The Globalists’ New Alliance :: By The Gospelist

There are three dominant ideologies in the world that the evil Globalists must reconcile before they can achieve a one-world government.

These three belief systems can best be summarized as:

  1. Protestantism
  2. ‘Benevolent’ Despotism
  3. Islamism

The problem for the evil Globalists is that Protestantism just does not fit in with the other two.

The evil Globalists have been working diligently to undermine Protestantism for the last sixty years. They have had great success inculcating the LGBT, ‘race’ politics, and climate change theology into most Western societies to weaken them.

These ideologies involve serious violations of God’s law as well as blatant paganism, which are anathema to a Christian society.

Western civilization comprises all nations that have been heavily influenced by the Christian faith in the form of Protestantism. Those who laid its foundations were driven by three primary beliefs.

  • Faith in Christ for the forgiveness of our sins
  • Adherence to God’s divine law
  • Liberty and freedom of conscience

In antiquity, God raised up the Roman Empire so his message could be delivered to the civilized world. The infrastructure of Rome allowed the disciples to safely travel throughout the empire to share the Gospel.

Rome immediately recognized the threat posed by Christianity and quickly set about stamping it out. However, all its attempts to murder and imprison its adherents only made the faith grow more powerful.

After failing to eradicate the faith in the great persecution of 303 to 313, Satan initiated a new plan to destroy it.

He sent Constantine a vision that he was to conquer in the name of Christ. Having achieved success in battle, he adopted the Christian faith to serve Rome’s purposes rather than God’s.

His primary interest in Christianity was to gain and maintain worldly power.

Constantine immediately set about centralizing authority in the church so that it could be controlled by a Roman emperor. Instead of a Bishop having headship over a single church, a special Bishop would be appointed by Rome to control the entire church of Rome.

The church of Rome would eventually attempt to become the standard bearer for the entire Christian faith.

For the first three hundred years, the Roman Empire persecuted Christians mercilessly but to no avail. Where mass slaughter failed, Rome would later issue the “Edict of Milan,” which elevated the Christian faith to be on par with the pagan religions of Rome.

Rome installed Damasus, the first pope, to operate under the watchful eyes of the emperors. He was to serve as the head of the church in Rome and answer to Constantine, who served as “bishop of all things outside of the church.”

The bishops were hand-chosen by the government to ensure that they were loyal to Rome.

The Roman papacy continued to grow in power, which culminated with the authoritarianism of Pope Leo I (461 AD). He called himself “the Great” as he arrogantly attempted to take on the role of head of the Catholic (universal) church.

He proclaimed the supreme authority of the bishop of Rome based on a heretical tradition, rather than Scripture, that had developed over the last several hundred years. He expanded a theoretical rationale for later papal claims to absolute and supreme power in the ecclesiastical and secular realm.

He based his newfound power on the false idea that the Roman bishops were Peter’s successors. The Church of Rome (RCC) adopted the false teaching that Peter was still active and present in his successors, so all ecclesiastical authority must be mediated through his spiritual descendants, the popes.

Thus began the idea that Rome was an ecclesial monarchy that was to rule over all churches. Peter and his ‘successors’ were then to rule the universal church.

Fortunately, before this heresy was allowed to take hold, Rome fell in 476 A.D. The pope found that he now had new masters who would have to be spiritually subdued before he could begin to exercise absolute power.

Once again, the popes slowly built their power base among the barbarians until they could once again attempt to exercise absolute spiritual and secular authority.

In 1054, the pope, who was head of the Western church, made his move on the Eastern church in Constantinople. He demanded that it be subject to him. This led to the Great Schism, and Rome was thwarted in its attempt at unchecked worldly power.

Once again, the Christian faith was saved from the tyranny of Rome.

After numerous massacres and inquisitions against those who held to the Christian faith, the RCC initiated a thirty-year war (1618-1648) to exterminate Protestantism. Once again, they failed and were forced to sign the ‘Peace of Augsburg,’ which allowed freedom of religion to continue.

Had Roman Catholicism been victorious, there would be no such thing as civil rights for the laity. The papacy has spent its entire history attempting to wipe the desire for freedom and liberty from the hearts and minds of humanity.

It was the Reformation that ultimately brought freedom to the world. Freedom of religion was the greatest gift the founders of this country gave to those who stood for the rights of people over the government.

For five hundred years, the papacy has been engaged in a counter-reformation to reverse that trend. When Christ raptures his church, it will finally achieve the success it so desired for the last seventeen hundred years.

The rest of the secular world can best be described as governed by ‘Benevolent Despotism.’ This has been the case since the Tower of Babel.

