of holiness. Through Christ we have the remedy for man’s full restoration to holiness. The cost of this redemption is beyond the expression of human lips. The chapters in this little volume are sermons that have been delivered to appreciative congregations, in the work of the pastorate, in evangelistic meetings, in camp meetings, in Holiness Conventions, and in the work of the District Superintendency. A number of these messages have been delivered over several radio stations across the country. It is our sincere desire to pass on this glorious heritage to others. If there has been any degree of success in their proclamation, we most humbly give the praise to the blessed Christ. We send these messages forth on the wings of prayer, to awaken, to inspire, to instruct, and to lead believers into the glorious experience of Full Salvation.