Unfortunately, very seldom were such governments benevolent because those who disobeyed the régime in power usually found themselves in a gulag or in a grave.

Benevolent Despotism was first represented by the monarchy in ancient times but evolved into such ideologies as communism, socialism and fascism.

Communism is based on the idea that a satanic revolution can be instituted against the natural order as created by God. It was meant to undermine a merit-based economy, which results in economic growth, for a controlled economy based on centralized government.

By controlling the economy, all people could be controlled by the ruling despot.

Communism was supposed to result in ‘socialism’ in which everyone works for the betterment of society instead of for self-interest. The expectation is then established that everyone on the lower tiers of society will accept their lot in life. It creates a caste system where the laity, with no upward mobility, acquiesces to the ‘elites,’ who become increasingly corrupt as the generations progress.

This utopian ideology was doomed to failure because it, like all utopian ideologies, did not take into account the innate sinfulness of human nature.

In reality, communism, at best, leads to fascism rather than socialism because the ‘elites’ of society can maintain control while still enjoying some level of economic growth. There is little to no economic growth under communism or socialism.

Communism destroys the balance between economic control and prosperity and puts the total emphasis on the power of the ruling party.

Benevolent Despotism has already taken over much of Western civilization, especially the European Union, where there is very little left of the Christian faith. The light of freedom and liberty has been snuffed out due to the lack of faith of this particular generation.

The globalist Henry Kissinger noted in his book on World Government that Protestantism was destructive because it caused ‘discord’ in Europe. It caused the fracturing of religious unity that led to “multiplicity and division.”

This fracturing and division, instead of being a liability, turned out to be a blessing for all freedom-loving people. It led to civil rights and prosperity for all who were willing to work for it. Protestantism is the antithesis of totalitarianism.

Due to its multiplicity and divisiveness, Protestantism is the enemy of world government.

Things would have been so much better, in the minds of the evil Globalists, had Roman Catholicism overcome the Protestant Reformation during the Thirty Years War. The entire world would have been living in harmony, according to the dictates of the ‘elite.’

Every government must struggle with the dichotomy that exists between order and freedom. According to the Globalists, order should take precedence over freedom to establish a viable society.

That is why we do not want them anywhere near the levers of power.

America has proven that limited government is the best way to create a practical society. The problem is that malicious people, who care nothing for those they govern, will enter government in order to enrich or empower themselves.

They will inevitably work for their own self-interest rather than for the interest of people in general. They are easy prey for Satan, even if they begin with ‘benevolent’ intentions.

The results of their policies always end in the gulag for those who resist them.

However, since America reminds the world that limited government is the best option, the evil Globalists have determined that it needs to be modified. America cannot exist in its present form because it interferes with the establishment of world government.

The best example we have of their dream is the European Union.

The European Union is designed as a Fascist State. It has a powerful, centralized authority where the true totalitarian leaders remain in the shadows. They labor to provide the illusion that people are living in a Democracy, but that is a farce.

It is authoritarian and has firm control over the press, all corporations, and the governments of the member nations.

Even if they have elections in which ‘right-wing extremists’ take over, it will remain a totalitarian State.

The leaders of the European Union have worked very hard to destroy Protestantism in Europe, and they have, for the most part, succeeded.

As it turns out, the evil Globalists ran their mouths too much, and now most of the world is on to their schemes. They will soon discover that they need a powerful religious authority to get their dream of a totalitarian world government back on track.

The beast is about to allow itself to be mounted.

It will not be long before Roman Catholicism will wield complete control of the European Union. It is already on board with all its Godless tenets and will complete the task of inculcating even greater wickedness into European society.

Roman Catholicism will soon dominate not only the European Union but all Western Civilization.

Finally, there is the totalitarian ideology of Islam. If you waste your time googling Islam and the government, you will read glowing accolades for the advanced notion of law that brings order to Islamic society.

If you go to an Islamic society, most of the people live in poverty with no civil rights to speak of.

The reason is that Islam is ruled by seventh-century Islamic law. Its systems of government strongly resemble what the papacy attempted to set up in the West. Their principals are:

  • Islamic government is the rule of law over men.
  • An Imam (Shia) or Caliph (Sunni) interprets and enforces that law.
  • All are ruled by a supreme leader or king that governs by fiat.
  • There are no civil rights that the individual can assert against the government without dire consequences.

The evil Globalists are delighted with both the governments of Islam as well as the benevolent despotisms that rule most of the world. However, they seem to have a serious problem with those nations who still hold to the ideals of the Protestant Reformation.

That is where Islam comes in.

The evil Globalists have embraced Islam because it fits well into their worldview. Every Islamic government is totalitarian and can dispose of its citizens at a whim when they start yearning for freedom.

That is why anyone who criticizes Islam in the West is censored and attacked.

During the Green Revolution in Iran in 2009, the people were ready to revolt against their oppressive government. It was a golden opportunity for Western leaders to deal a lethal blow to an Islamic terrorist State that has plagued the West for many years.

The Iranian regime brutally murdered hundreds of protesters in the streets and arrested thousands. Many of these political prisoners were executed.

This led to wider protests and harsher government crackdowns. It generated international concern that should have led Western governments to align with the protesters.

Because most Western leaders are owned by Globalist money, the West stood by and did nothing.

It should not escape our notice that many in the West have condemned Israel for defending itself after the October 7th attack. However, they were strangely silent as the government of Iran executed terrible violence against their own people.

The leader of the free world at the time, Barack Obama, turned his back on the Green Revolution and the Iranian people. The Iranian people would chant in Farsi, “Obama, are you with us or with them?” They found out the hard way whose side he was on.

They quickly found that Obama stood with the criminal Iranian regime rather than with people who yearned for freedom.

Obama helped the Iranian regime forge a path to obtaining nuclear weapons by sending them billions of dollars. This money was also used to further oppress the Iranian people and expand terrorism across the Middle East.

Obama had the opportunity to either stand on the side of freedom or on the side of the evil Globalists and their totalitarian ambitions.

He, like so many other Western leaders, chose the evil Globalists. The reason was there is more personal wealth and power in totalitarianism than in freedom.

Today, the evil Globalists have inundated Europe with millions of Muslims to help weaken the continent even further. The Muslims are excellent Stasi-type characters who will eagerly suppress freedom of speech to advance their religion.

Freedom of speech is crucial to a free society.

The evil Globalists have also determined that Israel cannot be allowed to exist. There is no way to bring the Islamic nations into a world government as long as Israel is on the world stage. Israel must be sacrificed to world government.

The evil Globalists have taken the utilitarian approach to world government by attempting to throw the nation of Israel under the bus. In their ignorance, they have made themselves tools of Satan. This colossal error will eventually lead them into the Valley of Megiddo to face God in battle. That will not work out very well for them.

Prior to this battle, if we understand Bible prophecy correctly, there will eventually develop ten spheres of influence around the world. The political philosophies of these spheres of influence will be based on:

  1. Roman Catholicism (which must replace Protestantism)
  2. Benevolent Despotism
  3. Islamism

After the rapture and the Ezekiel invasion of Israel, these three political philosophies will devolve into the religious rule of the Whore of Babylon and the tyranny of the Antichrist.

Not long after that, the Antichrist will shake off the whore and rule with absolute power for the last three- and one-half years of human history.

In the meantime, the world is going to need a ‘unifying principle’ before it can begin to separate the nations into ten spheres of rule. The evil Globalists have put forth the idea of ‘Sustainable Development’ to unify the world.

They did not ask anyone if they thought this was a good idea; they simply acted out of self-interest and moved to impose this on the rest of us.

Our ‘shared convictions’ are going to revolve around saving the earth from environmental destruction. In other words, the poverty and subjugation of the vast majority of the world will be the price that must be paid to ‘save the planet.’

As it stands now, we can look forward to ten kings who will rule over ten spheres of influence. All ten nations that will host these kings should be readily apparent over the next nine years.

The King of Great Britain, who also rules over Australia and Canada, has already been established. This office will increase significantly in power over the next few years.

Not surprisingly, the governments of Great Britain, Canada, and Australia are extremely hostile to the Christian faith.

These ten kings will form an alliance that will allow them to rule the world.

The end of this alliance is spelled out in the Book of Revelation.

“And the ten horns that you saw are ten kings who have not yet received royal power, but they are to receive authority as kings for one hour, together with the beast [the Antichrist]. These are of one mind, and they hand over their power and authority to the beast. They will make war on the Lamb [Christ], and the Lamb will conquer them [at Armageddon], for he is Lord of lords and King of kings, and those with him are called and chosen and faithful.

“And the angel said to me, ‘The waters that you saw, where the prostitute [the Roman Catholic Church] is seated, are peoples and multitudes and nations and languages. And the ten horns that you saw, they and the beast will hate the prostitute. They will make her desolate and naked, and devour her flesh and burn her up with fire, for God has put it into their hearts to carry out his purpose by being of one mind and handing over their royal power to the beast, until the words of God are fulfilled [three- and one-half years later]. And the woman [apostate church] that you saw is the great city [Vatican City] that has dominion over the kings of the earth” (Revelation 17:12-18).

Those of us who are taken in the rapture of the church will have a front-row seat as we watch these events play out.

But we will be tested first.

Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.